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                           NATIONAL SOCIALISM 

                            Updated 03/13/95

What is National Socialism?

   National Socialism represents the most sound means of assuring the biologi-
   cal and cultural rejuvenation and progression of the White, or Aryan, Race. 

   National Socialism is the product of over a century of political and social 
   thought cultivated in Germanic Nations, popularized and first put into ac-
   tion by its foremost proponent, German _Fuehrer_ and Chancellor Adolf 

   National Socialism was at first a progressive political outlook adopted in 
   several European Nations, but evolved quickly into a pan-Aryan Vision of
   racial rejuvenation and progress.  Many rightly view National Socialism as 
   the reemergence of a pre-Christian Nature-based Aryan Faith.

Why do you call yourselves "Aryan?"

   _Aryan_ is derived from the Indo-European root "aryo," meaning noble. 
   _Arya_ has been used as a self-description of Indo-European Peoples from 
   Ireland to India for millenia, and survives today in the country names 
   _Eire_ (Ireland) and _Iran_.  Last century, _Aryan_ was revived from the
   largely forgotten heritage of our ancestors, and has been used since by 
   both academics and laypersons as a synonym for White.  _Aryan_ was popular-
   ized by Adolf Hitler in his political autobiography, _Mein Kampf_  [My 
   _Aryan_ is the proper designation for the White Peoples of Europe and their 
   descendants across the globe.

Why do you use the Swastika?

   The _Swastika_ (from Sanskrit, "good fortune") is an ancient symbol of the 
   Aryan Peoples representing primarily the positive powers of the Universe 
   which generate and sustain Life, and secondarily good will and good fortune 
   toward the righteous.

   The Swastika has been used for over four thousand years by Aryan and non-
   Aryan alike in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Aryan racialists reclaimed 
   use of the Swastika from pre-Christian European Faiths as a symbol of 
   racial renewal and progress.

What is "Blood and Soil?"   

   "Blood and Soil" refers to the relationship between People and Homeland, 
   and the link of the individual to the natural Order.  "Blood and Soil" rep-
   resents reverence for the origin and miracles of Life, the Ideal of organic 
   lifestyle, and the importance of truly creative work.

Aren't you nihilists without morality?

   National Socialism is a reawakened moral perception, founded upon the 
   ancient and eternal living Truth of the Creator's Will.  National Social-
   ists embrace the Divinely-inspired purpose of humanity: the quest for ex-
   cellence and constant improvement.  National Socialists believe the Aryan 
   Race is the premiere guardian of the righteousness of the Divine Will and 
   the vanguard in the never-ending struggle to achieve humanity's ultimate 
   physical and spiritual potential.

   National Socialists realize the present dominant paradigm, based upon 
   Judaic thought, blasphemes the Creator's Will.  Cultural-diversity destroy-
   ing "universalist" ideologies such as Judeo-Christianity, Capitalism, Marx-
   ism, and Internationalism, founded upon the Jewish Ideal of circumvention 
   of the Creator's Will _must_ be rejected by all people who love the Divine 
   Master of the Universe and His Law.  No compromise or synthesis is possible 
   between the natural Order's Truth and thoroughly flawed Jewish paradigms.

   National Socialism has no pretentious religious "law book" purporting to 
   contain "truth."  The Wisdom of God is present in Nature for all to seek, 
   understand, and apply in their own lives.

What are the "14 Words?"

   "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White 

   They are a creed defining succinctly the raison d'etre of today's National 
   Socialist Movement, authored by National Socialist revolutionary David 

   Lane, a member of the armed revolutionary group known as "The Order," was 
   captured and persecuted by the present regime for his Aryan separatist ac-
   tivities, and is now held as a political prisoner in a Federal political 
   dissident institution.

Why do you give that "Hitler salute?"

   The Aryan Salute, the right arm extended forward with open hand turned palm
   up or down, is an ancient greeting first used by warriors to designate an
   absence of ready weapons and hostility.  The common military salute is a
   more convenient adaptation of this millenia-old custom.  The Aryan Salute 
   has been used by many Aryan Peoples, most notably during ancient times by 
   the Romans, most notably in modern times by citizens of Fascist Italy and 
   National Socialist Germany.

   The Aryan Salute today symbolizes peace, respect, and good will toward com-
   rades or friendly strangers to whom it is extended.  Alternatively, it sym-
   bolizes Aryan racial solidarity when extended to foes.

