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Subject: B-CPU: (FAQ) A Layman's Guide (Long)
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Organization: The Old Frog's Almanac, Vancouver Island, CANADA
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Last-modified: 1993/03/25

The material in this article contains information obtained during the course
of the continuing debate between the holocaust deniers and those who find their
assertions vulgar and disgusting; much of it was contributed by others on 
the net.


1. My site doesn't offer alt.revisionism - how can I follow discussions?

	NOTE: As b-cpu lacks access at the moment, the section dealing with
	building kill files has been split-off and archived. It will be 
	published as an FAQ in its own right if and when b-cpu returns to
	UseNet. Those who would like to obtain the file are welcome to
	request it, as b-cpu-kill.faq. knm.

2. The $50,000 "Offer" - Criminal fraud?
3. Some Holocaust research source material -
4. The "Institute for Historical Research" - overview
5. Bradley Smith, CODOH, etc.


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   Holocaust-deniers here have claimed that a "standing offer" exists 
   regarding aspects of the Holocaust; the same article is repeated at
   regular intervals, and mentions the figure of $US50,000. Those who have
   posted this "offer" article, including Dan Gannon, the sysop of 
   "b-cpu", and the personalities "Peter Faust", "George Martin" and
   "Ralph Winston" have been asked the following questions on at least
   two dozen occasions, and have either refused outright to answer, or 
   or simply ignored them:
	1. What is the legal name, or names, of the individual or 
           individuals, or organization that has made this offer?
	2. What is the legal mailing address of the person, persons,
           or organization making this offer?

	3. What is the name of the bank, and the branch of the bank,
           which holds funds in trust with regard to this offer?

   Unless answers to these questions are forthcoming, one can only dismiss
   constant references to the "standing offer" as outright fraud; when you
   see the "offer" repeated, make a point of asking these questions of the
   person posting the referral. FALSUS IN UNO, FALSUS IN OMNIB-CPU...

   To Dan Gannon, of Portland, Oregon, I address the following questions - 

	1. Are you the owner and operator of the computer system
	   known as "b-cpu"?
	2. Is the posting of this "$50,000 offer" being carried out with
	   your knowledge and consent?

	3. What is your legal address for the purpose of registered
	   mail? (Is "1537 SE 43rd. Avenue, Portland 97215" as listed
  	   in the UUCP maps correct?)

(I recommend  that anyone  concerned  about  this issue  direct  the  above
questions, or similar questions, to Mr. Gannon, via registered mail. If the
letter  is  returned unopened, please  advise me, and  keep it available as
evidence. If the letter is _not_ returned, please  advise me, and keep your
receipt as evidence.)

   However, lest there be ANY mistake in our view of this "offer", we
   provide the following response and append our  names thereto:

	We accept your offer.  We are a group dedicated to truth.

	We propose the following:

	1 - Identify yourself by name, address, and telephone number.
	2 - Convey proof of deposit of $50,000 U.S., per respondent below,
            in a bank.
	3 - The bank of your choice will be escrow holder, directed to pay to
	    each of us on rendition of a verdict in our favor by the tribunal 
            to be appointed.
	4 - The tribunal will consist of three retired judges of courts of
            original jurisdiction to be nominated by the now sitting chief 
            justices of three states of the United States, all three to be 
            chosen by you.
	5 - The tribunal will sit in a centrally located state to be chosen
            by the tribunal.
	6 - The trial will be limited to 5 days of testimony with unlimited
	    opportunity to present documentary evidence.  Documentary evidence 
            shall include but not be limited to trial transcripts (Nuremberg 
            and post Nuremberg war crimes trials), photographs, motion picture 
            films, and sworn affidavits.
	7 - The votes of two of the judges shall determine the issues.
            The two judges shall have the authority to direct the escrow 
            holder to pay the $50,000 to each of us should the verdict be 
            in our favor.
	8 - Each party shall pay its own expense of the trial.
	9 - We will pay 50% and you will pay 50% of the judges, courtroom
            rental, court reporter fees; all in advance.

	    Briaer, Paul A.
            Diviney, Patrick F IV
	    Edelstein, Rad
	    Friedenberg, Gedalia
	    Gross, Leon Joel
	    Jefferson, Paul		PAULJ@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU
            Kottmann, Brett		demon@wsu.bitnet
            McVay, Kenneth Neal
	    Molinari, Juan
	    Saxe, Eddie
	    Simon, Daniel R.
	    Steeg, Evan W.
	    Urner, Doug			dlu@wobble.uucp

	If you would like _your_ name added to the list above, simply send
	me an email message to that affect and I will append it. 

