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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 10:42:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Disaster For The National Alliance

                                 by Winston Smith

        On May 20th, 1996, a civil jury in Bryson City, N.C. brought in a
verdict finding Dr. William L. Pierce of the National Alliance legally
liable for a homicide which took place in 1991, committed by a man Pierce
never met or knew, who was a member of an organization with which Dr. Pierce
was not at the time connected in any way. Legally and constitutionally, this
verdict is even more outrageous and poisonous to what little remains of
White Americans' civil liberties than the Metzger case. The most troubling
aspect is that THE WHOLE AFFAIR WAS ENTIRELY AVOIDABLE. A number of people
have expressed confusion and frustration over the dearth of factual
information provided by the National Alliance and indeed the secretive way
in which the entire matter has been handled by the NA. People who have been
supporting the NA for many years with their time, their effort, and their
funds want to know how it all came about and what the hell is going on. How
could this have happened? As a "Guide to the Perplexed" I therefore offer
the following account of what happened.
>        A NOTE OF WARNING: All of the following information is as accurate
as I can make it, but there are necessarily some gaps. Bear in mind that
almost all my sources are second hand. Dr. Pierce has been extremely
close-mouthed about the details of the lawsuit, except to send out appeals
asking for money to pay his legal bills. This is in a way understandable,
since he has long been anxious to avoid any revelations which would
concentrate still more unwelcome attention from his membership on the whole
Klassen connection and by extension the off-limits subject of Will W.
Williams. Ironically, most of my concrete information comes from Morris
Dees' publications. That in itself says something about the way the lawsuit
has been mishandled from the word go: the Aryan racialist movement should
never have to rely on the racial enemy for information. Of course, using
Dees as a source presents its own problems. The man is a congenital liar and
everything he says has to be scrutinized very carefully. Finally, I can only
add the obvious comment that Dr. William L. Pierce is a public figure; as
such he should expect his activities to be discussed and analyzed in public,
and if he objects to my comments here he is more than welcome to offset them
by the kind of public discussion of this whole subject which he has
heretofore so persistently avoided.
>        To begin with, one thing must be clearly understood. The loss of
this legal action and the consequences of that loss to the National
Alliance, consequences almost certain to be disastrous and far-reaching, are
KLASSEN, and Dr. Pierce, if he is honest, must assume full responsibility
for this cataclysmic decision. 
>        The issue of the presence of Will W. William, aka "Mr. X." in the
National Alliance is intimately related to the situation with the Klassen
real estate deal, but Mr. Williams' activities do not come within the
purview of this memorandum. He is a separate subject. I will in future draw
up a lengthy account of that aspect of this grave situation. We are
concerned here with the Dees lawsuit and the events which led up to it. This
is a very complex topic and it will take me a while to detail it fully.
Please bear with me. The chronology of events, greatly simplified and
stripped down to bare essentials (no pun intended) is as follows:
>        In the summer of 1987, a then seventeen year-old Skinhead from
Cincinnati named Dennis Witherspoon went to Otto, N.C. to the "World
Headquarters" of Benny Klassen's Church of the Creator cult. Klassen, who
was apparently a spry old goat for his age (in his late sixties at the
time), got Witherspoon drunk in the rec room of his private home on the
"church" grounds, slipped him a Mickey Finn of some kind, and when the boy
was unconscious stripped him naked and sodomized him. Witherspoon woke up in
the middle of this procedure, jumped up and proceeded to beat the crap of
Klassen while the wretched old faggot screamed for mercy. Then Witherspoon
threatened to go to the law. This would have been very nasty for the grand
and glorious Pontifex, since not only is sodomy still illegal in North
Carolina but Witherspoon was underage to boot. Klassen paid him off with
$10,000 and a used car, and Witherspoon lit out for Sarasota, Florida.
>        Witherspoon did not keep his promise of silence about the incident.