Why do you worship Hitler?

   National Socialists do not "worship" Adolf Hitler.  National Socialists 
   _do_ offer Hitler deserving reverence for his role in bringing our Race a 
   message of Hope through his leadership of the German People, and as vision-
   ary of a new Europe and a new World.

   National Socialists recognize that while Hitler was an heroic leader, he 
   was human, capable of error.  Hitler's example, both through communication 
   with us in _Mein Kampf_, and in the record of his deeds, serves to guide 
   National Socialists in their efforts to initiate Aryan renewal, but his 
   doctrine does not inhibit the positive evolution of National Socialism 
   toward more sound ideas and methods.  Unlike the static, lifeless ideolo-
   gies of the Establishment, such as the "liberalism" and "conservatism" 
   peddled to confuse and divide Americans against themselves, National Social-
   ism is a _living_ philosophy which adapts to new positive trends and cir-
   cumstances of an ever changing world.

Why do you hate Democracy?

   National Socialists embrace _genuine_ Democracy, but reject the Establish-
   ment's false Democracy, where the illusion of participatory government is 
   manifested in a controlled system of "choices" which all invariably lead to 
   the _same_ end.  

   Adolf Hitler presented a legitimate alternative to the German People in his 
   day, and was freely supported by the vast majority of Germans throughout 
   his reign.  National Socialists today believe that presented a _genuine_ 
   choice, without our opponents using misrepresentation, slander, and false 
   promises, the American Majority would choose to create a National Socialist 
   political system and social order.

   National Socialism does not endorse dictatorship; that is, a political 
   apparatus that functions contrary to the Will and best interests of the
   Majority, as does the present System.  National Socialism endorses the
   "leadership principle," or the idea that a Nation is best governed by those 
   most capable of guiding his or her fellow citizens and providing for their
   social needs and wants.

Why do you hate America?

   National Socialists love the America founded by our pioneer ancestors, but
   despise the "New America" of crime and corruption, decadence and degenera-
   cy, lies and lewdness.  

   America's founders envisioned a land where Aryans from every European Nation
   could build a new life, and by hard work and noble ideals, build a great
   country.  America became a great country because its Aryan men and women
   _made_ it a great country.

   Traditional American Ideals of Honesty, Courage, Commitment, Determination,
   Ingenuity, and Industriousness have been subverted because the American
   People are one of the last obstacles the World Manipulators must overcome
   to achieve their "New World Order" of absolute power and unchecked accumu-
   lation of your wealth.  This ongoing destruction of our People is the sin-
   ister work of alien anti-Americans, who pose as Americans, and who are dili-
   gently assisted by the treasonous Washington Criminals.

   Many great Americans, including Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and Walt 
   Disney believed in National Socialism, and worked to prevent the enslavement
   of our People.  Today's National Socialists demand a return to the Ideals 
   that made this a once great land, and work to restore the prosperity and
   prestige the American People deserve.

Why don't you believe in human rights?

   National Socialists believe that a People's right to choose how they live 
   with whom they choose to live -- the right of self-determination -- is 
   _the_ most fundamental, inalienable human right.

   The Aryan Race has been denied self-determination through the actions of 
   both internal and external forces, these forces operating out of hatred 
   and/or self-interest to inhibit the social and economic health of Aryan 
   families worldwide, with the ultimate goal being the extinction of our kind 
   through genocidal social, political, and economic programs.

   National Socialism's foremost goal is the liberation of the Aryan Race from 
   these genocidal policies, and implementation of alternatives which will 
   assure its perpetual survival and continued positive evolution.  Part of 
   this goal is to liberate the mind and soul of Americans from the unjusti-
   fied guilt complex instilled by the Establishment's schools and churches 
   and perpetuated by the Jewish-controlled media.  This undeserved shame in-
   hibits the lives of its victims, and must be replaced by love for one's 
   Race and Nation.

   The "concern" about "human rights" by the Jewish-controlled media and among
   Establishment academicians and politicians is a clever sham designed to ob-
   fuscate, hiding the _real_ causes of oppression and injustice in the world.

