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HF-I-Overview:radical right, and include such Holocaust deniers as Ernst Zundel, Jim 
HF-III-Alleged-Informant:publisher Ernst Zundel to high school teacher Paul Fromm to Don Andrews 
HF-III-Alleged-Informant:5.  Mr. Zundel indicated that he published "truth literature", 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:In November 1990, Ernst Zundel asked Droege to provide security for 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:Munich on March 20, 1991 to a neo-Nazi conference sponsored by Ernst Zundel. 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:Zundel had asked the two to accompany him to the conference which he promoted. 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:The rally was broken up by German police and Zundel' was arrested.
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:significance that month, Wolfgang Droege and Ernst Zundel, the Holocaust Denier 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:Droege and Ernst Zundel wanted the telephone numbers and the addresses of 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:notified. Ernst Zundel wanted information on the Jewish community's 
HF-IV-Front-Emerges:3.  Zundel said that he produces "truth" not "hate" literature.
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Zundel sometimes asked for information to be collected and, after approval 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Ernst Zundel, Holocaust denier and prolific publisher of hate literature, 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Ernst Zundel sometimes provided information, at Droege's request, to be 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:One of Lemire's tricks was to put parts of Zundel's speeches on a tape 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:left-wing had a march, Droege and/or Zundel would think it a good idea 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:mistakenly believed that the ARA target was Ernst Zundel's house. A 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:According to the Source, the Heritage Front thought Zundel's house was 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:clear that Zundel's house was not going to be hit, they headed to the 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Later, said the Source, they all went to Zundel's house. Droege wanted a 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:beer, but Zundel did not approve and said that everyone should go home. 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Droege was upset, but Zundel was not; it was not his house that had been 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Heritage Front members. Ernst Zundel's expensive equipment was used for 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:conducted a pretence "sweep" of Zundel's house for hidden microphones. 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:closely associated with Ernst Zundel, would constantly defend the 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:groups and their leaders. The Source stated that Zundel tasked [sic] 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Zundel said that he needed the addresses of members of the Jewish 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Bristow did not believe this. Bristow told Zundel that he might be able 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:to get the information but that it would cost money. As a result, Zundel 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Zundel also asked for information on specific individuals. He told 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:The Source was asked to help Zundel to obtain the names and addresses of 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:from Zundel, the Toronto Region Investigator had said, "don't do it, 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:open sources. He was to give Zundel only work addresses and telephone 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:everybody and it was a standard operating procedure for Zundel, Lincoln, 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:The Source said that Zundel gave Bristow a thick file on the Jewish 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Defence League in compensation for electronically sweeping Zundel's 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:said that he only provided open material, and that Zundel sometimes gave 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:Zundel told the Review Committee that the information that he received 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:usually received such information from Zundel.[141] He added that Grant 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:regular practice for Droege to run the plate numbers when Zundel wanted 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:3.  Zundel stated "that is absolutely nonsense".
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:34. Zundel indicated that he did ask people to monitor marches in 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:78. Zundel said that such a statement about Shipper's house would be 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:80. SIRC interview of Source. Zundel noted that they used videos and 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:135. Zundel denies this allegation.  
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:137. Zundel noted that the file was about 20 pages of open
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:140. SIRC interview of Ernst Zundel 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:141. SIRC interview of Source. Zundel noted that such individuals were 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:156. Droege stated that he never provided such information to Zundel. 
HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:     Zundel denied that he had ever asked for any licence numbers to 
HF-i-Title-and-TOC:10.1 Zundel's Legal Plans
lemire.marc:HF-V-Info-and-Harassment:One of Lemire's tricks was to put parts of Zundel's speeches on a tape 

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