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NNA Breaking News 07/19/99

US News

1. David Duke brings campaign to area / Ex-Klan chief speaks at motel
    in Hanover
2. Half of normal-weight white girls think they are fat
3. NAACP Wants Boycott of S. Carolina
4. Two more state agencies investigating racist group linked to shooting

5. Hale wants lawsuit moved to rual ill.
6. New Chief Takes Over Search for Accused Bomber Eric Rudolph
7. Two women plead guilty in Mexican baby smuggling case

World News

8.  Racist Protesters in Spain Clash
9.  Israeli court asked to return spy to jail for speaking Yiddish
10. White farmer paints labourer for 'trespassing'
11. Two top South African netballers shot dead
12. Russian Jews Shocked by stabbing


David Duke brings campaign to area / Ex-Klan chief speaks at motel
in Hanover

Friday, July 16, 1999


Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan who once sought the
Republican presidential nomination, brought his campaign for what he
called European-American rights to Richmond.

He spent about an hour speaking to a crowd of about 200 supporters at
the Best Western-Hanover House Motor Lodge in Hanover County last night
where he repeated his themes of white oppression by African-Americans
and the liberal media.

Duke was invited to Richmond by Ron Doggett, a member of Citizens for
the Preservation of American History and host of a local public access
television show called Race and Reality. Duke came to lend his support
to those who want to have Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's portrait
restored to the floodwall gallery at the Canal Walk.

The crowd sat rapt through his lecture and about 30 minutes of
They were all white, except one African-American woman who said she was
asked to leave by Duke's security guards. Hanover authorities would not
allow the woman to be kicked out because the event was open to the

Rhodora Royster, 28, who is African-American, and her 27-year-old white
boyfriend, Jayson Johnson, said they attended the speech because they
were curious about what Duke would say, but they also wanted to make a

"It was a little re-enactment of a sit-in," Royster said.

Duke's speech was laced with references to his book, "My Awakening," and

applause lines that were met with loud Rebel yells and standing
"We are truly in a battle not only for our Southern heritage but for our

American Heritage," was one of them.

Earlier in the day, Duke held a news conference before the memorial to
tennis great Arthur Ashe on Monument Avenue and said he couldn't
why "we've got to put up with a sports star on an avenue of Confederate
heroes" but have to fight to get a picture of Lee on a floodwall.

Duke derided City Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin for his stand against having
Lee's image on the floodwall gallery. Last night, Duke made fun of
El-Amin's first name, which is pronounced "Sod." Duke first called him
"Sayd," and later "Sad." "I can't pronounce that name. Sounds like a
foreign name to me," he said to laughter and applause.

El-Amin has consistently protested Lee's inclusion in the gallery
Lee fought for the Confederacy, which supported slavery. He said Lee's
inclusion was an insult to African-Americans.

The people who operate the Canal Walk took Lee's image down on June 2,
a day after the image was put up. Since then, a 19-person committee
by the Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation, which is paying for the
gallery, has recommended that a different image of Lee be put on the

The new image shows Lee out of uniform standing outside his Franklin
residence after Appomattox.

Duke said he's pleased the committee has recommended putting Lee on the
wall, but he is saddened that the general won't be shown in full
with military insignia attached.

Duke looked over his shoulder at the Ashe monument during his afternoon
news conference, and said, "It's kind of like having Arthur Ashe without

his tennis racket."

Duke, who described himself as "probably the best-known spokesman for
European-American rights," insisted that he is not a white supremacist.
He said he is a civil rights activist for European-Americans. "The
does not come from our side . . . The division comes from the other

He also said that El-Amin and others who are opposed to Lee's image
stop there. He said they will work to have the monuments to Civil
heroes on Monument Avenue taken down.

Duke described himself as a Republican, but high-ranking Virginia
Republicans have done their best to distance themselves from him.

Gov. Jim Gilmore said, "Virginia is a progressive, forward moving state
that is not a welcome home to racial division. The goal of my
is to unite people, not separate them. David Duke and his radical
of hatred have no place in Virginia's communities.

"We should heal our past wounds with unity, not open them with hate."

Chris LaCivita, the former director of the state GOP who now manages
Gov. George Allen's U.S. Senate campaign, said, "I thought they had
out-of-state trash."

