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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
From: (Jamie R. McCarthy)
Subject: Mr. Gannon's Agenda
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 01:33:58 GMT

   "You can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.
    This is where the party ends..."
                                          - They Might Be Giants
If you've read alt.revisionism for only a few days or weeks, you may
already have opinions about this Holocaust-denial stuff, as espoused by
Dan Gannon (and, occasionally, others).  If your opinion is anything
other than "this is complete trash!", keep reading--I'd like to try
to change it in as little time as possible, by making you aware of
Mr. Gannon's real agenda.  I hope that such an awareness may make you
reconsider the claims he advances. [1]
Dan Gannon runs a bulletin-board system in Portland, called "Banished
CPU."  I called that system for four months in 1992, trying to talk
sense into him, or at least make the viewpoint of the "other side"
available.  You see, Mr. Gannon has made available dozens of text files
which claim that the Holocaust never happened, that Jews control the
media and world governments, that blacks are inferior, and so on.
I ignore his political statements about Israel, attacks on modern-day
Jewish institutions, and racist propaganda, because I feel it's more
important to focus on Gannon's attempts to rewrite history.
But that propaganda nonetheless exists.  In text file area 21,
blandly titled "Politics & Related News," we find much of the bile.
Files available in that area include the following.  Keep in mind
that the description of each of these files was written by Dan Gannon:
2NATIONS.ZIP      5524 03-14-93     10 00:00:34
         Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal. Statistics.
ARYANYMV.ZIP      1788 11-01-92     14 00:00:18
         Join the Aryan Youth Movement.
BRAINSIZ.ZIP      3121 01-18-93     18 00:00:24
         Average Brain Weights: NEGRO brain smaller than Neanderthal, closer
         to HOMO ERECTUS! Important information that Whites should have for
         their own good -- facts HIDDEN by the Zionist 'Big Brother'
GAYSTRAT.ZIP    320918 08-31-92     10 00:23:25
         8 pages, in PCX format, lifted from a homosexual publication, that
         outline the homosexual strategy for the homosexualization of
         America. This will dispel all of your illusions about "Gay Rights".
HOAXERPR.ZIP     62107 03-05-92      6 00:04:40
         THE HOAXER PROJECT REPORT -- Racist and Anti-Semitic Hoaxes and
         more! Must read!
INFOADL.ZIP       2527 03-23-92     15 00:00:21
         Who are America's Thought Police? / What is the ADL?
INSIGHTS.ZIP      1477 03-23-92     11 00:00:16
         homosexuality---out of control!!
JEWS.ZIP         43205 02-05-93      6 00:03:18
         "TOLERANCE: Jewry's War on Whites"
KOSHERTX.ZIP      5369 07-30-92      5 00:00:33
         Unknowingly paying a "hidden tax" to Jews?
LA-RIOTS.ZIP     10451 01-25-93     17 00:00:55
         ANTI-WHITE RACIAL TERRORISM in L.A. -- Time to arm yourselves...NOW!
         (Ron Paul's special issue on racial terrorism.)
LEADER.ZIP        8960 10-31-92      5 00:00:49
         Leaderless organization for the White Nationalist movement.
NAZI.ZIP          3637 12-11-92      6 00:00:26
         Written by Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler and presented on February
         24, 1920, outlines Nazi goals and ideology.
NUMBERS.ZIP       2666 04-01-93      9 00:00:22
         "This is a listing of phone and fax numbers of Portland "gay
         agitators" and businesses that are helping to fund the homo-agenda.
         Call these people and tell them they are not appreciated."
PRECEPTS.ZIP     10187 10-31-92      5 00:00:54
         88 precepts of the White Nationalist Revolutionary movement.
RACEDIF1.ZIP      6085 01-08-93      9 00:00:36
         Issue: RACE: Physical and mental differences between WHITES and
         BLACKS. [3 textfiles from A.R.I.E.S. BBS combined; food for thought
         and debate.]
REWRITE.ZIP       2874 08-09-92      9 00:00:22
         Who's rewriting our History books, etc.?
WHORULES.ZIP     13570 11-25-92     28 00:01:09
         "WHO RULES AMERICA?" Must read! Shocking facts!
