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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,talk.politics.misc
Subject: Holocaust Almanac - $50,000 "offer" accepted.
Summary: Dan Gannon invited to put up or shut up with regard to the
         mythical "$50,000 Offer" promoted by users on his system.
Followup-To: alt.revisionism
Organization: The Old Frog's Almanac, Vancouver Island, CANADA

   Holocaust-deniers here have claimed that a "standing offer" exists 
   regarding aspects of the Holocaust; the same article has been repeated at
   regular intervals, and mentioned the figure of $US50,000. Those who have
   posted this "offer" article, including Dan Gannon, the sysop of 
   "b-cpu", and the personalities "Peter Faust", "George Martin" and
   "Ralph Winston" have been asked the following questions on at least
   two dozen occasions, and have either refused outright to answer, or 
   or simply ignored them:
	1. What is the legal name, or names, of the individual or 
           individuals, or organization that has made this offer?
	2. What is the legal mailing address of the person, persons,
           or organization making this offer?

	3. What is the name of the bank, and the branch of the bank,
           which holds funds in trust with regard to this offer?

   Unless answers to these questions are forthcoming, one can only dismiss
   constant references to the "standing offer" as outright fraud; when you
   see the "offer" repeated, make a point of asking these questions of the
   person posting the referral. FALSUS IN UNO, FALSUS IN OMNIB-CPU...

   To Dan Gannon, of Portland, Oregon, I address the following questions - 

	1. Are you the owner and operator of the computer system
	   known as "banished.uucp"?
	2. Was the posting of this "$50,000 offer" carried out with
	   your knowledge and consent?

	3. What is your legal address for the purpose of registered
	   mail? (Is "1537 SE 43rd. Avenue, Portland 97215" as listed
  	   in the UUCP maps correct?)

(I recommend  that anyone  concerned  about  this issue  direct  the  above
questions, or similar questions, to Mr. Gannon, via registered mail. If the
letter  is  returned unopened, please  advise me, and  keep it available as
evidence. If the letter is _not_ returned, please  advise me, and keep your
receipt as evidence.)

   However, lest there be ANY mistake in our view of this "offer", we
   provide the following response and append our  names thereto:

	We accept your offer.  We are a group dedicated to truth.

	We propose the following:

	1 - Identify yourself by name, address, and telephone number.
	2 - Convey proof of deposit of $50,000 U.S., per respondent below,
            in a bank.
	3 - The bank of your choice will be escrow holder, directed to pay to
	    each of us on rendition of a verdict in our favor by the tribunal 
            to be appointed.
	4 - The tribunal will consist of three retired judges of courts of
            original jurisdiction to be nominated by the now sitting chief 
            justices of three states of the United States, all three to be 
            chosen by you.
	5 - The tribunal will sit in a centrally located state to be chosen
            by the tribunal.
	6 - The trial will be limited to 5 days of testimony with unlimited
	    opportunity to present documentary evidence.  Documentary evidence 
            shall include but not be limited to trial transcripts (Nuremberg 
            and post Nuremberg war crimes trials), photographs, motion picture 
            films, and sworn affidavits.
	7 - The votes of two of the judges shall determine the issues.
            The two judges shall have the authority to direct the escrow 
            holder to pay the $50,000 to each of us should the verdict be 
            in our favor.
	8 - Each party shall pay its own expense of the trial.
	9 - We will pay 50% and you will pay 50% of the judges, courtroom
            rental, court reporter fees; all in advance.

	    Anderson, Bill
	    Briaer, Paul A.
	    Case, Daniel
            Diviney, Patrick F IV
	    Edelstein, Rad
	    Friedenberg, Gedalia
	    Greenbaum, David J.
	    Gross, Leon Joel
	    Jefferson, Paul		PAULJ@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU
	    Klotz, Michael
            Kottmann, Brett		demon@wsu.bitnet
            Lustig, Roger
            McVay, Kenneth Neal
	    Molinari, Juan
	    Newcomb, Nate		forge@uxa,
	    Rivkis, Gayle
	    Saxe, Eddie
	    Simon, Daniel R.
	    Steeg, Evan W.
	    Urner, Doug			dlu@wobble.uucp

	If you would like _your_ name added to the list above, simply send
	me an email message to that affect and I will append it. Likewise,
	in the event you would like your name _removed_ from the list,
	simply indicate your wish via email, and it will be removed

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