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From: (Jamie R. McCarthy)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Pete Faust is back!
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 92 9:39:10 EDT

Pete Faust posted four messages today, three of which were identical, to
the General and History boards of B-CPU (the only two I read).  The
identical ones were the old $50,000 offer.  The fourth was an excerpt
from some book.  I reproduce them here for you.

I queried him as to the offer's validity, pointing out that the offer
was apparently made by "Ralph Winston," who has been absent since the
Usenet feed died.  I also put your reply to the offer (from a
not-quite-current FAQ, I think I'm missing a few names) in my response.
There's no way he can miss it;  it's the message immediately following
his.  We'll see if he deigns to reply...

"Pete Faust" has made two calls, the most recent of which was yesterday.
The "Pfaust" handle has probably been inactive since March.  "George
Martin" however has made two calls since April, the most recent of which
was on July 26.  I should have been paying more attention to the user
log, sorry.  Still no match to "ralph" or "winston."
 Jamie McCarthy      Internet:      AppleLink: j.mccarthy
 "Oh shut up."                         - Dan "Maynard" Gannon, 28 July 1992

Message #2978 - History
   Date: 08-18-92 15:27
   From: Pete Faust
     To: All
Subject: Holocaust Myths

<                   $50,000.00 OFFER

< There is a standing offer of $50,000.00 to one who
< can prove or arrange any one of the following:

< 1.   Prove there was_one_gas chamber in Nazi-occupied
<      territory for the purposes of genocide during World
<      War II.

< 2.   Prove there was_one_person gassed in a so-called gas
<      chamber in Nazi-occupied territory during World War
<      II.

< 3.   Prove there wer_one_ million Jews who died, from all
<      causes, in Nazi-occupied territory during World War
<      II.

< 4.   Prove_The Diary of Anne Frank_is not a hoax.

< 5.   Convince a major U.S. network to televise and show
<      proof of televising "Tour of Auschwitz Fakes" (written
<      and narrated by Ditlieb Felderer, born a Jew) on
<      nationwide TV in prime time.

< 6.   Convince a major U.S. network to televise and show
<      proof of televising a debate on the so-called
<      HOLOCAUST GASSINGS on nationwide TV in prime time with
<      three participants chosen by the Exterminationists and
<      three chosen by the Revisionists.  Two hour minimum.

< 7.   Convince a major U.S. network to televise in prime
<      time, and show proof of televising, all 122 fake
<      Holocaust pictures shown in Udo Walendy's `FORGED WAR
<      CRIMES MALIGN THE GERMAN NATION', including Walendy's
<      analytical comments.

<                       Ralph Winston

So long as false statements are repeated, I'll repeat facts.

He, she or they offering the $50,000 could, I believe, safely
increase the amount to $1,000,000 or $1,000,000,000 and still
not risk a dime.  The truth of the direct and indirect money-
making golden-haired twosome (the Holocaust and the Anne
Frank Diary) worth trillions of dollars (to you know whom),
is hidden from our citizens by the (you know who) controlled
media like the Crown Jewels, and exposure strictly
prohibited.  They want no monkey wrench in the Giant
Generator.  When inevitably these Hoaxes hit the fan, the
event will be monentous to this century as the bomb, the
tube, the pill.

Pete Faust
Institute for Relearnign

Message #2977 - History
   Date: 08-18-92 15:26
   From: Pete Faust
     To: All
Subject: Holocust Myths


     Excerpts from THE GREAT HOLOCAST TRIAL by Michael A.
Hoffman II:
     During the same Ernst Zundel holocaust trial in Canada,
(at which Raul Hilberg could not provide any physical
evidence of even one gas chamber in Nazi occupied territory
during World War II), Rudolf Vrba claimed to have been in
Auschwitz and Majdanek concentration camps until April of
1944.  Vrba's account of killing gas chambers for human
beings made its way to the War Refugee Board, where it
became one of the most crucial cornerstones of the entire
gassing and "abandonment of the Jews" thesis.  Vrba's report
is part of an exhibit at Auschwitz.  He testified against
Germans during the Auschwitz trials in West Geremany.  His
book, 'I Cannot Forgive', is holy scripture, revered for its
"honesty" and depth of righteous anger at the "Nazi beasts"
throughout the world.
     Dr. Faurisson, sitting at the table, was patient.  He
was preparing the net, biding his time.  Meanwhile, defense
lawyer Doug Christie was almost as caustic as the witness,
at one point suggesting that Vrba must have used trick
memory techniques to keep his lies straight.
     "Should I bring you six million bodies here that are
the proof?", Vrba wisecracked.
     "I'd be content with just one autopsy report," retorted
     Vrba testified that 150,000 French Jews were gassed at
Auschwitz.  But Christie produced documentation to show that
the entire number of Jews deported from France was only
75,721.  Vrba was asked to explain how he arrived at the
figure of 150,000 French Jews being at Auschwitz alone.
Vrba's "scientific" method for figuring this number
consisted of his having listened to the language the inmates
spoke, and by examining what style of luggage they carried.
     As Christie's lance drew more blood from Vrba, Vrba
took refuge in the last resort of the saintly "survivors"
when confronted with the truth about themselves and their
Cult of the Big Lie.
     "I am saying to you that to consider a person who
fought the Nazis is a liar, is a misuse of the free courts
of Canada," bellowed Vrba.  He is suggesting here that
Christie be forbidden from asking the kind of tough,
skeptical questions that reveal lies and liars.  Imperial
personalities like Vrba are not to be quetioned, only
worshipped and followed blindly.  Hosanna.
     If Christie could have been muzzled, some of Vrba's
credibility might have been salvaged.  But it was not to be.
Vrba's downfall came when Dr. Faurisson noted Vrba's
testimony that he had seen an SS man pour poison gas through
a roof hole in an upper-level gas chamber and then jauntily
climb down.
     Christie forced Vrba to admit that the "chamber" in
question was not a homicidal gas chamber at all but a
mortuary and that it was not up high enough that someone had
to climb down from it, because it was in fact located
partially underground.  Vrba said his error was "in good
     Then, suddenly there came a stunning series of
confessions from Vrba about his book, I CANNOT FORGIVE, the
"eyewitness" proof of homicidal gassings that we hear so
much about.  The "I saw it with my own eyes -- so how can
YOU deny it?" dogma that flourishes so well in a media
vacuum where no reporters dare scrutinize a certified
saintly "Holocaust Survivor," was about to take a beating.
     Vrba actually confessed that his book was "an artistic
picture...not a document for a court."  He agreed that he
but had heard rumors!  He further admitted that his written
and pictorial descriptions of Auschwitz crematoria were a
result of guessing, based on "what I heard it might look
like" (Cf. TORONTO SUN, Jan. 24, 1985, p. 52).
     Vrba had turned out to be as big a fraud as Hilberg.
No wonder the Zionists use every conceivable legal,
economic, political, defamatory and violent ploy they can to
stop the questioning of "The Holocaust."  Here were the top
experts tumbling like bowling pins before the questions of
an impecunious young attorney and an obscure French

Pete Faust
Institute for Relearning

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