	(Note: I anticipate that this section of the FAQ will soon become
	a separate publication of its own, due to rapid growth of the list
	above. Please don't be alarmed if it disappears from this FAQ - I will 
	publish it twice monthly along with this FAQ.)


   I have assembled a bibliography which now contains over 1000 entries,
   including over 500 from the UCSD library alone, and hundreds from
   European and Israeli sources. This list is freely available to anyone who 
   requests it, and is available at several sites where it can be collected 
   via anonymous ftp. Contact and include the
   word BIBLIO in your SUBJECT line. The bibliography will be mailed to you
   in eight parts.

   A mailing list has been established which may provide additional
   assistance with Holocaust research, particularly as it relates to 
   denial. For more information, send a message to, 
   and include the single command 'info holocaust' as your message text.

   Individual files are also available via listserv. Send your request to:, and include the single word 'index' for a list
   of available articles, or 'index holocaust' for a list of Holocaust
   Almanac articles.

   For individual files, use the 'get' command, and the archive flag
   'holocaust' to have them mailed to you..

   Example: get holocaust 
	    get irving irving.canada
	    get memorial Wlodawa.INDEX

   If you can find a copy of Claude Lanzmann's documentary SHOAH, shown 
   on PBS several years ago, I recommend you start's about
   8-9 hours of viewing, and well worth the time and effort - it
   is under constant attack by the IHR and others of their ilk, so you
   know it hits home! (SHOAH can sometimes be ordered at video shops.)

   I understand that Yale has a large archive of video testimony;
   I would very much appreciate it if someone could obtain the catalog for
   me, so I can include it in my bibliography. And finally, I close this
   section with suggestions offered by Vera Laska on researching the 

     Yad Vashem Martyrs' and Heroes' Memorial Authority in Jerusalem
     is a depository of documents and memoirs on the Holocaust, mostly
     in German, Hebrew and Yiddish.  It also issues the Yad Vashem
     Studies on the European Jewish Catastrophe and Resistance.

     The Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine in Paris and the
     Wiener Library in London are major sources of information.  The
     Wiener Library's catalogue series published a bibliography,
     Persecution and Resistance Under the Nazis (London: Valentine,
     Mitchell, 1960).  ...

     In the United States the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (1048
     Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.  10028) houses several collections
     of ghetto documents and related primary source materials.  It
     publishes the YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science.  Since 1960,
     Yad Vashem and the YIVO Institute have been engaged in preparing
     a multivolume bibliographical series on the Holocaust; one of the
     volumes, Jacob Robinson, ed., The Holocaust and After: Sources
     and Literature in English (Jerusalem: Israel University Press,
     1973) is most helpful.

     The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (823 United Nations
     Plaza, New York, N.Y.  10017) supplies teaching materials at
     reasonable prices, for instance The Record - The Holocaust in
     History, 1933-1945, published in cooperation with the National
     Council for Social Studies in 1978.

     The Library of Congress and the National Archives are rich
     sources for researchers, containing among others the transcripts
     of war crime trials.  This in itself is an immense documentation;
     for instance, the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial of twenty-three
     defendents alone takes up 11,538 pages in nineteen volumes.
     Indexes can be consulted about various concentration camps.  ...
     [Laska, Vera. Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust]


The Institute for Historical Review was founded in 1979 by Lewis Brandon,
who also served as the first director. (Lewis Brandon is an alias for William 
David McCalden, a British neo-fascist who in 1975 had founded Britain's 
National Party, a break-away from the notorious neo-Nazi National Front.)  

The Institute for Historical Review is the moving force in the movement to
deny the Holocaust.  Its initial meeting was opened by Willis Carto, who
also funds the organization, and whom some credit with starting it. No
matter - with McCalden out of the way (he left the IHR, and has since died),
the IHR is Carto's mouthpiece.

