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Blatant lies again: the withholding of the publications of the scrolls was
done mainly bu Prof. John Strugnell of Harvard (a noted antisemite) while
the bootleg scrolls were published by Dr. Ben-Zion Wacholder.  Here is
an article which was published a while ago detailing those facts:

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  Subject: Still More on the Dead Sea Scrolls
  Date: 25 Sep 91 02:21:18 GMT
  Organization: The American University - University Computing Center
  I was a student of Dr. Ben-Zion Wacholder, the scholar who released the
  "bootleg" Scrolls and started the snowball rolling which seems to have lead
  to greater scholarly access to the materials. While studying the Qumran
  texts with him, we discussed the problems scholars not part of the "in
  group" were having in gaining access to the materials.
  Dr. Wacholder discounts the grand conspiracy theories propounded by some
  posters to this forum. There is no Vatican conspiracy to suppress "the
  truth", but rather a privileged class protecting its privileges.
  The material is indeed important, for it sheds new light on the period
  during which the Mishna was being formulated and the halachic process
  developing. Dr. Wacholder, who was trained in European yeshivot before
  WWII and is a trained classicist as well, is one of the few scholars
  who can really understand the material in all its implications. Few
  of the others working in this area have his encyclopedic knowledge of
  Talmud and rabbinic literature.
  The legal texts from Qumran should cause us to re-evaluate our
  understanding of the various sects that made up Judaism at this
  time. Wacholder has convincingly demonstrated that many of the
  halachic positions attributed in the Talmud to the Sadducees are
  reflected in the positions of the Qumran sect. I highly recommend
  his book "The Dawn of Qumran."
  Interestingly enough, the concordance which allowed Dr. Wacholder
  to reconstruct the texts was provided to him by John Strugnell of
  Harvard, who was removed as editor of the Qumran texts after making
  antisemitic statements to Haaretz and the Biblical Archaeology Review.
  Strugnell was well-liked in Israel and by his Jewish graduate students
  who came to his defense, attributing his comments to his reputedly
  well-known alcoholism.

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