A group of about a dozen protesters stood in the parking lot of the
before Duke arrived last night, waving signs that read "Duke Makes Me
and "White Power Equals White Coward."

"We wanted to say that not everyone in the community supports David Duke

and not everyone who is white is in support of the Confederacy," said
Nathanson, 30, who was holding a sign that said "Nat Turner Lives."

The motel management released a statement yesterday saying they did not
know Duke was coming to speak and would not have have allowed him if
had known.


Half of normal-weight white girls think they are fat

Updated 5:21 PM ET July 16, 1999

NEW YORK, Jul 16 (Reuters Health) -- More than half of normal weight,
white adolescent girls consider themselves fat, according to results of
a new report. The study's author believes this group of girls may be at
risk for health problems stemming from frequent dieting and eating

"Adolescents' perception of their body weight is dependent on social,
cultural, and family pressures," reports Dr. Richard S. Strauss of the
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson
School of Medicine, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Strauss examined data on over 1,900 adolescents, aged 12 to 16,
as part of the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey,
conducted between 1988 and 1994.

Interviews with adolescents revealed that "white adolescent girls are
particularly likely to consider themselves overweight and try to lose
weight even when their weight is well within the healthy weight range,"
Strauss writes in the July issue of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent

Medicine. In fact, 52% of normal-weight white girls interviewed
themselves overweight. White girls were more than twice as likely as
black girls to start dieting, and more than six times as likely to begin

dieting compared with white boys.

Perceived -- rather than real -- weight status appears to be the driving

force behind dieting among many adolescents. Seven out of 10 adolescents

who considered themselves overweight "reported having tried to lose
weight within the last year," according to Strauss -- compared with
just 15% of youngsters who considered themselves of normal weight for
their age.

Numerous studies have suggested that fixation on dieting and weight loss

raises risks for eating disorders. Strauss believes adolescent white
girls may have an especially high sensitivity for poor body image
 of an "increasing emphasis on thinness by television, advertising, and
marketing campaigns" aimed at youth. He also points out that whites --
but not blacks -- tend to exalt thinness as part of an "ideal body

The study findings also suggest that overweight or obese children remain

deeply concerned about losing weight. "Overweight children are often
dismissed (by others) as lazy and indulgent," he writes. However,
reports that "more than 90% of obese children (surveyed) say they want
weigh less."

He believes that families of unhealthily overweight children can and
should do more to encourage weight loss in their obese child. These
efforts can be "time-consuming, difficult, and often frustrating," he
writes, but "...long-term success is achievable."


NAACP Wants Boycott of S. Carolina

By LEIGH STROPE Associated Press Writer

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The NAACP wants blacks to avoid vacationing
in South Carolina until the state removes a Confederate Flag flying
from its statehouse.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on
Thursday approved the boycott at its national meeting in New York.
The resolution must still be ratified by the national board in October.

``We're asking African Americans and others who believe in fairness to
consider relocating their family reunions, conventions, church groups
and other meetings outside of the state as long as the Confederate flag
is flown over the state Capitol,'' said James Gallman, president of the
group's South Carolina chapter.

Tourism is a top industry in South Carolina and visitors spent $6.8
in the state last year, according to the state Parks, Recreation and
Department. Two million blacks vacationed in the state in 1997, the
numbers available. They accounted for $280 million in direct spending.

One lawmaker accused the civil rights group of fostering stereotypes
white Southerners.

``When they brand it as a symbol of racism I guess they're saying all of
who like it for heritage reasons are somehow flirting with racism, and
just not true,'' said Glenn McConnell, a Republican state senator who
a Confederate memorabilia gallery in Charleston.

``People don't like to be stereotyped, and one thing the NAACP has
and admirably fought against is the stereotyping of African Americans.
should not now make the mistake of trying to stereotype white

Past efforts to bring down the flag have failed, including a lawsuit
the city of Columbia and state business leaders.

Lawmakers in 1995 passed a law giving the Legislature sole power to
Former Republican Gov. David Beasley's campaign to take it down has been

credited as one reason he lost his re-election bid in November.

