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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 18:02:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: A Sad Reflection

[NSNet Bulletin #48]

                                A SAD REFLECTION

        This is one of those that always get me in trouble. One of those
wherein I speak out loud a truth that most of you don't want to deal with.
I've often been told in various ways that if I could just become a "ninety
percenter"---just satisfy myself with speaking aloud that 90% of the truth
we all pretty much agree on---I could be the Main Man by now, however one
wants to define that. Big mailing list, tabloid TV talk shows, big
retirement estate of rolling acres out in the hills someplace, etcetera. But
NOOOOOO...I just can't keep my mouth shut about that last ten percent of the
truth. The part that makes people nervous, uncomfortable, angry, makes them
lash out in an effort to kill the messenger. Gotta tell it all, brother,
tell it all! Well, that's Winston for you. Anyway...

        I still have no word from Earthlink as to whether or not they have
been able to figure out who did the "nswpp/Harold Covington" spam. Most
likely it was Nizkor or some similar Jewish leftist types, Simon Wiesenthal
Center or whoever, or else it was cyber-weirdo Rich Graves. MOST LIKELY it
was them...

        But there is another possibility. One that leaped to my mind the
very minute I understood what was happening, and that was that this criminal
act, whose purpose was to deny me and the members of my organization our
civil and constitutional rights, was carried out by White people who
publicly claim to be on the same side. By the largely worthless congeries of
people, grouplets, and personalities generally referred to as "the
Movement". Committed out of utterly disgraceful motives of financial greed
and bitter, twisted personal hatred of me. I have to admit that in the light
of my past experience, I actually thought of our grand and glorious Movement
before I thought of Nizkor.

        How sad. How sad that I should immediately think, WITH REASON, that
someone who claims to believe as I do has done this wretched, contemptible,
cowardly thing.

        And yet it has already been done before, and by our own people. We
had not been publishing our NSNet Bulletin for a week in July before the
first fraudulent e-mails purporting to come from the NSWPP were in
circulation---and they came not from Nizkor, not from the lunatic Graves,
but from a certain lady's self-appointed knights in shining armor who
decided that the way to punish me for being "unethical" was to commit
forgery and sign my name to fabricated documents. Yes, I know it's
ludicrous. So much of our Movement is. Sometimes you have to laugh, because
if you don't, you'll weep. 

        The temptation to launch into one of my usual Ciceronian
denunications here is strong, but I will resist it. I just want to say two
things, then tomorrow we'll get back to breaking one off up Yehudi's ass.

        The first thing I want to say is that I can think of no better
example of WHY I must continue to speak out about Movement incompetence,
corruption, dishonesty and weakness than this. The fact that I, and ANY
REASONABLE PERSON knowing the history and people involved, could and did
REASONABLY suspect that this act was carried out by so-called White racial
nationalists, and that a "short list" of suspects immediately sprang to
mind, is evidence that something is very badly wrong. I do not claim to know
what the cure is, but I do know that the first step to a cure is to admit
that the patient is sick, after which we must try to diagnose the illness.
So long as we exist in a state of denial about our own shortcomings and the
urgent need to repair them, we are condemning our race to death.

        The second thing I would like to say is directed to the person or
persons who carried out the spam attack, whomever they may be. I assume the
guilty parties receive these bulletins.  What I have to say is this: I will
not be silenced. 

        Better men than you have tried to silence me. They failed and so
will you. You may well succeed in pestering Earthlink until they cancel our
account just for the sake of peace, but if you do, do not deceive yourself
that you have won a victory of any kind. There are plenty of ISPs out there,
and the most you can do is succeed in making a minor nuisance of yourselves.
Anyone who enters this sacred vocation naturally expects nuisance and
indeed, I would be surprised if I were allowed to continue my work without a
certain level of nuisance. It comes with the territory, just as outdoor work
comes with chiggers, blowflies, ticks, and other insects. That's all you
are, insects.

        I would like to thank the many people out there who offered the
Party  helpful advice, assistance with emergency ISP and web services if
Earthlink crumples, and general support. If our detractors knew just how
popular we are and could see the growing respect National Socialism is
commanding on the Net, they'd understand how futile silly little stunts like
this are.

                                                 WINSTON SMITH 


	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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