   The Establishment's fraudulent "United Nations" and other "human rights
   organizations" are mere comforting facades, used as tools both to divert
   attention away from the sinister whims of the World Manipulators and to neu-
   tralize opposition to their "New World Order."  Examination of the record 
   of these "human rights organizations" reveals a very slanted bias toward 
   certain issues and groups serving a _clear political agenda_.  Most obvious 
   is the total lack of genuine censure and _effective_ sanction of Israel's 
   decades of murder and oppression against the indigenous People of Palestine.

   National Socialists believe in _genuine_ human rights for all Peoples.  The
   well-being of the Aryan Race is always our first concern, but as feasible,
   we support and aid other Nations and Races in their effort to build a soci-
   ety conducive to their happiness and prosperity and appropriate for their
   unique character.

Why are you such male chauvinists?

   Despite what Establishment academicians and the Jewish-controlled media in-
   sist you believe, male National Socialists consider our racial sisters
   _partners_ in the struggle for racial rejuvenation and progress, as activ-
   ists, warriors, _and_ mothers.

   The Creator intends for women and men to be _complementary_, not contradic-
   tory.  While Marxist and Jewish "Feminists" arrogantly reject women's
   uniqueness, attempting to "liberate" women from their womanhood, National
   Socialists accept the slight differences between men and women as 
   _strengths_, and demand an end to the gynophobia which is a consequence of
   centuries of pervasive Judeo-Christianity.

   _Relative to the era_, National Socialist Germany had the most truly pro-
   gressive attitude toward women's issues, making leaps forward to end the 
   contempt of women emanating from Judeo-Christian tradition.  Adolf Hitler, 
   among his many revolutionary acts, broke the traditions of the highly an-
   drocentric German Armed Forces by awarding heroine test-pilot Hanna Reitsch
   the Iron Cross.  Many capable, talented women, like Realm Women's Leader
   Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, assumed important roles in helping to rebuild German
   society, and later in the defense of Europe, often while tending their fami-
   lies in the face of great adversity.

Just who do you consider "Aryan?"

   National Socialists recognize individuals as biologically Aryan if they are
   wholly of non-Jewish, non-Asiatic European ancestry, descendants of the 
   autochthonous Peoples of the contemporary States of Austria, Belarus, Bel-
   gium, Britain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ger-
   many, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, 
   Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine.  Many persons 
   of Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Por-
   tuguese, Romanian, Serbian, and Spanish heritage also qualify as Aryan, 
   their ancestors being pioneers of Aryan communities in those lands.

   In every Aryan, there is an instinctive drive to rise above mediocrity and
   decadence.  Materialistic "modern living" can suppress or pervert this call-
   ing, but nothing can ever fully extinguish this gift from the Creator.  The
   Aryan who begins to feel this energy ceases to wallow in the spiritual 
   wasteland of the Establishment's benighted "religious" seers, and struggles 
   to master his or her own Will, achieve proficiency, alleviate shortcomings, 
   discover wisdom, and while so doing, experiences a "revolution in thought" 
   to attain an unique sense of Being, the _Aryan Consciousness_.  To attain
   the Aryan Consciousness is to fulfill one's Aryan heritage, to complete
   one's "Aryanhood." 

   Many myths about the criteria of "Aryan" have been perpetrated by the Jew-
   ish-controlled media and Establishment academia.  An Aryan is not neces-
   sarily blond, blue-eyed, and six-feet tall; the blond Nordic is merely the 
   most notable representative of the Aryan Race because he or she differs 
   most significantly from non-Aryans.  National Socialism did not and does 
   not preach or practice hatred of non-Germanic Aryans, such as French or 
   Slavic Nations.  Adolf Hitler enjoyed the work and friendship of many aides 
   and officers of German citizenship, _but Polish family name and heritage_.  
   Hitler also facilitated the independence of the Slavic Nations of Croatia 
   and Slovakia.  Unfortunately, centuries-old, myopic cultural antipathy 
   between Slavic and Teutonic Nations did, and does manifest itself, oc-
   casionally resulting in misunderstanding and conflict, including the 1939 
   Polish-German War.  

Why do you hate non-Whites?

   National Socialism is based on love of one's own kind and the Creator's 
   benevolent natural Order, _not_ hatred.  National Socialists love their Race 
   above all, and wish to see it thrive and progress.