One might wonder how much Mr. Gannon is himself responsible for these
text files.  Certainly he didn't type all of them in himself.  However,
he just as certainly did type many of them;  he is nothing if not a
speedy typist.  All but a few are unsigned, and there is, apparently,
no way for a standard-access user to find out who uploaded what.
Dan may try to claim that he only offers these files to support freedom
of speech, that others have uploaded them and that he simply refuses to
take them down.  That claim should be transparent enough by now.  It's
feasible that someone could be so dedicated to freedom of speech that 
he would sacrifice his own freedom and allow others to use his computer
as a neo-Nazi propaganda tool.  But it's doubtful that an apathetic sysop
would choose to broadcast only the anti-Israel, anti-black,
Holocaust-denying text files to thousands of Usenet readers.  That is
supporting more than just freedom.
(I dealt with what Dan considers to be "freedom of speech" earlier.  
That article is archived on Ken McVay's automated fileserver;  send mail
with the line "get b-cpu gannon.words" to,
and you'll be sent the file.)
In any case, the file descriptions are Dan Gannon's words and his alone.
"homosexuality---out of control!!" is Dan's phrasing.  "Time to arm
yourselves...NOW!" (against the anti-White terrorists) is his advice.
It's he who suggests that we "Join the Aryan Youth Movement."  And, it's
indisputably Mr. Gannon who informs us that the "facts" about blacks' and
whites' brain sizes are "Important information that Whites should have
for their own good -- facts HIDDEN by the Zionist 'Big Brother'
government!" [2]
Let's start with that file, BRAINSIZ.ZIP.  The opening paragraph asks us:
> Does knowledge, wisdom, and the drive for
> self-preservation constitute "racism"?  If so, well then, we should be
> racists!  We need to start waking up, and stop falling for their lies and
> contrived, hypocritical guilt-trips.  We have committed no crimes!
> Remember:  Ignorance is NOT strength, and knowledge is NOT a crime.
The file gives the brain sizes of gorillas, homo erectus, "modern Negros,"
Neanderthals, and "modern Caucasians (whites)."  The sources are the
Encyclopedia Americana from 1932, and the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia
Britannica (probably from a similar date).  It seems to be popular among
"White Power" types to retreat to science and literature from the 1930s
and before, on the theory that Jews and blacks infiltrated society during
that decade.  Or something like that.
"Important information that Whites should have for their own good," right
down to the capital W, is Dan's description of this tripe.
Next is AFRICA.ZIP.  Its line of reasoning can be summarized in these
three paragraphs:
>      Why then, is Africa poor? For anyone who has looked into the
> question, there seems to be little doubt that Africans have brought
> misery upon themselves. Whether it be in Africa, Haiti, or Washington
> (DC), Africans show little evidence of an ability to organize and run
> a modern economy. Just as blacks have made wastelands of those parts
> of the United States in which they are a majority and over which they
> exercise authority, so have Africans desolated a continent bursting
> with riches.
>      Of course, it is not permissible to conclude that this is because
> of natural, genetic handicaps from which blacks suffer, so anti-white
> arguments inevitably rush in to fill the explanatory void.  [...]
>      There can be no pleasure in saying so, but the facts point to one
> conclusion. Whether in Africa or America, Haiti or Great Britain,
> blacks are poor because they are, for the most part, incapable of
> lifting themselves from poverty. Africa is poor, just as Harlem is
> poor, because it is populated by Africans.
NUMBERS.ZIP, says Gannon, "is a listing of phone and fax numbers of
Portland 'gay agitators' and businesses that are helping to fund the
homo-agenda."  The file consists of eighty-five names and addresses,
preceded by a single paragraph:
> Here is a list as of 3-1-93 of businesses that advertise in Portland's
> "Just Out." Call these people and tell them that you do not appreciate
> their funding the Homosexual Agenda for Change in your community.
> Certainly, you do not want to patronize these misguided establishments.
> Listed here also are phone numbers of gay activists and their front
> organizations. Take special note of "The Pink Zone." This is one front
> organization that Portland would be well rid of.