Carto, born in 1926 in Indiana, had helped edit "Right" (a mid-fifties
S.F.  newsletter for an information clearinghouse for antisemitic
activities), was, inter alia, director of the far right Congress of Freedom
and, briefly, organiser for the John Birch Society, from which he was later

What kind of a man, you ask, is Willis Carto? Perhaps he will answer that
question himself, through these remarks:

  | There are 600 million Chinese and about 200 million Russians.  All
  | united in a determination to destroy the West.  And we have been so
  | misled that we live in a dream world - far away from reality.  Hitler's
  | defeat was the defeat of Europe.  And America.  How could we have been
  | so blind?  The blame, it seems, must be laid at the door of the
  | international Jews.  It was their propaganda, lies and demands which
  | blinded the West as to what Germany was doing.
                                  ---  from a letter to Norris Holt

  | Who is using who?  Who is calling the shots?  History supplies the
  | answer to this.  History tells us plainly who our Enemy is.  Our Enemy
  | today is the same Enemy of 50 years ago and before - and that was before
  | Communism.  The Communists are "using" the Jews we are told ... who was
  | "using" the Jews fifty years ago - one hundred or one thousand years
  | ago.  History supplies the answer.  The Jews came first and remain
  | Public Enemy No. 1.
                                     ---  a memo to himself

  | In fact, no objective Scholar can deny today that the world would be a
  | far better place to live if Germany had won - even if it had meant the
  | defeat of American arms!

  | Let us first understand who won and who lost the last war.  The victors
  | were Soviet Russia, international Communism, Red China, Israel,
  | international Zionism, the international money manipulators (Wall
  | Street-CFR crowd) and rising colored nationalisms the world over.

  | Let us now name the losers:  All of the European nations, most certainly
  | including Britain and her now non-existent Empire, the United States, White
  | world-hegemony and the idea of the war-preventing, world-saving philosophy
  | of nationalism and non-interference in the affairs of others.
  | (Hitler and Chamberlain, incidentally, and contrary to the massive lies
  | told about "Munich," worked out a sensible and workable agreement at Munich
  | to save Europe from a war.  In return for a free hand in the east, Hitler
  | guaranteed Chamberlain that Germany would not contest Britain's dominance
  | on the seas, or covet any of her colonies.  The deal was broken by the
  | war-madness stirred up by the British press in obedience to the financial
  | power after Hitler marched on Poland - and also by pressure from Roosevelt.)
  | Israel and Zionism would be unknown - still a crazy dream in the minds of
  | a few fanatics - and the secret international power of the Zionist
  | conspiracy would not be in existence nor the manifold culture distortions
  | which flow from this disease source into all of the western nations.
  | Juvenile delinquency would be uncommon because the youth of America would
  | be filled with patriotism, the natural aftermath of defeat in war, and
  | there would be something to aspire to.  Desegregation and the cultural
  | negrification of America would be unknown.
  | What would have been the effect of a German victory inside Germany?  It
  | is important to remember that Hitler's ambition stopped in Europe - he
  | would have gone no further.  He would have stopped if for no other reason
  | that he yearned to build Germany into an architectural paradise.  The
  | result of German victory would have brought a true internationalism of
  | Europe!  The United Europe only dreamed of today would have been a certain
  | result of the war.
  | The important thing to note is that a German victory would have assured
  | that the life-span of the White world would have been extended for many
  | centuries more than now seems likely; indeed, for the "thousand years"
  | promised by Hitler.  
					--- from American Mercury, Summer 1973

By the way, the author of this last article is "E. L. Anderson, Ph.D.",
which is an alias for Carto.  

I think the answer to the question I posed above ("What kind of man is
Willis Carto?") is clear, yes?

In 1955 Carto founded Liberty Lobby as a right-wing political pressure group
in Washington DC, and has been running it ever since.  [Ed. note:
information previously carried here regarding a connection between Lyndon
LaRouche and the Liberty Lobby has been removed, as I have been unable to
substantiate the assertion, beyond the fact that LaRouche shares come common
beliefs with Liberty Lobby. knm]

The publishing arm of this and other related organisations is Noontide
Press, which can boast of such titles as "The Protocols of the Learned
Elders of Zion," "The six millions reconsidered" and "Antizion." The
treasurer of its holding company is Carto's wife and until 1981 its firm
office manager was one Lewis Brandon.

Among the speakers at the 1980 convention were the Swede Felderer,
convicted and institutionalised in his country, and the French Faurisson,
convicted in his country of libel and promoting racism and expelled from
his University (through he still misrepresents himself as member of its

One participant of the 1982 conference was Issa Nakhleh, head of the
Palestine Arab Delegation, an extremist pro-PLO group originally formed by
the notorious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who broadcast from Nazi Germany to
the Arabs in the Middle East.  In the US, Nakhleh has associated in recent
years with Western Front, an antisemitic organisation.