   Non-Aryans, in particular Jews, regularly engage in activities which in-
   hibit the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of Aryans, and sometimes 
   directly harm individuals of our Race.  The effects of these hate-motivated
   activities provoke deep resentment and sometimes defensive hatred in Aryan 
   racialists, occasionally resulting in unfortunate retributory measures 
   against the perpetrator.  Despite this, Aryan racialists strive to avoid 
   conflict with individuals from different racial or ethnic groups, extending 
   due respect to non-Aryans whenever possible.  National Socialists support 
   and often work with racialists of other Races, such as Black Muslims, who 
   wish to see their Peoples thrive and progress, too.

   Because it benefits their self-serving political agenda, the Jewish-con-
   trolled media routinely and deliberately misrepresent the ideas of Aryan 
   racialists, National Socialists in particular, and present the highly mis-
   leading and inaccurate image of the "violent White-supremacist 'neo-Nazi'
   extremist," resulting in the popularly-held myths about the National 
   Socialist Movement.

Why did Hitler murder six million innocent people?

   Contrary to popular belief, no program of genocide against European Jewry 
   existed during World War II.  Unfortunate but understandable deaths re-
   sulted from Allied-inflicted acts of war which crippled the German economy 
   and infrastructure, leading to virtual cut-off of supplies to the concen-
   tration camps and the starvation or death by disease of tens of thousands 
   of inmates.  There simply was no deliberate program of genocide planned and 
   implemented by the German government, nor is there evidence for the exist-
   ence of gas chambers suitable for mass-murder at the camps alleged to be 
   "extermination centers."

   A Myth has been constructed through sophistry from the spurious allegations 
   and misrepresented facts regarding the Jewish situation during World War II 
   as a weapon of psychological and political extortion and manipulation of 
   Western Peoples by Zionists and their Judeophile apologists.

   The Holocaust is an "historical fact" so flimsy it must be supported by
   force, legislation being enacted in several "democratic" countries, in-
   cluding France, Germany, and Sweden, making it a _criminal_ offense to ex-
   press doubt in _any_ aspect of its dogmatic "truth."

Aren't you right-wing fascists?

   National Socialists reject the Establishment's misleading left/right polit-
   ical spectrum, and are neither "rightist" nor "leftist."  National Socialism 
   favors policies similar to those put forth by both "liberals" and "conserv-
   atives" on many issues, and cannot be confined to a philosophical "pigeon-
   hole," our revolutionary Vision transcending the false stereotypes inherent 
   in the "traditional" political spectrum.

   Fascism is properly the name of the political and social ideology espoused 
   by Italian _Duce_ and Premier Benito Mussolini.  Fascism and National 
   Socialism have many similarities, but are _not_ synonymous.  Fascists be-
   lieve in the supremacy of the State and conformance to a rigid artificial 
   social order, while National Socialism is the manifestation of the Laws of 
   Nature in harmony with the collective spirit of the People, or Folk, who 
   are the highest entity of the Nation, above the State and other man-made 

   The term "fascist" derives from the Latin word _fasces_, the name of the 
   Roman symbol of legitimate authority, a wrapped bundle of rods with a pro-
   jecting axe.  The _fasces_ can be found today in and on many _American_ 
   Federal and State government buildings, and county court houses.  "Fascist" 
   is regularly used by the Jewish-controlled media, Establishment academi-
   cians, and misled Americans as a label intended to be severely derogatory to 
   any opponent of the present System's _illegitimate_ power over the American 

Hasn't science proven you're full of it?

   Dishonest "scholarship" by the clique of politically-motivated social and
   bio-social scientists has resulted in a body of pseudo-science, its formu-
   lators deliberately omitting "undesirable" facts relating to the strengths
   and shortcomings of each unique human race.  This phony "science" is cited 
   ceaselessly by media liars, hopelessly befuddled "intellectuals," and the
   well-meaning but misled ordinary American.  Equally-qualified and -educated
   scientists have challenged the false premises of the Establishment's Lysen-
   koesque anthropology, and offer a dogma-free alternative which takes into 
   account ignored facts.

   Orthodox social "science," which maintains as a major tenet the _political_
   idea of biological racial equality, allegedly justifies today's social pol-
   icies that have caused great hardship and despair for millions of both Afri-
   cans and Aryans.  Because the victimization of Aryan and African families
   _must_ end, National Socialists demand realistic social policy be imple-
   mented as soon as possible to relieve the pain and suffering inflicted.

