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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Gannon's anti-Semitism rears its ugly head
Summary: Dan Gannon endorses rabidly anti-Semitic file with a "Must
         read! Shocking Facts!" rating in his file list.
Followup-To: alt.revisionism
Organization: The Old Frog's Almanac, Vancouver Island, CANADA

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Last-Modified: 1993/06/07

[Editor's note: my thanks to a UseNet user for sending me the following.

The following file on Dan Gannon's bbs, b-cpu, is described by
him as follows:

WHORULES.ZIP     13570 11-25-92     28 00:01:09
         "WHO RULES AMERICA?" Must read! Shocking facts!

....and remember, "Must read! Shocking facts!" is Gannon's description,
and no one else's.

It's a beautiful 30K study in paranoia - here's a sample:

"The extraordinary concentration of Jews in the TV industry certainly
explains much of the bias of television news."

[regarding how the media portray stereotypes...]

"On the other hand, a White racist that is, any racially conscious White
person who looks askance at miscegenation or a the rapidly darkening
racial situation in America is portrayed, at best, as a despicable bigot
who is reviled by the other characters, or, at worst, as a dangerous
psychopath who is fascinated by firearms and is a menace to all
law-abiding citizens.  The White racist 'gun nut,' in fact, has become a
familiar stereotype on TV shows."

(It has!?)

"The Jew-controlled entertainment media have taken the lead in
persuading a whole generation that homosexuality is a normal and
acceptable way of life; that there is nothing at all wrong with dating
or marrying Black men, or with White men marrying Asiatic women; that
all races are inherently equal in ability and character-except that the
character of the White race is suspect because of a history of
oppressing other races; and that any effort by Whites at racial
self-preservation is reprehensible."

"Whenever the large advertisers in a city choose to favor one newspaper
over another with their business, the favored newspaper will flourish
while its' competitor dies.  Since the beginning of this century, when
Jewish mercantile power in America became a dominant economic force,
there has been a steady rise in the number of American newspaper in
Jewish hands, accompanied by a steady decline in the number of competing
Gentile newspapers- primarily as a result of selective advertising
policies by Jewish merchants."

"Once we have absorbed and understood the fact of Jewish media control,
it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to
break that control.  We must shrink from nothing in combatting this evil
power which has fastened its deadly grip on our people and is injecting
its lethal poison into their minds and souls."

And, my favorite line:

"We must not remain silent on this most important of issues!  The Jewish
control of the mass media is the single most important fact of life, not
just in America, but in the whole world today.  There is nothing-plague,
famine, economic collapse, even nuclear war-more dangerous to the future
of our people."

Evil, evil stuff.

It's important to note that Jews are referred to as Jews, not the
traditional code word "Zionist."

It's not signed;  there's no identifying marks on it;  but it ends:

for additional information, contact:
NATIONAL VANGUARD                               AMERICAN FRONT
Post Office Box 330                             Post Office Box 68333
Hillsboro, WV 24946                             Portland, OR 97268
                                                (503) 452-5976

[Editor's note: The American Front runs a telephone information system
in Portland which offers extremely abusive racist dialogue to callers -
examples may be found in our fascism archives. knm]

Since Gannon reserves the right to make editorial comments in his file
descriptions, he also has the responsibility to stand by those
descriptions.  Saying that "We must shrink from nothing in combatting
this evil power" is a "must-read" is no less anti-Semitic than any
ethnic slur. (Gannon's insistance on this right, and his explanation of
why he changes file descriptions on files uploaded by users, may be
found in other files in the b-cpu sub-archive - see below)

For other examples of Gannon's thinking, send a message to listserv and include the text INDEX B-CPU. You will receive a
list of files available from the server, which may then be retrieved by
sending the command


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