The flag was raised over the Statehouse in 1962 to commemorate the Civil

centennial. Opponents say it is an offensive reminder of slavery.
say it celebrates the state's heritage and the sacrifice of South
natives during the war.

``If it's heritage, put it in a museum where it belongs,'' Gallman said.

does not belong on top of the state Capitol as a symbol of a conqueror

The NAACP resolution also asked the U.S. Justice Department to
remove the flag from any public building or display across the nation.
Carolina is the only state that still flies the flag over its

Mississippi and Georgia incorporate the flag in their state flags.


Two more state agencies investigating racist group linked to shooting

July 12, 1999
Web posted at: 11:03 AM EDT (1503 GMT)

EAST PEORIA, Illinois (AP) -- The supremacist group linked to the Fourth
July weekend's Midwestern shooting spree is under investigation for
violations of state tax and charities regulations. The group's leader
it doesn't have to pay taxes because it is a church.

The Illinois Department of Revenue and the Illinois Attorney General's
Charitable Trusts Bureau launched probes into the East Peoria-based
World Church of the Creator.

The investigations come in the wake of the two-state shooting spree that

left two people dead and nine others injured in Illinois and Indiana
suspected gunman Benjamin Nathaniel Smith committed suicide. Smith, 21,
had been a member of the group.

The Department of Revenue wants to know whether the group violated any
tax laws, spokesman Mike Klemens said. In August 1995, the department
denied an application for sales tax-exempt status filed by Matt Hale,
of East Peoria, who had just become the group's leader.

"They applied to us as a religious organization," said Klemens. "They
are not a religious organization."

Hale was adamant Sunday. "We will not pay taxes. We are a church," he

Police recovered a receipt for $6,190 from East Central Communications
in Rantoul made out to Ben Smith. The printing company delivered 100,000

copies of literature it printed for the group in June to a storage
rented by Smith and Hale, general manager Dennis Kaster said.

The group did not pay sales tax on the purchase, he said.

The state is also investigating whether the group should be collecting
taxes on sales of the book "The White Man's Bible."

"Everybody who sells merchandise has to pay taxes," said Floyd Perkins,
chief of the Illinois General's Charitable Trusts Bureau.

Hale said his group does not need to collect sales tax because selling
the book on white supremacy is part of their religious practice.

State officials are also trying to determine what kind of organization
the World Church of the Creator is, and whether it violated charitable
trust laws.

The organization is not registered as a church, a charity or a business
with the revenue department, the Illinois Attorney General's Office or
the Internal Revenue Service. But Perkins said because the organization
has asked for donations for publications, the law requires it to
as a charity in Illinois.


Hale wants lawsuit moved to rual ill.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., July 15 (UPI) -- The leader of a white supremacist
group being sued by the state wants to have the legal fight moved from a

Chicago courtroom and to one closer to his rural Illinois home.

Matt Hale and his East Peoria-based World Church of the Creator are
being sued by the Illinois attorney general's office to determine
whether the organization is a charity.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court in

Opponents of Hale's group, which calls itself a religion and
propagates the eventual removal of non-white people from the United
States, would like the lawsuit to break the group financially.

Hale says he wants the legal fight shifted closer to his home. ``I
don't have any understanding why this was filed in Cook County,'' he
said. ``We're looking into the legal ends of this.''

Hale says his East Peoria home is in Tazewell County, while
neighboring Peoria County and Sangamon County, which houses the
Statehouse and Illinois government, also are possible venues.

Shifting the lawsuit into rural Illinois could benefit Hale if he
could play off the history of Ku Klux Klan activity in and around Pekin,

the Tazewell County town where the court is located.

But Richard Hirschhaut of the Anti-Defamation League says he thinks a
shift would not work. ``Hale can try to manipulate the system all he
wants, he's going to have to face up to the pleadings,'' Hirschhaut
said. ``People of compassion will see through his duplicitous acts.''

Lori Corral, a spokeswoman for the Illinois attorney general's
office, would not comment on Hale's desire to move the lawsuit.

She said the suit was filed in Cook County because the state offices
that process financial information filings by charitable and religious
organizations are based in Chicago.

