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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: B-CPU: Who are the players?  
Followup-To: alt.revisionism
Organization: The Old Frog's Almanac, Vancouver Island, CANADA
Keywords: b-cpu,IHR,Carto,Smith,Gannon


The system known as "b-cpu" is owned and operated by a Dan Gannon, of
Portland, Oregon. (Although Mr. Gannon's alias, "Maynard Erikson",
vehemently denies this, more than one netter has spoken to Mr. Gannon on
the phone and received verbal confirmation. As you can see from the message
reproduced immediately below this paragraph, the evidence is overwhelming -
"Maynard" is Dan Gannon.  (I invite Mr. Gannon to bring civil suit in any 
Canadian court if he wishes to dispute this statement.) 

Mr. Gannon uses his own name on GEnie, where he may be found denying the
Holocaust. Why he feels the need to hide behind the "Maynard" moniker
remains a subject for speculation.                      

[header edited to reduce bandwidth - unedited copy of original message, and
others relating to the confirmed identity of "Maynard" available upon request -
ask for 'gannon'. knm]

From: (Michel Fingerhut)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,alt.censorship
Message-ID: <>
Date: 20 Jun 92 23:31:46 GMT
References: <> 
Organization: IRCAM, Paris (France)

I wrote that Dan Gannon was maynard.

He had replied:

>     Oh my.  So you're the source of the "Maynard is REALLY Dan Gannon"
> rumor?  The above statements are untrue, and you must know it.

Now here is my first source, Alan Batie, the sysop of agora, who had written
to me in 9/6/91:

> I will forward your message to the admin of b-cpu
> (Dan Gannon,

Quoted with Alan Batie's permission and confirmation. 

[Ed. note: Alan Batie posted <1992Jun18.153432.15624@agora.uucp> to the 
net and once again confirmed the identity of Dan Gannon as the owner-operator 
of the b-cpu system. His full article has been appended to file "gannon". As
of mid-July, 1992, "Maynard" was denying he ever denied being Dan Gannon on
his local system - you have to wonder about a mind that works that way..]

                          RALPH WINSTON

Although no proof is available, many on the net believe "Ralph Winston" to
be yet another of Dan Gannon's pseudonymics. The writing styles of
"Maynard" and "Winston" are close to identical, and both exhibit a general
lack of writing skills or research ability which tend to support the
assertion. Gannon has indicated to at least one user, during a 'chat', that
the Winston personna exists only so that "they" can't confiscate the
computer system, although no secondary confirmation of this information has
been forthcoming, and "they" have not been identified by Mr. Gannon.

It is interesting to note that "Winston" has not appeared on Gannon's system
since the UseNet link was severed; perhaps he had outlived his usefulness,
and Gannon decided to retire him.

                          GEORGE MARTIN

It is unlikely that Mr. "Martin" is using his real name on b-cpu, given the
nazi practice of hiding behind false ones. His anti-Semitic intent and
dishonest debating practice clearly remove him from any scholarly
consideration whatsoever. (For a devastating refutation of one of Mr.
"Martin's" articles, request "" - the file contains a
multipart response from Chana Brown which reveals this user as a total

Followup to alt.revisionism

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