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Subject: Re: THE HOLOCAUST STORY:  HOW MUCH IS FALSE?  The Case for Open Debate
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Organization: University of Chicago, Dept of Molecular Genetics
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1992 07:26:40 GMT
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In article , ralphw@b-cpu.UUCP (Ralph Winston) writes:
>From _The Daily Northwestern_
>(Northwestern University's newspaper),
>Thursday, April 4, 1991:
				     None of it is false.

Ralph here presents a paid article in a newspaper, provided by a
front for the IHR, as a newspaper article in the newspaper of 
a major univeristy.  Bradley Smith claims gets the ads in by appealing
to considerations of freedom of speech, and then Ralph Winston
quotes it as if its a newspaper story.

What Ralph Winston omits here is the one page rebuttal by the
editorial staff of the Norwestern Newspaper, saying how the piece
is a collection of anti-Semitic lies.

He also omits the rebuttals and condemnation of the other newspaper
at college campuses that either printed the add or refuses it.

But this is how the IHR bunch treats historical sources in general;
quoting out of context, etc.

This comes from a group that is a front for hate groups that distribute
white-supremicist and anti-Semitic propaganda.  

A couple of days ago, Ralph posted something from the NAAWP, a white
supremicist organization connected to the KKK.

All of the stuff from Ralph Winston and the rest of his friends at
B-CPU should be read as propaganda from hate groups.

None of it has any validity as history, as the American Historical 
Association, The Duke Univeristy Department of History, and other
organizations have publically stated.

>                                Ralph Winston

>Users of Banished CPU are solely responsible for their actions.

They put this line in so the IHR doesn't get sued again.  The IHR has
been sued for a variety of torts, and have lost.  They continue to 
behave in the same manner that got them sued in the first place.

Leon Gross
I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV.

From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: How Many Died?
Message-ID: <>
Summary: How many Jews were murdered by the Nazis?
Keywords: Holocaust B-CPU Final Solution
Organization: TECHbooks of Beaverton Oregon - Public Access Unix
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1992 20:58:55 GMT
Lines: 63

According to Gerald Fleming's book "Hitler and the Final Solution",
which required an immense amount of research, here are the Jewish
Casualties Due to the Final Solution.  (A footnote says: "It is
impossible to establish a definitive, absolutely accurate total of
victims. One can only say with certainty that the figure reaches the
five million mark." At another point, Fleming also notes: "The precise
count of those murdered at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp alone cannot be
given with complete, attestable certainty, for the Jews "cleared"
(_abgeschafft_) from occupied Europe and deported to Auschwitz for
liquidation were brought immediately "into the gas," without any prior
registration in the camp index files. Reitlinger's [author of The Final
Solution, 1971] figure for Auschwitz--700,000 gassed--is undoubtedly too

German Reich (boundaries of 1938)	130,000
Austria					 58,000
Belgium					 26,000
Bulgaria				  7,000
Czechoslovakia (boundaries of 1938)	245,000
France					 64,000
Greece					 58,000
Hungary & Carpatho-Ukraine		300,000
Italy					  8,000
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia		200,000
Luxembourg				  3,000
Netherlands				101,800
Norway					    677
Poland (boundaries of 1939)	      2,700,000
Romania (boundaries prior to 1940)	220,000
USSR (boundaries prior to 1939)		800,000
Yugoslavia				 54,000

Well, according to Fleming, 6 million Jews weren't killed by the
Nazis -- only 5 million.  But, of course, as the IHR will tell us, these
figures are all lies: no Jews were gassed, no Jews were lined up in the
woods outside Riga and gunned down by SS troops.  Reichskommissar for
the Ukraine Eric Koch didn't clear 175,000 acres of the Zuman district
to establish a private hunting reserve, shooting down hundreds of
villagers because it was impossible to "resettle" them.
SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Franke-Gricksch never wrote a report entitled
"Resettlement of the Jews" describing the gassing of Jews at Auschwitz,
and their subsequent burning in the crematoria. (Hey, Ralph!,
Franke-Gricksch says the capacity of the ovens is 10,000 in twenty-four

Incidentally, Fleming pretty thoroughly demolishes Irving's thesis that
Hitler wasn't aware of the Final Solution; according to Fleming, Hitler
certainly ordered Himmler to carry out the extermination of the Jews and
then insisted on what American presidents call "deniability" so that the
shining image of the Chancellor would not be smudged.

The boys at B-CPU are going to be scrubbing at that tarnish for a long
time and old Adolph ain't never going to shine again.

--Jeff Frane

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"Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe."
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