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Date: Sat, 3 Aug 1996 16:42:04 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: NSNet Bulletin #15

                        THE NET NEEDS TO SHAPE UP

        I've been on the Internet for a couple of months and I feel I can
now make a few observations. I know I don't need to emphasize what an
incredible new tool this is for White revolution; it's obvious that just
about everybody (including the racial enemy) is aware of that fact.

        But I have to say, quite frankly, that I am extremely disappointed
and disturbed by the incredibly low quality of the traffic I have monitored
and participated in both on the IRC and in the newsgroups. This problem
isn't just confined to racial nationalists or revisionists; all anyone needs
to do is read some of the Nizkor postings on their newsgroups to understand
that they have the same kind of personnel problems we do. In fact, I don't
just think I'm being partisan when I say that the leftist and Jewish
postings and e-mails I've read are worse in many respects than some of the
stuff our own alleged Movement posts; these people have money, education,
and power and you'd think they'd be able to act in a more coherent, if not a
more responsible manner. Some of the Nizkor people especially are clearly
very disturbed, emotionally and mentally; I consider Joel Rosenberg, Arthur
Mathis, and Sara Schwartz in particular to be mentally ill in the clinical,
psychiatric sense. I'm rather surprised that McVay & Co. don't understand
the kind of harm that these people are doing to their side; with friends
like Rosenberg and Mathis the Jewish people don't need enemies.

        But that doesn't excuse some of the sheer rubbish I have seen on the
Net posted by people who claim to support Aryan racial nationalism,
especially obscene personal abuse directed against myself or whomever. Jews
and niggers act like that; White men are supposed to know better. Mostly,
the guilty parties are obviously teenaged kids who are playing with their
computers after school, and I suppose a certain amount of this kind of
rambunctiousness is inevitable. Down through time kids have always written
naughty words on walls. Some of them, especially some of the Skinhead types,
are obviously involved in the Metzger cult, which explains a lot about their
behavior. I have the horrible feeling some of the others are adults who are
getting some kind of weird catharsis out of this kind of activity. Just what
we need---weirdos fulfilling every Jewish media stereotype about "evil crazy

        Nor is the problem restricted to politics; I have seen some really
heavy weirdness out there in the past couple of months. The Net is an
amazing window into just how bad things ARE getting; if there was ever any
doubt at all in my mind that American society is cracking up and and falling
to pieces, some of the sheer lunacy and hysterical ranting I've seen in
there---on all topics, not just political and racial---has convinced me. We
live in a society which seems to be losing its mind, literally. 

        Now, don't get me wrong. I have met a large number of high-quality
new contacts during the short time the Party has been on the Net, and I have
had some very good conversations (privately) on the IRC. But this is why I
use the e-mail format instead of the IRC or newsgroups: there is simply too
much "noise". It's like trying to talk to a group of people on a crowded
street corner in New York with thousands of people milling around, traffic
noises, jackhammers going---and everyone around also happens to be a
criminal or raving mad. You can't get much done by way of communication
under those circumstances.

        I would like to ask a favor of everyone who reads this, one which
probably won't be granted, but one can but ask. Folks, can we clean up our
Net act and lower the noise level a bit? If you don't have anything to say
other than hysterical, hate-filled personal abuse, then say nothing. The
Nizkor Jews will of course ignore that request. White users who are
essentially decent will, I hope, at least give some consideration to what I

        You White kids out there---there is no point in wasting your time
and everyone else's just to tell stupid nigger jokes or shout obscene words
on the Net. It makes us all look like fools, and the bad guys like McVay et.
al. can seize on your childish tantrums to paint every Aryan racialist as a
pinhead by using your BS as an example. Why do you want to act like niggers?
Why do you want to be like those kikes over at Nizkor? If you're going to
act like a filthy-minded hebe why don't you just go to your nearest
synagogue and ask the rabbi to convert you?

        The Internet is, in my opinion, the biggest and most crucial
opportunity we have had since 1945. Let's not blow it.

Yours for Aryan Victory,
General Secretary

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