Also, state Attorney General Jim Ryan works mostly out of the
attorney general's Chicago office. ``That is where we are,'' Corral
said. ``We can file statewide lawsuits out of Cook County.''


New Chief Takes Over Search for Accused Bomber Eric Rudolph

6.57 p.m. ET (2257 GMT) July 15, 1999

WASHINGTON - The FBI named a 16-year veteran investigator Thursday to
take over its frustrating search for Eric Rudolph, the 32-year-old
loner charged with bombing the Atlanta Olympics, two abortion clinics
and a gay nightclub.

Steven C. McCraw, 45, who has been an inspector at FBI headquarters here

since May 1998, was selected to take charge of the Southeast Bomb Task
Force on Aug. 1, FBI Director Louis J. Freeh announced.

Woody Enderson, who has headed the task force since its inception in
March 1998 and its predecessor the Atlanta Bomb Task Force since 1997,
has announced his retirement after a 28-year career in the FBI.

The FBI has been searching for Rudolph since hours after a Jan. 29,
explosion killed a policeman and maimed a nurse at the New Woman All
Health Care in Birmingham, Ala.

Based on evidence gathered by the task force, Rudolph was charged in
case and later in three Atlanta-area bombings, the 1996 Olympic park
in which a woman died, and the 1997 bombings of a reproductive services
clinic and a gay nightclub in Atlanta.

Freeh credited Enderson's "tenacious leadership" with producing the
for those charges. "His professionalism and selfless devotion to duty
a bold exclamation point to Woody Enderson's service to the FBI and the
nation," Freeh said.

On May 5, 1998, the FBI offered a $1 million reward for Rudolph and
him to its Ten Most Wanted list.

Using up to 200 federal, state and local agents, the task force has
concentrated its search on the mountainous 530,000-acre Nantahala
Forest at North Carolina's western tip near Andrews, where the sometime
carpenter and experienced woodsman grew up. The search force at the
command post has dwindled to a dozen lately but will stay until there is

proof Rudolph has left the area.

McCraw has served two years as assistant chief of the FBI's Tucson,
office, and earlier tours of duty in Dallas, Johnstown, Pa., and Los
He also was a unit chief in the criminal investigative division at

Before joining the FBI in 1983, he was a sergeant investigator with the
Texas Department of Public Safety.


Two women plead guilty in Mexican baby smuggling case

NEW YORK (AP) - Two Jewish women have admitted to taking part in an
adoption ring in which 17 Mexican babies were smuggled across the border
placed in American homes for $20,000 or more.
Arlene Reingold and Arlene Lieberman pleaded guilty to breaking
laws. Conspiracy charges were dropped in exchange for their pleas.

The two neighbors in the Long Island community of Medford face up to two

years, three months in prison. Each was ordered to pay $43,500
to the American families.

The women are free on bail until their sentencing; no date was set. Both

refused to comment as they left federal court.

The two came to the attention of authorities in 1990, when the state
of Social Services received complaints that they were arranging
without a license.

The women were arrested in May with a third defendant, Mario Reyes, 40,
Douglas, Ariz., lawyer with an office in a Mexican border town.

Reyes allegedly paid to have babies - some only days old - smuggled
the border to his Arizona home. From there, according to court papers,
Reingold and Lieberman took the babies to the New York City area and
delivered them to adoptive parents without any of the required
and adoption paperwork.

Prosecutor Timothy Macht said he could not comment on how the children
obtained in Mexico.

Mark Thorn, a spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service,
the agency would work to secure citizenship for the children.

``The INS views these children as innocent victims,'' he said. ``We have
intention of removing them from this country.''


World News

Racist Protesters in Spain Clash

TERRASSA, Spain (AP) -- Anti-immigrant protesters clashed with riot
late Thursday, the third consecutive night of racial demonstrations in
northeastern town, news reports said.

Police charged at the demonstrators after a group began throwing stones
at a
home, car and bar identified as having ties to Moroccan immigrants,
Spanish Radio reported.

The clashes followed a relatively peaceful march of several hundred
through a working class neighborhood with a population that is 10
Moroccan, the state-owned news agency Efe reported.

The protest was marked by racist slogans such as ``Moors Out,'' echoing
sentiment of a similar but larger demonstration Wednesday in which a
Moroccan male was attacked and hospitalized.