For example (I've removed their numbers, of course):
> Donna and Sumitra Red Wing: Gay Rights Activists xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Ben Merrill: Gay Rights Activist  xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Wayne Boulette Travel Consultant xxx-xxx-xxxx  fax: xxx-xxxx
> Emily Simon, Attorney at Law--Leading gay rights activist. xxx-xxx-xxxx
> fax:xxx-xxxx
> Bradley J. Woodworth, Attorney at Law, xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Millynn James, Real Estate Agent. Home:xxx-xxx-xxxx Work:xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Vancouver Furniture xxx-xxx-xxxx  xxx-xxx-xxxx
> David Anderson, Real Estate Agent  xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Pam Antognini: gay rights activist  xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Metropolitan Community Church xxx-xxxx
Interestingly enough, the list also includes three items which make one
wonder how committed Mr. Gannon really is to freedom of speech:
> Alternative Connection Newspaper xxx-xxx-xxxx  Fax:xxx-xxxx
> Pacific Coast Printing xxx-xxx-xxxx  fax:xxx-xxx-xxxx
> Portland Downtown Printers: xxx-xxx-xxxx,xxx-xxxx Fax:xxx-xxx-xxxx,xxx-xxxx
Gannon says that "OUTLAWHA.ZIP" is "reprinted and distributed with
permission, from NATIONAL VANGUARD."  Perhaps a few quotes from the
file will make clear what sort of a publication the National Vanguard
>      A young White man, 22-year-old Richard E. Lindstrom, stuck a
> three-inch by five-inch, orange-and-black sticker on a traffic sign and
> was arrested by a policeman who saw him do it. The message on the ticket
> was: "Earth's most endangered species: the White race. Help preserve it.
> Write or call National Alliance, Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202, (703)
> 573-3420." Ordinarily one would expect someone in Mr. Lindstrom's
> position to receive a citation for littering. In 1981, however, the ADL
> had succeeded in persuading the legislatures of New Jersey to enact a
> so-called "Ethnic Terrorism Law," and he was charged under that law. He
> was facing as much as five years in prison and a fine of $7,500 for
> posting a sticker asking the public to help preserve the White race.
> [...]
>       Those "woolly dogmas" and "academic slogans" this smart-mouth Jew
> boy dismisses with a sneer are the things that the founders of this
> nation were prepared to defend with their lives, things that men of our
> race have given their lives for often in the past. He and his fellow
> Jews evidently believe, however, that the present generation of
> Americans have had their minds and their spines sufficiently softened by
> 40 years of Jewish propaganda so that they won't even look up from their
> television screens when our freedom to speak our minds is taken away
> from us and Jewish "reason" becomes the law of the land.
> [...]
>       Mr. Fein and his compatriots in the ADL are counting on having
> patriotic Americans disarmed by that time, so that they will be
> powerless to resist those designated by the government to enforce the
> laws against "thought crime." Be that as it may, Fein and Company should
> be aware that there still will be a few White Americans, with or without
> assault rifles, willing to die for their freedom-but they don't intend
> to be the only ones to die.
>         Got that, Jew boy?
This is material which Mr. Gannon finds so important that he actively
obtains permission to redistribute it.
Gannon describes RACE.ZIP thusly:
RACE.ZIP         20991 01-14-93      7 00:01:41
         Chapter 3 of Carleton Putnam's controversial _Race and Reality_; a
         MUST READ; this well-documented, rational, and detailed chapter
         dispels the foundations of the modern racial "equalitarian" myth.
Here's the penultimate paragraph of that chapter:
>         So now in  ten exhibits the evidence was in from current Negro
> performance,   from  anatomy,    histology,    physical  anthropology, 
> kinesthetics,  electrophysiology,  genetics,  psychology  and history.
> Not one of  these areas  showed  any support  for the  dogma of innate 
> equality.    All of them pointed to  inequality,  to  a  difference in 
> evolutionary  grade.      Some  of  the  data  could  be  attacked  as 
> insufficient  to  constitute  absolute  proof;  other  materials  were 
> scarcely open to this objection.   Taken together,   the total must be
> conclusive to any reasonable mind.
It is unnecessary, of course, for me to point out that when Putnam says
"inequality," he is not suggesting that "Negroes" are _superior_ to
the rest of homo sapiens.
Dan finds this to be a "MUST READ."
REWRITE.ZIP ("Who's rewriting our history books?," asks Gannon) begins:
>      An actress now enjoying a great deal of popularity is the
> Negress with a Jewish last name, Whoopi Goldberg.
....segues into:
> Witness the movies 'Jumping Jack Flash' and 'Ghost'.
> Notice how in the former the main White characters are
> portrayed as evil and incompetent, while the Negroe star,
> Whoopi Goldberg, is the heroine of the day.