He ranted and raved about it to anyone who would listen, including me. I was
CNC in those days and had just published THE MARCH UP COUNTRY. Dr. Edward
Fields printed my telephone number in his newspaper, which resulted in all
kinds of weird calls, among them several from Witherspoon, who liked my book
and decided I was bees' knees and I was just waiting with bated breath to
hear his life story. I never met Witherspoon personally, although later on I
did meet personally with young guys who had similar if not so gross and
graphic stories to tell, some of whom gave me written statements. (I
circulated these widely within the Movement at the time. They were simply
ignored. It was my first lesson in the grotesque cult-like phenomenon of
mindless, unquestioning belief which was to surround both Klassen and later
on Tom Metzger. I severely underestimated the White man's longing for a
savior, a Man On A White Horse who will descend from the clouds and do it
all FOR us. But I digress.)
>        For the record, the few times Klassen was backed into a corner
about this and a number of similar incidents by his own people, some of whom
knew perfectly well that he was homosexual, he denied it all and claimed
that Witherspoon and others were attempting to blackmail him. Witherspoon
gave me more than one graphically detailed account of the 1987 incident. He
was obsessed by it, as well he might be. His god had betrayed him and he was
shattered and devastated. Dennis was emotionally unstable and if this was
the only incident of its kind I might be more prone to skepticism, but in
view of the other accounts I believe Dennis' version rather than Klassen's.
>                            TWO KILLINGS IN FLORIDA
>        On October 12th, 1990 Dennis Witherspoon was found dead in an
irrigation ditch in Dade County, Florida. He was bound and gagged with tape
and he had five .22-caliber hollow-point bullets in his head. The police
treated it as a drug killing, which I concede it may have been. Dennis was
no prize. But I have always had my own ideas. The kid simply WOULD NOT SHUT
UP about what Klassen had done to him. The string of mysterious deaths,
"suicides", and murders connected with the Church of the Creator would take
too long to get into here, but suffice it to say that Witherspoon was
neither the first nor the last person involved with the cult to come to a
sticky and problematical end, eventually including the cult's founder,
Klassen himself. The stench of death always hung over that whole scene up
there in Otto like some kind of psychic pall; the one time I drove out there
from Franklin I could almost sense it in the air. That property is a
genuinely creepy place; I have no difficulty at all believing it to be
cursed in some way. It certainly proved bad luck for Dr. Pierce.
>        Witherspoon's murder led me to publish the first RESISTANCE; the
original purpose of the newsletter being to denounce Movement corruption in
general and Klassen in particular.
>        In May 1991 another Klassen follower, Church of the Creator
"minister" George David Loeb, shot a nigger sailor named Harold Mansfield in
a grocery store parking lot in Neptune Beach, Florida in self defense after
Mansfield and another coon attacked Loeb and his wife, Barbara. After
several weeks on the run as a fugitive, including a feature on America's
Most Wanted, Loeb was arrested in New York in a slapstick bust while trying
to shoplift a pack of cold cuts from a grocery store.
>        Benny Klassen was a millionaire from his Florida real estate
dealings in the 1960s (including SKW Properties in Palm Beach, where his
partners were two Jews named Shapiro and Weinleben.) Loeb was broke and he
was assigned a Jewish court-appointed lawyer. The main witness against Loeb
was informer Steven Thomas, who was originally arrested as an accessory on
one million dollars bond. This was lowered to release on his own
recognizance after Thomas agreed to testify against Loeb. Klassen brought
Thomas up to Otto in the interim, made him nominal editor of the newspaper
RACIAL LOYALTY at $1,000 per month with free room and board, and let him sit
there publishing either no newspapers or only one or two, I can't recall,
while he waited to swear away the life of one of COTC's own "ministers".
>        Loeb was exceedingly pissed off to learn that his quondam guru was
sheltering the main witness against him. (The insane devotion which some of
these Skinhead kids show Klassen even to this day puzzles me all the more in
view of Klassen's habit of casually betraying his own followers whenever it
was convenient.) Loeb sent word to Klassen that he had better cough up some
BIIIG bucks for a BIIIG name lawyer or he (Loeb) was going to start talking
to the cops about the Witherspoon killing. A deal was struck; I never knew
the details because about that time Loeb clammed up and quit writing to me
from jail. Presumably breaking off contact with me was part of the arrangement. 
>        I watched Loeb's trial on the Court Channel and he had a real
hot-shot lawyer doing his best to show that the killing of the ape was in
self-defense, which apparently it was. They didn't show the jury, but you
could tell it was predominantly black. Loeb was convicted and got 25 years
to life; the next day he attempted to commit suicide in his cell. I don't
know if he ever sang on the Witherspoon hit or not, or if he had anything to
say at all. It might have been all bluff.