The nature of the IHR can clearly be seen from the appication it used for
its 10th.  "International Revisionist Conference", part of which is 
reproduced here:

(One application good for whole family)
( ) Yes, I would like to attend the IHR's Tenth International Revisionist
    Conference Oct. 13th, 14th & 15th, 1990 in the Washington DC area.
NAME _________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________
CITY__________________________ STATE_______ ZIP__________
TELEPHONE ____________________ ALTERNATE PHONE ____________________
Those who have not been an attendee at a previous IHR conference must
complete the following section in full (in addition to the above section).
If you are accepted, we will notify you in a timely manner, at which time
you can make your remittance.
Which, if any, of the speakers or others who you know will be attending can
vouch for you? _________________________________________________________
If none, please provide at least two personal references with daytime phone
numbers: _______________________________________________________________

(For the full text of the application, request ihr.applicant from The 
Old Frog's Alamanc.)
Has anyone here ever been to a convention of any scientific, medical, 
historical or academic organization and been required to have someone 
"vouch" for you before you could attend? Clearly the IHR's interest in
"open debate" isn't genuine, given their obvious reluctance to permit it at
their own conventions!


The following comes from the Anti-Defamation League, Special Edition, 
February, 1992.  

		Bradley Smith: A Man and His Myth

"I get up in the morning.  I go to the typewriter and write down the
simplest things which have the most tremendous implications," wrote Bradley
Smith in a self-published autobiography, "Confessions of a Holocaust
Revisionist, Part 1." "I write all about how all the historians are wrong,
how the scholars and the intellectuals and the universities are all wrong
and how I'm right."

That kind of bravado has sustained Smith for over a decade in his crusade
to deny the facts of the Holocaust and to camouflage such non- sense as
rational and intellectual inquiry.  Smith claims to have stumbled upon his
calling in 1979 after a stranger handed him an article by long- time
Holocaust "revisionist" Dr.  Robert Faurisson titled "The Problem of the
Gas Chambers or, The Rumor of Auschwitz," which inspired Smith.  He became
convinced that he had "discovered the taboo, that for half a century has
protected the Holocaust story."

Smith went on to publish a Holocaust-denying newsletter called "Prima  
Facie," now defunct.

Smith has acted in concert with the Institute for Historical Review (IHR),
a pseudo-scholarly entity closely tied to Liberty Lobby.  Under its
founder, Willis Carto, Liberty Lobby has been the most active anti-Semitic
propaganda organization in the country.  Since 1979, IHR has spearheaded
the movement to deny the Holocaust.

Over the years Smith's association with IHR has involved him in attempts to
publicize its agenda.  In 1986 he managed the "IHR Radio Project," a
publicity campaign to disseminate IHR propaganda through guest appearances
by Holocaust "revisionists" on radio talk shows.  One of Smith's original
ideas for the project, a proposed debate on the authenticity of "Shoah,"
Claude Lanzmann's Holocaust documentary film, was rejected by every station
he approached.

Smith solicited interviews under the premise of discussing "Confessions of
a Holocaust Revisionist." He claims to have discussed "revisionism" on over
230 radio talk shows.


In 1987 IHR spawned another Holocaust-denying entity, "The Committee for
Open Debate on the Holocaust," (CODOH); Smith and fellow "revisionist" Mark
Weber were identified as the directors.  (Weber was replaced in 1990 by Dr.
Robert Countess, an IHR editorial board member in Huntsville, Alabama.)
CODOH initially received funding from the late William Curry, an
anti-Semitic Nebraska businessman.  In 1988 the Missouri-based Christian
News, a bi-weekly newspaper specializing in Holocaust-denial, helped
organize a CODOH-sponsored effort "to promote a Holocaust debate." Hailed
by Liberty Lobby's publication, The Spotlight, as "the debate of the
century," this event took place in the Los Angeles area in 1989.

Smith has continued to pursue CODOH's objectives.  His primary tactical
subterfuge, "open debate" on the Holocaust, consists of a disingenuous
pursuit of "free inquiry" and First Amendment rights.  In one of his
irregularly self-published tracts, "Revisionist Letters," (April 1989)
Smith wrote, "CODOH remains uncertain why the concept of free inquiry
should be so disturbing.  .  ."

In the same edition of the newsletter, Smith illustrated what Orwell called
"doublethink": "Revisionism," Smith wrote, "demonstrates that the Holocaust
story is shot through with fraud and falsehood." Smith then added "However,
bigots use this information to accuse jews of lying about the Holocaust.  .

