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From: (David Morning)
Subject: Re: FORGED PICTURES "Best Evidence" for German "War Crimes"?!?
Organization: Glasgow University Computing Science Dept.
References: <2a06g8$>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 13:32:05 GMT
Lines: 45 (Dan Gannon) writes:

>     And those are just the ones which you happened to upload, and which
>happened to be exposed in Udo Walendy's short book (which dealt only with a
>narrow selection of forged pictures -- those found in "scientific" and
>"documentary" journals and the like)!  Countless others are forgeries also.
>Are those DEMONSTRABLE FORGERIES the best evidence you've got?  I take it
>that they must be, as those were among the few "documentary pictures" you
>chose to upload!

If the previous deposition of walendy's material by you in wuarchive
- - are anything to go by, Mr Walendy's so called 'scientific
analysis' ought to be good for a laugh, if the subject matter weren't
such a serious matter.

It's pretty clear from the commentary that Mr Walendy knows absolutely nothing
about photography and is completely unfamiliar with distance compression/
expansion effects of lenses, converging verticals or background clutter yet
he presents what he claims to be a scientific analysis, which to even a rank
beginner in amateur photography would be laughable, and dismisses the 
photographs as fakes/drawings with the wave of his hand.

Nor does he appear to realise that official photos taken with a large format
camera on a tripod with a metered light source would tend to give you a
better quality picture than a 35mm hand held point-and-shoot camera.

I'd invite the readers to try the following experiment. There is a 
photograph of a Jew having his (I think) beard cut by a German. The commentry
claims it is a fake because the swastika on the side of the helmet is not
real, and to reinforce that, produces an official high qualty picture.
The scales of the two photos are different as is the resolution. You will
need some sort GIF editor to allow you to play with the GIFs. Cut out the
swastika that he complains of, then cut out the official swastika. 
We will call the one he complains of GIF1 and the official swastika GIF2

Adjust the contrast of GIF 2 until it matches GIF1, then alter the scaling
so that they are both the same size...and suddenly what was a nice sharp
swastika starts to take on the more rounded proportions of the claimed fake.



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