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Subject: Ebonics Be Good

                             EBONICS BE GOOD

           [Transcript of the Fort Worth NSWPP Hotline, 817-654-5365]

        Hello, you've reached the Hotline of the National Socialist White
People's Party. It's December 30th, 1996, and I'm Winston Smith. 

        A lot of people seem to be upset about the Oakland City School
Board's decision to recognize so-called black English, or Ebonics as they
call it, as a separate language. It isn't, of course. It's just an
illiterate and ignorant dialect spoken by illiterate and ignorant people.
Lots of them in every language around the world. Haitian blacks, for
example, don't speak proper French and Puerto Ricans don't speak proper
Spanish, they speak debased forms of those languages almost unintelligible
to White Frenchmen and Spaniards. 

        But I'm actually not at all upset over the decision to recognize
Ebonics as a separate language. Because did you note the REASON that the
Oakland School Board actually gave in their press release for this 
They claim, correctly, that this debased and crude form of speaking is
GENETIC and therefore it is illogical to try and penalize blacks for
speaking like that, or to insist that they speak correctly. Let's hear 
again: black behavior patterns are GENETIC. Biological. Something they are
BORN with. We National Socialists have been saying that for years, and
finally at least one official government body in this country has the
courage to recognize that fact.

        Blacks do not behave in the various anti-social and violent ways
they behave because they have been deprived, or discriminated against, or
persecuted, or denied opportunity by the White man. They do it because 
are black. And now the Oakland School Board has recognized that fact. They
have given up trying to teach blacks to speak correct English because they
finally accept that it is impossible. Blacks are unteachable. They can no
more come up to the White man's standards than they can change the color 
their skin. There you go.

        We hope other school boards and government bodies around the 
will follow the lead of Oakland, California and not just in the matter of
the so-called African American language. Recognizing race and racial
behavior patterns as a biological, unchangeable phenonmenon is the first
step in solving this country's four-centuries old race problem. Once we
accept that blacks can never be turned into dark-colored White people, 
we can sit down and figure out what can and should be done with them. 

        For more information on the NSWPP please leave your name, your
mailing address and correct Zip code at the sound of the tone. The 
Socialist White People's Party---we're ready when you are.




     "This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, 

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