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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 12:30:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Liberal Goons Threaten CN Internet Service

[NSNet Bulletin #46]

The following article is written by Mr. Brian Redman of "Conspiracy Nation".
Mr. Redman is in no way, shape, or form associated with the National Socialist
White People's Party; his article is reprinted because of the threat posed
to the freedoms of everyone by the kind of behavior he discusses here.

It should be noted that Mr. Redman's frequent pointed and detailed criticism
of the Clintons and his republication of Sherman Skolnick is almost
certainly the cause of the threat against his Net account by Prairienet. In
this society when unseen pressures are exerted to stifle free speech they
originate 90% of the time from within the Jewish community, the organized
Left, the White House, or some combination of all three. 

by Brian Redman
Although burning with anger at the moment, I will try to calmly
explain the bullying tactics used and apparently in the works against
this alternative news outlet by a person or persons at this  time
unknown to me who go by the alias of "The Prairienet Systems Staff."
This entity, "The Prairienet  Systems  Staff,"  has denied me due
process by (a) receiving an  allegation  that  I  have  "spammed"
someone,  i.e.,  apparently  meaning  I  have allegedly sent an unsolicited
e-mail message or messages to an Internet user, then (b)finding
me guilty of the charge, without EVER bothering to hear my side
of the allegation, and finally (c)issuing a ruling that if it
happens one more time, my account can be cancelled.
If my Prairienet account is cancelled, this will (a)greatly
limit this news service's ability to disseminate controversial,
alternative  information  and  (b)presumably also mean that news
archives compiled  by  this alternative news service and made
available as a public and patriotic service, and at no charge,
will no longer be available. Specifically, it can be seen that
the  cancellation  of  my Prairienet account will likely also
eliminate the public archives at the "Citizens Committee to Clean
Up the Courts" site ("go citcom") on Prairienet.
Also suffering due to this possible arrogant outrage  being
apparently  planned  by  a person or persons unknown at this time
and operating  under  the  alias  "The  Prairienet Systems Staff"
would  be  Mr.  Sherman  Skolnick,  Chairman  and Founder of "The
Citizen's Committee to Clean Up  the  Courts."  Mr. Skolnick is a
well-known investigator, operating in  the  public  interest  for
three  decades,  whose  work is widely read worldwide. The great
majority of material to be  found at the "Citizen's Committee to
Clean Up the Courts" archive on Prairienet is  by  Mr. Skolnick.
Thus,  Mr.  Skolnick would also be injured by possible censorship
being secretly planned by a person  or persons using the alias of
"The Prairienet Systems Staff," and acting under the disguise  of
preventing alleged "spamming."
Said  "spamming"  allegations are strongly denied by this editor.
I never  send  unsolicited  e-mail. What is more, I have not
conducted mass mailings from the Prairienet account for several
months,  at  least. What is more, all those on the Conspiracy
Nation mailing list, which is  sent  from  a different Internet
account and not from the Prairienet account, are on that list
because  they  themselves  have signed onto it. It is never this
editor's policy to subscribe  persons  himself; all such requests
receive  the  standard  response  that  the  user  himself   must
subscribe. Furthermore, any  user is free to cancel their
subscription at any time.
Speculation  on the part of this editor leads him to believe that
the Prairienet "Free Net" system, a non-profit entity supported
in part by corporate monies, in  part  by  user  donations,  and
presumably  also  receiving federal  and/or state monies, may be
under some pressure to pull the plug on the "Citizen's Committee
to Clean Up the Courts" archives on Prairienet. It is well-known
that Prairienet lacks funding. It is not impossible that certain
corporate and business entities, as well as certain narrow-minded
citizens, are using the hint or threat of cutbacks in funding  by
them as a means to silence this independent news outlet. So too,
Illinois  government  officials and agencies, as well as federal
government officials and agencies, who are critically scrutinized
by this news outlet,  have  it in  their  power  to use hints or
threats of decreased  funding to  attempt to silence dissent.
Furthermore,  the  very unknown person or persons operating under
the alias of "The  Prairienet Systems Staff" may themselves wish
to silence me by using false, trumped-up charges as an excuse  to
shut down points of view they do not like.
See  below  for  additional information. Note especially that if
the entity  calling  itself  "The  Prairienet Systems Staff" had
carefully  checked,  they  could  have  seen  that  the  supposed
"spamming" had as its destination two NEWSGROUPS, "alt.activism,"
and "alt.conspiracy," and not any individual's e-mail account.

        WINSTON SMITH COMMENTS: The situation described by Mr. Redman above
is very similar to one faced repeatedly by the NSWPP over the past two
months. In July the Jewess Hilary Ostrov of Nizkor attempted to get the
Party's account with Earthlink cancelled. I regret to say that some people
who claim to be part of our own Movement have done the same, out of ulterior
motives which are cynical and deeply shameful, and which I will discuss in
the fullness of time. Thus far, I have to give Earthlink high marks; they
have stood up for freedom of thought and freedom of conscience and resisted
these pressures. (Knock wood!) America On Line was not as strong and pulled
our web site offline about two weeks ago.

        We do send unsolicited e-mail in that any time I see an e-mail
address wherein the person appears to agree with our position I send them an
electronic introductory packet. True, this is a form of "junk mail", I
suppose, but if K-Mart and the Bob Dole campaign can do it I refuse to
accept that the Party can't. All that is necessary if anyone does not wish
to receive NSNet Bulletin is to send me the word "unsubscribe" and you will
be removed from the recipient list.

        In the short two and a half months I have been on the Net I have
already encountered five or six cases, including our own, where Politically
Incorrect users were yanked off line without so much as a whisper of advance
notice. What I find most troubling in these cases is the denial of what is
coming to be just as much an essential service as water and electricity,
through a total lack of due process. The victims of this kind of behavior
are almost never told who has complained, or indeed that there have been any
complaints at all, before all of a sudden they try to log on one day and
find their account is cancelled. In many cases e-mails are never forwarded,
no money is refunded if due, and almost never is any explanation of any kind

        Because the Internet is so new there is little in the way of law
covering such situations and Net users lack even the most basic of civil
rights protections; an ISP can commit gross violations of a user's civil
rights and liberties which no government body or public utility or private
individual would dare attempt. I REALLY would like to see someone with the
time and the immense amounts of money necessary to litigate sue the hell out
of one of these ISPs who cancel accounts for political reasons and win.
Failing that, surely this is something the A.C.L.U. would want to get
involved in?


	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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