>                        KLASSEN BECOMES DESPERATE
>        Benny Klassen evidently did not think it was bluff. From mid-1991
on, judging from the song of my birdies and by the gibbering in his
newspaper and such correspondence as was passed on to me, Klassen was
desperately trying to unload his whole cult. He found no takers. Originally
his successor was to have been Rudy Stanko, author of THE SCORE. I wrote
Stanko in prison and I apprised him of who and what he was getting involved
with; he was politely non-committal. He got out of prison in early 1992,
went to Otto, took a good look, and left after two or three days. I don't
know whether it was because he finally understood that I had given him the
straight scoop, or because he found out that the Klassen millions didn't
come with the cult. I always got the diffused impression that Stanko was
trying to take Klassen for his megabucks in order to finance a business
comeback in the meat packing industry.
>        After Stanko split, Klassen tried to nominate several successors
who declined the honor. He tried some Skinhead kids in Milwaukee who managed
to drink up and otherwise run through $50,000 in a single year while
publishing only one issue of the cult's newspaper. In the meantime the Loeb
situation in Florida was approaching trial, growing hotter and more
dangerous. By March of '92 Klassen was getting frantic in his efforts to
stop the merry-go-round and get off; it looks to me for all the world like
he was afraid of a murder indictment viz. Witherspoon. 
>        This whole period is very murky and I do not pretend to understand
all the ins and outs of it; I was in England at the time and out of touch.
Evidently the situation revolved around Klassen's urgent efforts to sell the
"church" property in Macon County, N.C. and thereby sever all legal ties
with the Church of the Creator which might make him liable for anything his
weirded-out followers did. 
>        Bear in mind, now, that this was the new religion which Klassen
founded and which he had been boasting for decades would replace
Christianity. There must have been more than a whiff of real danger to make
him or anybody else cut and run and abandon twenty years of their life and
effort like that. Klassen was extremely wealthy, but either he did not have
much in the way of liquidity or else all his assets were traceable. The
impression I get is that not only did he need to break contact with the
organization and the property, but he needed a large, fast infusion of
get-out-of-town cash.
>                             ENTER DR. WILLIAM L. PIERCE
>        At whose behest I know not, (possibly Will Williams brokered the
deal), Pierce bought part of the Klassen property, twenty-odd acres and
three buildings, excluding Klassen's private home up behind the hill, for
the sum of $86,000. This money was provided to Pierce gratis by an elderly,
wealthy racial nationalist in North Carolina. The Klassen property did not
actually cost Pierce a dime. 
>        Benny Klassen took the money and ran. He left Otto in June of '92
and disappeared for about fourteen months. Where he went or what he did
during that time I don't know. Pierce spent the time trying to re-sell the
property. His purchase price of 86 grand was a real fire sale steal; the
land was worth about $200,000 (the price Pierce eventually got for it) but
for months Pierce listed it for $300,000. He found no takers. The property
was finally sold in the spring of 1994 for two hundred grand. 
>        It should be noted parenthetically that the first real estate sale,
transferring the property from Benny Klassen to Pierce, was finalized BEFORE
LAWSUIT. The precedent of retroactivity which this case thus establishes is
the most sinister aspect of the whole affair.
>        Along with the real estate deal came the odoriferous Will W.
Williams, rather like buying a haunted house with a resident evil spirit.
This is a whole different topic about which volumes could be written, and
some day will. I merely note en passant that with the advent of Mr. Williams
began Dr. Pierce's time of trouble.
>                             THE MYSTERIOUS MR. McCARTY
>        George Loeb was convicted of second degree murder in the summer of
1992. Klassen fled into the night in June of 1992, designating as his
successor to the title of "Pontifex Maximus" of the Church of the Creator
one Rick McCarty of Nice, Florida. No one had ever heard of Mr. McCarty
before, and the only publicity I ever saw him get was a brief mention in a
Florida paper where they published mug shots of the man taken several months
before, when he was arrested for DUI. (Real role model for White youth
there.) McCarty once admitted to me on the phone (not realizing who I was)
that he had only met Klassen a few months before being handed the whole ball
of wax. 