In a piece published in September 1990 in a California newspaper, the
Visalia Times Delta, Smith sought to disavow anti-Semitism.  "Holocaust
revisionism is not an attack on Jews, but the natural urge that all men of
good will have to get the history of their age into accord with the facts
and to not bear false witness against others, even when they are German."
In that same editorial Smith praised the discredited "Leuchter Report" as
"perhaps the most significant revisionist document circulating at the

 [Ed. note: The author of the "Leuchter Report" provides us with another 
 classic example of neo-nazi veracity. Fred Leuchter perjured himself before 
 the courts in Canada by citing "consultations" and claiming to be doing 
 business with two American prisons. When contacted directly, however, by an 
 alert UseNetter, both wardens said they were NOT doing business with 
 Mr. Leuchter, and never had! For the court testimony and quotes from the 
 prison wardens, request leuchter.01 from The Old Frog's Almanac - I'll send 
 it to you right away. knm]

Mr. Smith Goes To College

Smith's early attempts to funnel "revisionism" into academia received
little notice.

Smith's more recent campus outreach, however, has received more attention.
Attempting to disguise itself as a vehicle for scholarly inquiry, his
current advertisement acknowledges that the Nazis "singled out the Jewish
people for special and cruel treatment." However, the ad contends, that
occurred because Jews were viewed as "enemies of the State" and "an
influential force behind international communism." Jews who died in work
camps, the ad maintains, did so of typhus and other diseases.  The gas
chambers were only used as "lifesaving" fumigation chambers to delouse
clothing and prevent disease.  "The figure of 6 million Jewish deaths" the
ad asserts "is an irresponsible exaggeration."

As of this writing five campus papers have published Smith's ad, while
twelve have refused it outright, and two published it with editorial
commentary.  Smith has accused those newspapers who refused to publish the
ad of capitulating to organized Jewry's conspiracy to suppress

After The Cornell Daily Sun and the Michigan Daily ran the advertisement,
protest rallies were organized.  The Daily Northwestern's decision to run
Smith's paid notice sparked sharp debate, in part because of Arthur Butz's
presence on campus.  (Butz, on the faculty of Northwestern's engineering
department wrote a Holocaust "revisionist" book with the self-explanatory
title "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century".  The book has become a mainstay
of hate group booklists.) One hundred seventy-five professors and students
responded to Smith's propaganda with an advertisment of their own
denouncing Holocaust "revisionism" (and Butz's book) as malicious.

After the Smith ad ran in Duke University's campus newspaper, The
Chronicle, the paper's editor justified that decision by asserting that the
material presented information within the bounds of legitimate historical
revisionism.  However members of Duke's History Department rebutted this
claim with a unaninimously endorsed statement distinguishing between
interpreting history and denying it altogether.  "The Chronicle editors
make a serious error" read the faculty statement "when they confuse
Holocaust deniers with historical revisionists.  Whatever one thinks about
the right of The Chronicle to accept this advertisement as historians, we
deplore this effort to use the language of 'scholarship' to distort and
obliterate an event which to our everlasting shame did occur.  We urge all
members of the Duke community to treat such advertisements with the
contempt they deserve." (The full text of the advertisement placed by the
history faculty at Duke is available on request from The Old Frog's Almanac
- send your request to and include the command
'get holocaust duke.history' as your message text.)

(It should be noted that First Amendment guarantees of free speech and
freedom of the press in no way obligate newspapers to accept every ad or
other item submitted for publication.)

The Daily Targum of Rutgers University elected to treat CODOH's
advertisement as an "expose," with rebuttals; a similar approach prevailed
at The Lantern at Ohio State.

Campus newspapers that decided against publishing Smith's ad included those
at Harvard, Yale, the University of Texas (Austin) and the University of
California (Berkeley).

Seeing Conspiracies, Telling Lies

Smith has insisted that the "Holocaust myth" was created by Soviet and U.S.
forces to justify their own wartime actions.  He has also asserted "Jewish
organizations get up in arms over this because the Holocaust story has
become a secular religion for some parts of the Jewish community." To
reinforce the point Smith noted: "Influential pressure groups with private
agendas have made the Holocaust an exception to open debate." The
Anti-Defamation League was designated as one of those groups; Smith
described ADL as "a private Jewish intelligence agency which operates along
the lines of the KGB."

Perhaps Smith himself has made the best case against his own propaganda.  A
promotional piece for "Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist (Part I)"
asserts: "The primary interest of the author is not what happened in Europe
45 years ago, but in how history and historic lies affect the lives of
individuals living today." Bradley Smith's version of "history" can only
"affect the lives of individuals" in the direction of ignorance and

Followup to alt.revisionism

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