   National Socialists promote the Scientific Enterprise, which is simply the
   discovery or understanding through free inquiry of the Laws and processes of
   the natural Order, and encourage use of scientific knowledge to better the
   collective human condition and the lives of individuals.  Scientific re-
   search flourished in National Socialist Germany, with advances occurring in
   medicine, psychology, environmental science, engineering, and other fields,
   work by German scientists even leading directly to the success of America's
   space program and Moon landings.  A National Socialist government will help
   make American science once again the best in the world.

Shouldn't we save the Earth first?

   National Socialists recognize that to survive, the Aryan Race must have a 
   healthy environment, free of the Life-inhibiting poisons Capitalism has 
   brought upon the world.

   The National Socialist German government promulgated numerous radical 
   Nature conservation programs, including the most progressive and comprehen-
   sive legislation to date, the 1935 _Reichsnaturschutzgesetz_ (Realm Nature 
   Protection Law).

   National Socialism today, maintaining the Aryan tradition of strict rever-
   ence for the natural Order and its Life-giving elements, advocates curtail-
   ment of the everywhere pervasive Nature-destroying Capitalist consumption-
   ism, the latter's mad quest for profit causing nearly all of the environ-
   mental disasters we face, and in remedy, implementation of sustainable, 
   organic agriculture, sound methods of resource extraction and use, and re-
   duction and eventual elimination of toxic substances in our nourishment and 
   throughout the environment.  

Why should I support something my grandfather died to destroy?

   It is terribly painful to realize our grandparents' generation was _used_
   by the Roosevelt regime and the shadow string-pullers behind that cabal, 
   but the facts demonstrate that indeed the American People were deceived
   -- abused -- by traitors, to compel them to fight their brothers and sis-
   ters in Germany during World War II.

   Are the American People happier today than before the war?  Are American
   schools better, streets safer, cities more beautiful today than before the
   war?  The American People fought not to save their traditional Way of Life,
   but to destroy America's potential ally in order to increase the wealth and
   power of the World Manipulators.

   Adolf Hitler sincerely sought alliance with the American and British 
   Peoples, as the record shows, but the criminal Roosevelt and Churchill 
   regimes violently rebuffed his hand of friendship.  Ironically today, it
   is the Vision we share with Hitler that will save the American People from
   the gruesome end gleefully planned for us by the World Manipulators.

   We _cannot_ condemn the millions who fell in the Second World War, American
   and German, to a vainful death by refusing to do what is _right_ today be-
   cause our forebears mistakenly thought it wrong yesterday.

Who are skinheads?

   Skinheads are young Aryan men and women who having been bluntly exposed to 
   the tragic realities of today's "New America," consequently become dis-
   illusioned with the Establishment's "multicultural" deathstyle and turn to 
   a sounder Way for individual development and racial progress.

   Contrary to the image of Skinheads portrayed in the Jewish-controlled media,
   National Socialist Skinheads possess virtuous character and have realistic 
   yet positive attitudes about life in today's corrupt society.  

   Skinheads form tight-knit social groups where camaraderie prevails.  They 
   regularly express themselves through powerful, stirring music, poetry, and 
   visual artwork, and celebrate racial kinship with social gatherings amongst 
   comrades.  Skinhead women have an integral part in the struggle for racial 
   survival, earning admiration from their male counterparts.  A broad spec-
   trum of personalities and backgrounds are represented among Skinheads, but 
   their Ideals of Honor and Love for Folk bind them together to courageously 
   confront the crime-infested society we endure and the hoodlums that threat-
   en their communities.

   Most Skinheads are "Generation X" youth who have been betrayed by the elders
   obligated to guard their future, but rather than surrender to a bleak fate
   dished out by the present System, each Skinhead contributes his or her 
   knowledge, talent and skills to _build_ a more promising future for them-
   selves and our Race.

Aren't you tools of the wealthy and powerful?

   National Socialism is diametrically opposed to monopoly Capitalism and all 
   its exploitive manifestations.  The World Manipulators and other socio-
   economic elitists have hated and feared National Socialism since its in-
   ception, for the National Socialist Vision represents a viable alternative 
   to the Tyranny of Money's inequitable compensation for productive labor and 
   its criminal usury-debt-based finance system, which oppresses working 
   people of _all_ racial and ethnic backgrounds.  Not the Democrats, not the 
   Republicans, not the Marxists, but _only_ National Socialists expose the 
   usury-debt finance racket, vowing to destroy it, replacing its rape of the 
   worker with a more equitable economic system based on _genuine_ wealth and 
   a sound currency. 