>        That ball of wax consisted of an undisclosed amount of cash and a
large warehouse full of Klassen's interminable, boring anti-Christian books,
the present whereabouts of which pose a fascinating secondary mystery in
themselves, but we won't get into that except to say that for the
fragmented, shattered remains of Klassen's cult (a few aging Skinhead kids),
the "McCarty books" of "Florida books" constitute a kind of Holy Grail for
their "faith" and recovering the books has become kind of a crusade. Some
say they were secretly handed over to Morris Dees and pulped, some say they
found their way into the hands of Rudy Stanko and that these are the Klassen
books Stanko is now advertising for sale in various Skinhead publications.
(It looks like Stanko may get some shekels out of his Klassen connection
yet; he seems to be the only mail-order source now for Klassen's works.)
>        Our stage is set---and yet for a year, everything just hangs fire.
George Loeb was convicted, giving the legal basis for the bogus suit. Yet
Klassen remained at large and legally unmolested, Klassen the millionaire
with the kind of deep pocket ambulance-chasing shysters dream of, the moola
necessary to compensate de bereebed fambly ob de po' Affikin-Amurkin sailor
Mansfield (about whom Dees was ostensibly so moved by compassion.) Nor did
Dees make any effort to sue Rick McCarty, Klassen's ostensible successor as
Maximum Pontoon. All was quiet on the COTC front as far as Morris Dees was
>                                DEATH OF A GURU
>        In August of 1993 Klassen returned quietly to his home in Otto,
N.C. A week later he was dead, an alleged "suicide" from an overdose of
sleeping pills. Maybe. Klassen was becoming an all-around embarrassment. I
distrust convenient coincidence, especially given the prevalence of
politically convenient suicide since the Clintons were elected. I have been
told by one law enforcement officer up there that if Klassen did take the
pills he apparently tried to change his mind and vomit them up; he was found
dead in the bathroom with his head in the toilet. If that's true then there
was something very Zen about his death. I suspect this is one of those cases
where no one will know exactly what happened. Interestingly enough, one of
Klassen's earlier victims, Harry Kelly of New York, also died of an
ostensible overdose. It would seem that what goes around, comes around.
>        Once the millionaire with all the money was dead and his remaining
personal wealth beyond the reach of Dees and the negroid Mansfield family,
THEN and ONLY then did all legal hell break loose. Within days of Klassen's
death, Morris Dees filed a lawsuit against the drunken stumblebum Rick
McCarty as legal head of the COTC corporate entity.
>        Why did Dees wait all that time, until the man with the moneybags
was dead, then file against a mope like McCarty? A riddle indeed, and the
Daniel who shall expound it is yet a-wanting, as Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote.
Even more strangely, why has no one other than Your Friend and Humble Scribe
ever even ASKED why? It's almost as if people in the Movement are afraid to
ask too many questions or look too deeply into the Klassen affair, as if
they are afraid of what they might find. (They may even find that---horror
of horrors!---Winston Smith was RIGHT ALL ALONG! And we can't have that now,
can we? Unthinkable!)
>        The fact remains that at no time was Benny Klassen EVER sued or
harassed in any way by Morris Dees. The wealthiest man in the world who
openly avows (or at least claims) to be a racist, openly preaching crime and
violence which his weirded-out teenaged followers committed on numerous
occasions prior to the Loeb incident---and Dees steered clear of him like
the plague. Why?
>        New "Pontifex" Rick McCarty did not defend himself or respond to
the lawsuit. Instead, he fled into the night, leaving behind him a string of
bad debts and the mystery of the alleged warehouse full of COTC books. Dees
obtained a default judgment against McCarty in Florida for one million
dollars (something I might have done to Klassen in 1989 had I not been so
worried that someone might call me "unethical".) It is this deafult judgment
which forms the legal basis (so-called) for Dees' spurious claim against
Pierce. Dees claimed that the original Klassen land transaction in 1992,
BEFORE LOEB HAD BEEN TRIED and over a year before any litigation had been
filed at all, was an effort by Klassen and Pierce acting in tandem to
conceal Klassen's assets from de po' bereebed nigger Mansfield family. This
is, of course, totally ludicrous. You would think any judge would throw such
a suit out on its ear and impose sanctions against any lawyer stupid enough
to bring such an action, but that didn't happen and the case went to trial
in Bryson City, North Carolina.
