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"ADC ONLINE" - Vol.1, No.1, August 2000

An online journal for discussion, news and
analysis of far-right activity in Australia,
New Zealand and the world.

*  John Pasquarelli joins Holocaust deniers
*  Convicted racist forms neo-Nazi group in prison
*  Violent American racist group expands Aussie operation
*  Antisemitic colours of Australia First
*  Toben's back


John Pasquarelli, the former political adviser to Pauline Hanson, has been
appointed Secretary of one of Victoria's foremost racist and Holocaust
denying organisations, the "Australian Civil Liberties Union" (ACLU).

Not to be confused with the bona fide Australian Council for Civil
Liberties, the ACLU was founded by John Bennett after his expulsion from
the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty Victoria). Bennett
denies the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz and espouses a range of
racist views, claiming the "Asian invasion must be stopped" and the
"granting of land rights to Aborigines could lead to what in South Africa
was called Apartheid".

Bennett, whose house Pasquarelli stayed in while "down and out" in
Melbourne in 1991, was responsible for introducing Pasquarelli to Graeme
Campbell. In his book, "The Pauline Hanson Story by the Man Who Knows",
Pasquarelli credits Bennett with his entry into the political sphere and
One Nation: "Without the involvement of Bennett, I would never have worked
for Pauline Hanson". 

Pasquarelli's ongoing association with Bennett at the ACLU, reflects the
increasingly close ties between Holocaust deniers and the broader far-right


Jack Van Tongeren, sentenced to eighteen years in prison in 1989 for
firebombing a Chinese restaurant in Perth in an attempt to drive Asians out
of Australia, has been recruiting fellow prison inmates to a neo-Nazi group
formed in his Perth prison cell.

He first came to public attention in the mid-1980s as leader of the
"Australian Nationalists Movement" (ANM), which in 1986 was described by
Kim Beazley, the then Minister for Defence, as "potentially dangerous to
our country". Van Tongeren's new group, the deceptively titled "Australian
Nationalist Workers' Union" (ANWU), follows the same racist ideology as the

Van Tongeren is eligible for parole later this year.


The Illinois-based violent racist group "World Church of the Creator"
(WCOTC)  has established a new branch in South Australia. Last year the
first Australian branch was established in Victoria by Patrick John
O'Sullivan, a resident of the Melbourne suburb of Coburg.

WCOTC is a "racial religion" whose prime goal is "the survival, expansion
and advancement of the White Race". WCOTC attacks Christianity as the
"tremendous weapon in the worldwide Jewish drive of race-mixing" and
asserts that Jews "concocted" Christianity "for the very purpose of
mongrelising and destroying theWhite Race". The group's battle cry,
"RaHoWa" (Racial Holy War), is manifest in a number of violent attacks in
the USA including several armed robberies and bashings by WCOTC followers
and a shooting spree by a WCOTC activist in Illinois and Indiana in July
1999 that left two dead and nine wounded.

WCOTC announced its existence in South Australia earlier this year by
distributing fliers in letterboxes in Adelaide which stated: "Society has
failed because we have neglected the ones who built it, the white family!
Join the most positive influence on white society, the WCOTC."


Australia First's Denis McCormack became embroiled in controversy after he
and party leader Graeme Campbell attended the Chinese Heritage of Australia
Federation conference at the Chinese Museum in Melbourne on the weekend of
1-2 July.

After Monash University historian Associate Professor Andrew Markus
suggested in an address at the conference that the Chinese community
establish an oral history program similar to that of the Steven Spielberg
Shoah Foundation, McCormack sought to make a statement prefaced with a
degoratory comment about Markus being Jewish. The comment caused an uproar
as some members of the audience shouted at McCormack to leave. McCormack
subsequently interjected that the fate of a few Chinese under the "White
Australia Policy" was of no significance.


Fredrick Toben, the Director of the Holocaust-denying "Adelaide Institute"
(AI), has returned to Australia after a world trip to South Africa,
Zimbabwe, Europe, the USA and New Zealand. In November 1999 Toben was
convicted in a German court for denying the Holocaust. On his recent return
to Germany he met with other Holocaust deniers and leading European
far-right figures. In the USA he attended, together with Victorian-based
Holocaust denier John Bennett, the California conference of the Institute
for Historical Review, which is at the forefront of global Holocaust denial
efforts. Upon his return to Australia, Toben, Assistant AI Director
Geoffrey Muirden and AI Victorian Associate Michael Mazur, sought entry to
a Jewish community function at the St Kilda Town Hall. They were refused
entry given the organisation's disruption of academic and Jewish events on
previous occasions.

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