....and climaxes with:
>      The movie industry is completely owned and controlled by
> Jews, who see themselves as the masters of our destiny.
> [...]
>      If you have ever been fortunate enough to see any of the
> early, original Tarzan movies, you have seen how the Negroe
> really was when in his natural environment; i.e.,
> superstitious, savage, and mentally inferior. Edgar Rice
> Burroughs realized this to be true when he wrote the Tarzan
> series of novels.
THOUGHTC.ZIP      6035 03-21-93      4 00:00:36
         "To My Fellow Thought Criminals", editorial by William L. Pierce,
         reprinted and distributed with permission, from NATIONAL VANGUARD,
         Number 111. [NATIONAL ALLIANCE]
In THOUGHTC.ZIP we find:
>         If you are a person of fewer words- a slogan writer rather than a
> letter writer-buy yourself a gross of Magic Markers or a dozen cans of
> spray paint and get to work! Or if you you feel that you have talents as
> a leafleteer and have access to a Xerox machine, then you know what to
> do.
>         Let the zombies know what you think about gun control, about aid
> to Israel, about non-White immigration, about affirmative action, about
> the Jewish influence on the news and entertainment media, about "hate
> crime" laws. You'll wake some of them up. The more you wake up now, the
> more fighters we'll have on our side later, when the Thought Police try
> to stop us.
I wonder if any Portland buildings have had thoughts about "non-White
immigration" spray-painted or Magic-Markered onto them, thanks to
Dan Gannon getting permission to distribute this article.  And, you know,
"Jews who exert undue influence on the news and entertainment media" is
so wordy.  Perhaps the "slogan writer" could find a four- or five-letter
word that conveys nearly the same meaning...
WHORULES.ZIP     13570 11-25-92     28 00:01:09
         "WHO RULES AMERICA?" Must read! Shocking facts!
This is a beautiful 30K study in paranoia--here's a sample:
> The extraordinary concentration of Jews in the TV industry certainly
> explains much of the bias of television news.
> [...]
> On the other hand, a White racist that is, any racially conscious White
> person who looks askance at miscegenation or a the rapidly darkening
> racial situation in America is portrayed, at best, as a despicable bigot
> who is reviled by the other characters, or, at worst, as a dangerous
> psychopath who is fascinated by firearms and is a menace to all
> law-abiding citizens.  The White racist 'gun nut,' in fact, has become a
> familiar stereotype on TV shows.
(It has!?)
> The Jew-controlled entertainment media have taken the lead in
> persuading a whole generation that homosexuality is a normal and
> acceptable way of life; that there is nothing at all wrong with dating
> or marrying Black men, or with White men marrying Asiatic women; that
> all races are inherently equal in ability and character-except that the
> character of the White race is suspect because of a history of
> oppressing other races; and that any effort by Whites at racial
> self-preservation is reprehensible.
> Whenever the large advertisers in a city choose to favor one newspaper
> over another with their business, the favored newspaper will flourish
> while its' competitor dies.  Since the beginning of this century, when
> Jewish mercantile power in America became a dominant economic force,
> there has been a steady rise in the number of American newspaper in
> Jewish hands, accompanied by a steady decline in the number of competing
> Gentile newspapers- primarily as a result of selective advertising
> policies by Jewish merchants.
> Once we have absorbed and understood the fact of Jewish media control,
> it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to
> break that control.  We must shrink from nothing in combatting this evil
> power which has fastened its deadly grip on our people and is injecting
> its lethal poison into their minds and souls.
And, my favorite line:
> We must not remain silent on this most important of issues!  The Jewish
> control of the mass media is the single most important fact of life, not
> just in America, but in the whole world today.  There is nothing-plague,
> famine, economic collapse, even nuclear war-more dangerous to the future
> of our people.
Evil, evil stuff.  To claim that "we must shrink from nothing in
combatting this evil power" which is more dangerous than nuclear war...
which is "injecting its lethal poison into our minds and souls"...
well, it boggles the mind.  I simply can't comprehend that degree of
"Must read! Shocking facts!" says Dan.