>        It has always been obvious to me, from the moment that the judge
refused to throw out Dees' lawsuit, that the fix was in big-time on this
case, ultimate target THE TURNER DIARIES. There has been speculation from
the beginning that Rick McCarty was in fact a Dees shill all along and that
McCarty and Dees (and possibly Klassen) were working in tandem, the
objective being to insert Will Williams into the National Alliance and use
him and the COTC connection as a wedge to destroy the NA and stop
dissemination of THE TURNER DIARIES, which they came damned close to
accomplishing. At one point Dees asked the judge in the lawsuit to declare a
21,000-copy new press run of the book to be an asset linked to the sale of
the Klassen property and have the books sequestered by the court and stored
in a sealed warehouse pending the final outcome of the lawsuit, which could
of course take years. (One can see why Morris Dees is freaking out over
publisher Lyle Stuart's recent decision to bring out a commercial edition of
TTD, $1.00 per copy to Handgun Control or not.)
>        Pierce bungled the lawsuit from the very beginning. Originally he
retained CAUSE lawyer Kirk Lyons to defend him, but apparently there was
some kind of falling out; in court Pierce's trial lawyer was one Steve
Kropelniecki. According to the NA Bulletin, Dees at one stage offered to
drop the suit either in exchange for the dropping of Pierce's countersuit
and some kind of payment of his (Dees') court costs or else on a simple
walk-away basis. I can't recall the details and I can't immediately lay
hands on that issue of Pierce's bulletin, from mid-1995 or so, (the usual
Movement curse; I lend books and publications to people who never bring them
back), but I remember that such an offer was definitely made and Pierce
refused it. Pierce also very stupidly refused to ask for a change of venue
to somewhere OUTSIDE THE MOUNTAINS, allowing the case to go to trial in a
county adjacent to Macon County, before a jury of people who knew damned
well who and what Klassen was.  
>        Why, oh why, oh WHY do racial nationalists with grating Yankee
accents and violently anti-Christian views gravitate to the very WORST
possible part of the country for them? The part of the world where they are
most likely to be held in hatred and contempt, both as outsiders and
religious heretics---the Appalachian mountains? What possesses people like
Pierce and Klassen to do such a stupid thing, to move into an area where
they can NEVER have any local base of support and where the locals will turn
on them like a pack of wolves in a second if given the chance?
>        I visited Macon County in December of 1989 as part of my lawsuit
against Klassen. Piedmontese though I am, I speak approximately the same
dialect and I don't slap the mountain people in their face by vilifying
their religion, so I was able to learn some things. Like just how
ferociously Benny Klassen and his goat-dancing bugger boys were hated by all
those Primitive Baptists up there. Pierce should have fought tooth and nail
for a change of venue, if not to another state then at least to Asheville or
Greensboro, for heaven's sake! Where the violently anti-Christian Klassen
and the violently anti-Christian Pierce are concerned, a jury of niggers
would almost have been better than a jury of fundamentalist mountain people.
>        I so advised Dr. Pierce, early on. I gave him a lengthy account of
the local people's attitude towards Klassen I had garnered from my 1989
visit to Franklin, warning him of the immense hatred in which Benny Klassen
and everything to do with Benny Klassen was held by the mountain people,
tied in as well with their bitter resentment against outsiders coming in and
buying up their land in general.
>        (Macon County is 67% absentee owned. Interestingly, all the local
people I spoke with accepted as a matter of course that Klassen was a Jew, a
race they have unfortunately learned to recognize all too well. Their code
word is "Florida people".)
>        As per usual, the hand of friendship which I proffered to William
Pierce in genuine concern for him and for his life's work was slapped aside.
I was ignored, and once again the price of ignoring my warnings is hideously
high. I hate to say I told you so, Bill---but I told you so. Loud and clear.
>        The lawsuit was lost on May 20th, when the jury in Bryson City
rendered a verdict in favor of Dees ordering Pierce and the National
Alliance to pay $85,000 to the family of the monkoid Mansfield and to pay
MORRIS DEES' LEGAL COSTS AS WELL. Pierce's lawyer, Mr. Kropelniecki,
complained quite accurately that "...My client was convicted for doing
business with people the jury didn't like." True enough, but the fact
remains that Dr. Pierce was warned in the most urgent terms not to do
business with Klassen at all, and the Bryson City verdict is the direct
result of his refusal to listen to those warnings---and not just from me,
either. In the intervening years I have learned that other top National
Alliance people and Movement activists were appalled that Pierce was getting
involved with Klassen and tried desperately to dissuade him.