Wednesday's violence prompted the town's mayor to request security
and 10 vans of riot police were on hand late Thursday.

Racial tension in the neighborhood had been building since Sunday, with
between Moroccan and Spanish young people in neighborhood bars.

Some 300 Spanish residents protested Tuesday, blaming Moroccan
the disturbances in Terrassa, 14 miles from Barcelona.


Israeli court asked to return spy to jail for speaking Yiddish

11.17 a.m. ET (1517 GMT) July 18, 1999

JERUSALEM (AP) - Prosecutors asked the Israeli Supreme Court on Sunday
put an 80-year-old spy back in jail for violating his parole by speaking

Yiddish, a court spokesman said.

Marcus Klingberg was banned from speaking Yiddish because guards whose
job it is to make sure he does not pass on state secrets do not

The former assistant director of a biological institute in the Tel Aviv
suburb of Nes Tsiona has served 15 years of a 20-year sentence for
information on biological warfare to the Soviet Union.

Ten months ago, Klingberg was released on grounds of ill health, with
condition that he employ two male housekeepers approved by the Shin Bet
security service at his own expense. They were to listen to all his
conversations - to be held in Hebrew - and ensure that he spoke only
to relatives and a few friends approved by the Shin Bet.

Yiddish, the language of central and eastern European Jews, is not
spoken by younger Israelis.

Prosecutors told the Supreme Court that Klingberg had not paid the
housekeepers' salaries, spoke to friends in Yiddish and passed them
notes without letting guards read them first, court spokesman Moshe
Goralli said.

Klingberg's attorney Avigdor Feldman has said that Klingberg cannot
afford the monthly salaries of the two housekeepers - $3,950 each.

The Supreme Court turned the case back to the Beersheba district court
in which it originated and told the two sides to try to work it out
there, Goralli said.


White farmer paints labourer for 'trespassing'

BALFOUR, South Africa, July 14 (AFP) - A white farmer "punished" a
black labourer by stripping him naked and coating his body with paint
for allegedly trespassing on his land in South Africa's Mpumulanga
province, reports said Wednesday.

A cattle farmer and one of his labourers were arrested and appeared
in court in connection with the attack, which came as a reminder of
the racism still exercised in South Africa.

Moses Nkosi, 21, told The Star newspaper that the farmer, apparently
his former employer, had accused him of trespassing last week and
forced him into a farmhouse at gun point.

The farmer and two farmworkers forced Nkosi to strip and apparently
covered him in silver paint, used to paint fences, and forced him to
lie in the sun for 30 minutes for the paint to dry.

"After I was brushed with paint, by body was burning and itching,"
Nkosi told the newspaper, which ran a full-length photograph of the
entirely silver-coated Nkosi on its front page Wednesday.

Nkosi escaped from the farm, near the town of Balfour, and reported
the incident to the police before going to the hospital where nurses
removed the thick paint. He was discharged after two days.

The farmer and his co-suspect were released on bail of 300 rand
(50 dollars) Wednesday and the case was postponed to August 25.

A police spokesman said charges of assault were being investigated
but it could be difficult to convict the farmer as there were no
other witnesses to the incident.

"There was silver paint in the store of the farmer but ... all the
farmers are using silver paint for their fences and gates," the
spokesman said.

Justice Minister Penuell Maduna on Wednesday condemned the paint attack,

saying it had apparently been motivated by racism.

"It is a pity that this kind of conduct is still taking place in our
society. This barbaric incident is clearly in conflict with our
constitution," Maduna said in a statement.

In the meanwhile an investigation has been launched into alleged police
involvement in the torture and murder of a farm worker in Mpumalanga
who was accused of stealing 200 rand (30.3 dollars) last week, SABC
public radio reported.

Benjamin Mabelani was handcuffed and shocked to death with an electrical

welding machine by three white men, according to his friend who survived

the ordeal.

Five years after apartheid was officially dismantled, racially-motivated

attacks still occur frequently in South Africa, especially on remote
where labourers are paid meagre wages and live in poor conditions.

White farmers, who still own most of the land, have also been the target

of killings, which police say are motivated by robbery.