Like most text files on Gannon's BBS, it's unsigned, but it ends:
> for additional information, contact:
> NATIONAL VANGUARD                               AMERICAN FRONT
> Post Office Box 330                             Post Office Box 68333
> Hillsboro, WV 24946                             Portland, OR 97268
>                                                 (503) 452-5976
As Ken McVay notes, the American Front runs a telephone information
system in Portland which offers extremely abusive racist dialogue to
callers.  Ken's fascism archives offer examples. [To receive a sample of an
American Front telephone message, and a racist tract recently published to
the net, send the text GET FASCISM AMERICAN.FRONT to] 
Dan Gannon is often content to pass on what others say.  He is not,
however, always as quiet as he has been on Usenet recently.  His
current relative-silence is probably a result of his realizing that
his creative efforts can only result in him making a fool of himself.
Witness, for example, this message which he posted publicly on his
bulletin-board system (BBS):
> The "gist" of the Nazi movement is not readily labeled as "socialism",
> "racism", or anything like that.  While it was influenced by many factors,
> the main drive behind it seems to me to have been a drive for efficiency,
> responsibility, freedom, self-preservation, discipline, and honor.  Most of
> my life I had no clue as to what it really was.  I only knew the outrageous
> Jewish/Hollywood line that 'Nazism=pure evil and mindless racism.'  I have
> since been enlightened as to the blatant falseity of that line, and am
> learning much more of the truth about what the German National Socialist
> movement really was all about.
> [...]
> Anyway,
> is it Germany's fault that nobody could tolerate the Jews any longer and
> nobody wanted to allow them into their countries?  Whose fault was it?
> Surely, it is Politically Correct to believe that all Jews everywhere are
> innocent, and that their culture is entirely good and without fault, but
> what are the facts?  Personally, I think their culture is very sick.  That
> is not to be a racist, but perhaps more of a "culturist."  Being
> open-minded and just does not entail accepting or supporting or agreeing
> with sick cultures and believing that all cultures are equal. 
Footnote [1]: Those familiar with the immensity of Usenet know well
that no one has enough time to read everything.  Excepting one or two
high-traffic newsgroups which happen to strike our fancy, we are all
browsers, hopping from group to group as we find time.  Those groups,
we read for only a short time, forming opinions about their subject
matter after a few days or weeks.
"Ad hominem" is a peculiar style of argument, and I want it clear that
I'm not totally comfortable with it.  I surely am not suggesting that
a claim is valid or invalid because of the person who makes it.  Fools
may speak wisdom and all that.  But evaluating all of Gannon's claims
could take months or years;  he writes so much falsehood that you could
immerse yourself full-time in its analysis, and still never catch up.
So, the above is a shortcut, for people who don't want to make a
career out of researching Dan Gannon and his neo-Nazi friends.  If you
don't like shortcuts, I happily invite you to go to the library yourself.
(I, and others, will be glad to suggest places to begin.)  But I hope,
after reading the above, you have an awareness of Mr. Gannon's agenda,
and a corresponding distrust of his Holocaust-denial-related claims.
Footnote [2]:  How do we know that Dan takes responsibility for the file
descriptions?  He tells us so himself.  When I deluged his BBS with
anti-Holocaust-denial GIFs last year, he worked himself up into such a
fit that he ended up altering the descriptions of the pictures
themselves, often in such a way that later observers wouldn't know it
was him and not me talking.  In many cases, he simply lied and called
it "being objective."  I've contacted him in email several times,
asking him to change them, and he has ignored me each time.
When I called him on this, pointing out that his BBS advertises itself as
a "Freedom of Speech Haven," he asserted that my Freedom of Speech ends
where his file descriptions begin.  On July 29, 1992, he stated:
> I changed the
> descriptions only to be as objective as I can.
On July 31 he explained:
> The fact is that I historically have a policy of editing the descriptions
> of files on my board in order to make them objective and descriptive, as
> well as reasonably concise, and whatever else the editorial part of my
> brain dictates.
Also on July 31:
> With such things as command menus, BBS
> software, file descriptions, etc., I retain "editorial privilege" in
> order to keep the "quality" of this BBS high.
And again on that day, he summarized neatly:
> By the way, file descriptions are
> technically my domain, as I've tried to explain before.
Very well, Dan.  Just as long as you stand up and take responsibility
for those files you say we "must read."

 Jamie McCarthy   Internet:   AppleLink: j.mccarthy
 For the compiler to screw up is not an acceptable interpretation of the ARM.
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