>        When Pierce is wrestled to the ground, pinned down, and forced to
discuss this issue by people he cannot afford to brush off completely (i.e.
NA financial supporters), his official excuse is that he did not know who
and what Klassen was. I'm sorry, Doc. It won't wash.
>        PRIMO, by the spring of 1992 Pierce most certainly knew who and
what he was dealing with, because I wrote to him from England when I heard
to my horror that he was getting involved with Klassen and Williams.
Carefully, meticulously, I went over everything I had learned and everything
I had personally experienced with both of these men. Secondly, in the late
summer of 1991 Pierce himself wrote to me on the subject of Benny Klassen,
in response to a query of mine as to why the hell he was doing nothing while
Klassen killed White kids. Pierce made it clear in the letter that he was in
fact aware of what he termed the "rumors" about Klassen, while at the same
time trying to dissuade me from mentioning the whole sick mess up at Otto on
the grounds that I was "demoralizing" people by pointing to the presence of
a homicidal pederast among us.
>        I was then unused to the "them doing it isn't demoralizing so long
as you don't mention it publicly, what the supporters don't know can't hurt
us" attitude, and I was at a loss to understand his reply. Sadly, I no
longer am.
>        The court costs in the lawsuit are the killer. God alone knows how
much that's going to come to, especially as Pierce is appealing. One
fund-raising letter a National Alliance supporter sent me described Pierce's
legal bills at $10,000 per month, in a lawsuit which lasted almost a year
and a half. All the profit from the $200,000 sale of the Klassen property
has long since been gobbled up in legal costs, a fact of which Morris Dees
boasts in his own bulletins and fund appeals. Pierce's breach of decency has
gained him and the NA nothing but obloquy. 
>        Pierce must now pay for an appeal, or else settle up the judgment
to the Mansfield family and write Morris Dees a very hefty check indeed. If
not, Dees will begin his "collection" efforts. These will probably center
around Dees demanding the seizure of all NA copies of THE TURNER DIARIES and
all royalties from the Lyle Stuart publication. After that comes Pierce's
300-acre retirement estate. The price he must pay for disregarding my
frantic warnings may yet be more terrible than he understands.
>        And as icing on the cake, due to Will W. Williams' involvement with
the Fayetteville shootings of December, 1995 and Williams' association of
the National Alliance with the three GI suspects, once the three White
soldiers are convicted it is entirely likely that Pierce and the NA will be
faced with THE SAME THING ALL OVER AGAIN, another lawsuit directly traceable
to the Klassen involvement. Dees may end up with 300 acres in West Virginia
yet. The Klassen Curse just goes on and on, apparently.
>                                IT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN!
>        I would hazard a guess that when the final bill is tabulated,
including legal fees, judgment payment, court costs, lost time and
man-hours, lost revenue through alienation of supporters etc., the cost of
William Pierce's involvement with Will W. Williams and the Church of the
Creator sodomy cult will be within shouting distance of half a million
dollars, from the Mansfield lawsuit alone. Half a million of OUR PEOPLE'S
>        The whole sorry mess could have been avoided had Pierce elected to
read, internalize, and act upon the letter I wrote to him from England in
1992. But Pierce ignored me, presumably because of his greed for easy money
and his arrogant self-assurance that no one without a string of university
degrees had anything at all to tell him, particularly not a Southerner.
(Pierce's personal problem with working class White people and Southerners
is well known. The one odd exception to this appears to be Will W. Williams;
he is the only blue-collar type or Southerner I know of who has ever
achieved any significant position at all in the NA, much less held it as
long as Williams has.)
>        Now once more, the long-suffering Folk get to pay the price for an
arrogant, avoidable screwup by a so-called "leader" whose political acumen
was no match for his ego and who is willing to drag everyone down with him
rather than admit he made a mistake.
>        Sweet, Doc. Really sweet.
>                                        #
>Published by the National Socialist White People's Party, P.O Box 9444,
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27515-9444, U.S.A. Printed copies available. 

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