Two top South African netballers shot dead

JOHANNESBURG, July 16 (AFP) - Two top netball players were shot dead in
a parking lot late Thursday in an apparent robbery after the South
netball championships ended here, police said Friday.

The vice-president of the Eastern Province Netball Association, Irma du
Preez, 27, and championship organiser Lia Liebenberg, 30, were shot in
the head, police said.

Their bodies were found by their car with one of the women hanging over
the boot of the vehicle. The motive for the killings appeared to be
robbery, police said.

The killings have shocked the sporting community, with the National
Council saying, "Sport has for some time been campaigning against crime.

It is sad that crime should strike a blow at the heart of sport in this

South Africa has one of the world's highest crime rates, with nearly
murders reported to the police in 1998, according to the independent
African Institute of Race Relations.


Russian Jews Shocked by stabbing

MOSCOW, July 15 (AFP) - Russian Jews were in a state of shock
Thursday over the stabbing this week of a community leader in a
Moscow synagogue and said the attack confirmed a rise in
anti-Semitism in the country.

Police and private guards were posted at the entrances to the
Choral Synagogue in Moscow's Kitai Gorod area in the wake of the
attack Tuesday on the deputy director of a Jewish arts center,
Leopold Kaymovsky.

Blood stains could still be seen on the floor of the synagogue,
Moscow's most prominent, where Kaymovsky struggled against the
assailant, a 20-year old law student who denounced a "Russian
genocide being carried out by Jews."

Guards at the synagogue arrested Nikita Krivchun who was
carrying three knives and had a swastika tattooed on his chest.

The attack was the worst incident of anti-Semitic violence in
post-Soviet Russia, according to Jewish leaders who added it was
nevertheless not unexpected.

"It's not a surprise," said Tancred Golenpolsky, a member of the
Russian Jewish Congress. "We warned the government that this was
going to happen.

"It was absolutely natural that this would happen because the
government is doing nothing against anti-Semitism," said
Golenpolsky, founder of the largest Jewish newspaper in Russia, the
Jewish Gazette.

Kaymovsky remained in serious condition in hospital Thursday,
breathing with the aide of a respirator, but doctors were optimistic
about his recovery, officials at the arts center said.

Chief rabbi Adolf Shayevich, who said the incident showed how
weak the Russian state had become, met Thursday with Moscow police
to discuss beefing up security at Moscow's six synagogues.

"We have today a climate that is conducive to this kind of
event," said Shayevich.

The rabbi acknowledged that anti-Semitic statements from
politicians may have fueled Russian prejudice against Jews who
number 200,000 in Moscow and close to one million nationwide.

Communist General Albert Makashov, a member of the State Duma
lower house of parliament, on October 4 vowed to "send Jews to the
next world" at a meeting of his supporters.

Fellow party member Viktor Ilyukhin last year complained that
Russian President Boris Yeltsin had "too many Jews" in his entourage
and proposed that limits be imposed on the number of Jews promoted
to top positions.

Makashov's statements were firmly rebuked by the Kremlin, which
ordered an investigation but a resolution in the State Duma
condemning the remarks failed to pass, garnering less than a quarter
of voters in the legislature.

Makashov never faced charges for his statements.

Moscow leaders spoke out Thursday against extremism and
denounced the attack against the Jewish leader but the Kremlin
remained tight-lipped.

The Moscow city council and the Otechestvo (Fatherland) party of
Mayor Yury Luzkhov joined Patriarch Alexy II of the Orthodox Church
who raised his voice against anti-Semitism on Wednesday.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper asked "Jewish pogroms in
Moscow?" in an article which proclaimed that Tuesday's stabbing was
"bound to happen."

In an interview to NTV television, Krivchun declared that he
"loved all religions except that of Jews and Satan.

"I did not want to kill him. I have nothing against him
personally," he said.

"It was a political act against the system. I wanted to show how
I feel against Jews and draw attention to the problem of the Russian
genocide being carried out by Jews," he said.

Jewish leaders said the attack could well unleash a new wave of
immigration of Russian Jews to Israel.

The US State Department on Wednesday also condemned the
anti-Semitic attack, calling it a cowardly act of terrorism.


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