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From: "Hank Roth's Progressive List [& PNEWS CONFERENCES]"
[What Hate Groups are saying int the U.S./Christian Posse Comitatus]


                                THE WATCHMAN

                             Mark Thomas Editor

        A Publication of the Pennsylvania Christian Posse Comitatus
                       P.O.Box 50, Hereford, PA 18056

   As I was preparing to mail this double issue of "The Watchman" an
   event took place in the Chicago area which demands comment. Three
   black animals butchered a White woman and her young White children,
   one by torture and then cut her open to remove the half-breed baby she
   was pregnant with. A seventeen month old mulatto male was also spared.
   It seems that they were using her as an incubator to breed a
   light-skinned child, and decided to eliminate her, having no further
   need for her reproductive ability. The one who removed the little
   bastard was a negress nurse who used her medical training to carry out
   her part in the crime.

   I do not know all of the circumstances surrounding the event but it is
   becoming more apparent with every day that passes that unless the
   White Race rises up against their tormentors in a consuming fury, we
   will instead be consumed by them. I do not hate these people as
   individuals but only a fool would believe that we will ever live
   together in peace. Events like this, as well as Waco, the Randy Weaver
   massacre and Oklahoma City portend a darkening future for America and
   it is becoming increasingly clear that unless heroic measures are
   taken without delay, there will be no future for us or our children.

   It is increasingly apparent to even the most indifferent of Whites
   that our government is the enemy of our race and as such is a
   treasonous fraud. The penalty for treason is, and always has been,
   death because there is no other crime so dangerous to a civilization.
   The Founding Fathers understood this well when they penned the
   Declaration of Independence, saying that it was both the "Right and
   Duty" of the people to throw off a government which had become

   It is equally true that America was founded by men who had just waged
   a revolution against unjust government and in so doing shed much blood
   and caused untold hardship to their fellow Americans. War is the most
   expensive and horrifying endeavor that mankind has ever known and it
   should only be entered into as a last resort.

   Equally however, we are compelled to look at the alternative to war
   when faced with great injustice. As Patrick Henry said, "Is peace so
   dear that it should be bought with the chains of slavery?" There are
   those who will say that some slavery is preferable to death and others
   who will argue that a Christian is never justified in taking up arms.

   Let me be as conservative as possible in my judgement and propose that
   killing is only justified when the perpetrator is convinced that to do
   otherwise will result in the death of themself or their loved ones. I
   would therefore ask the reader if they believe that the federal and
   it's puppet state governments of our land are by their policies and
   deeds a credible threat to survival of their person, their children,
   or the existance of their race? If your answer is yes, and you also
   believe that killing is only justified in this, "The Gravest Extreme",
   then it follows that to fail to make war under these circumstances is
   either cowardice or treason.

   It may surprise some people to hear me say that it is not a sin to be
   afraid. Every man I have ever spoken to who fought in a war said he
   was terribly afraid. The question is only will you allow your fear of
   harm to prevent you from saving your children from the unspeakable
   fate of being food for the predators that stalk our land or will you
   risk your life and liberty to provide the hope of a future for them.

   The question of treason is as easily defined. If you are so
   pre-occupied with running in the rat-race that is materialistic
   America, if the acquisition of money is more important than your
   children's future You Are a Traitor! I don't care if you are using
   that money to send your child to the university of Babylon, or putting
   it into a stock-market scheme so as to spoil your pampered bitch of a
   wife while you quietly decay with your TV remote in your hand. If that
   shoe fits then you had better take it off or get ready to meet your
   maker, because if the monkeys don't get you, We Will!

   Above all else understand this, If you are a kosher-konservative, you
   will get a kosher reward! If you continue to sell out the future of
   our dear children for the love of money, then rest assured that you
   will perish with your paper gods when we burn your Babylonian
   playground. We are going to build the Kingdom of our God on this
   continent if we have to turn it into a Bosnia first! Death may find
   you in front of your one-eyed church of Satan or in the filthy bingo
   parlors where you worship your devil god, but be sure that you will
   not escape the consuming fire that is the real baptism of the Holy
   Ghost, The God of Racial Israel.

   I know who many of you are, how much you "hate the niggers" and how
   loudly you claim to be "behind me." The more you know about the "Big
   Three Questions" -- Who we are, Where we come from, and Why we're here
   -- the more accountable you are to your God and to your racial kinsman
   to not only stand, but fight.

   Which one of you would walk past a burning house if you knew there
   were children inside, and yet you do this every time you put the love
   of money before the love of God who says that You are your brother's

   You say that you are behind me and I know your witness is true from
   the knives in my back. You have a million excuses for not standing
   beside me but one day you will find that it is I who stands behind you
   and as you turn to greet me with your usual plastic smile, know that
   on that day my face will be the last thing you see on this earth.

   Terrorism is just another word for government and it simply means
   using the threat of force to compel others to live according to it's
   dictates. Waco and Ruby Ridge were acts of domestic terrorism -- as
   was the Oklahoma City bombing. The Second Amendment was written to
   make the feds afraid of the people but it's not enough to "keep and
   bear arms" unless you are willing to use them. Hebrews 9:22: "Without
   the shedding of blood, is no remission of sins."


       The Watchman is published as funds permit by the Pennsylvania
    Christian Posse Comitatus and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian,
   Aryan Nations. The opinions expressed herein are those of the editor,
   Mark Thomas unless otherwise noted. The purpose of this publication is
    to provoke its readers to re-examine beliefs that may be detrimental
   to themselves, their race, and ultimately all mankind. I welcome your
                          comments and criticisms.

    Box 50, Hereford, P.A.

Moderator's Note: The author of the Watchman says he is a former "hippy"
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