   National Socialism is dynamic and progressive, encouraging all types of cre-
   ative work which contribute to the health, happiness, or safety of the Race 
   and Nation, and requires proper compensation in living wages, prestige, and 
   social services for farmers, artisans, and laborers.  National Socialism 
   rigorously sanctions with correction or expulsion parasitical elements which 
   selfishly exploit the Nation and Race and refuse to contribute for the bene-
   fit of the entire Folk community. 

   A National Socialist government will protect the National economy from a
   flood of goods produced through Capitalist exploitation of foreign slave
   labor, guaranteeing American farmers, artisans, and laborers a _fair_ 
   trading market.

Will you dare try to legislate morality?

   _All_ governments legislate morality.  That's the purpose of legitimate gov-
   ernment, to provide for the order, stability, and justice which guarantees
   citizens opportunity for happy, productive lives.  The difference between a
   legitimate government and a dictatorship is not a matter of methods, but
   of _motives_ in legislating and governing the Nation.  A legitimate govern-
   ment legislates morality -- law -- which benefits the People and their live-
   lihood and happiness.  An illegitimate government legislates morality that
   serves special interests, most often a wealthy economic minority, usually 
   leading to spiritual and social sickness for the Nation.

   The Jewish-controlled media and Establishment academicians and politicians
   strive to deny the present regime's legislation of _perverse_ morality.  By
   deceiving the American People, awareness of the perversity of the legis-
   lated morality is lessened, and opposition to it stifled.

   A National Socialist government will legislate and govern in the best inter-
   ests of the American People.  National Socialism will put an end to U.S.
   Government-sponsored pictures of Jesus Christ in urine purported to be
   "art," Establishment-promoted and -defended "rap songs" advocating murder
   of police officers purported to be "music," Establishment-glorified filthy
   acts like anal sex purported to be "constitutional rights," and the domina-
   tion of the American Majority by a bigoted religious minority who places
   a tax on _all_ Americans' food in keeping with their "dietary laws."

Why did Hitler have total gun control?

   Misinformed individuals, deriving their false premises from the Jewish-con-
   trolled media and Establishment academia, wrongly claim the German People
   were deprived of firearms during the Third Reich.  While it is true the 
   National Socialist German government did enforce many firearms regulations, 
   the Hitler Administration in fact moderated the _more_ strict gun control 
   regulations of the "democratic" Weimar Republic, and encouraged ordinary 
   German citizens to obtain firearms.

   National Socialists support the inalienable right to individual and collec-
   tive self-defense, both from common thugs and corrupt regimes that function 
   contrary to the Will and best interests of the Majority.  Therefore, 
   National Socialists support the right to possess, and use whenever neces-
   sary, _effective_ firearms and proper ammunition, free of the unreasonable 
   regulations and taxes intended to deprive the citizenry of self-defense

Who are these "World Manipulators?"

   The World Manipulators are an international network of highly resourceful 
   fanatics who believe it their rightful destiny to be Lords of the Earth.  
   This network of organized crime has become a de facto, quasi-secret "super-
   government," exercising near absolute power over the world's banking sys-
   tem, and tremendous influence over the world's mass media and most of the 
   world's ostensibly legitimate governments.

   Jews, members of a People who have chosen themselves to rule the World, 
   comprise a majority of the World Manipulators, with substantial numbers of
   Aryans and Asians intoxicated with Judaic thought also participating in this
   obscene racket.

   Through their masterfully managed mass media, and with the aid of their
   apologists and "true-believers" in the Establishment's "Ivory Towers" of
   Ignorance, the World Manipulators have created a spectrum of "permissible" 
   thought, not unlike the "goodthink" in Orwell's dark world of _1984_, which 
   "right thinking" people are expected to adhere to, with admonishment or 
   even criminal punishment for transgressors.  Obviously, National Socialism 
   lies outside this "politically correct" spectrum of "permissible" thought.

   The World Manipulators recognize strong, healthy, free Nations and Races are
   unbreachable obstacles to their insane lust for _unlimited_ power and 
   wealth, and seek to enslave or obliterate through concocted "no-win" wars,
   planned economic calamity, and crazy but calculated social policy _all_ 
   Nations and Races, _especially_ the Aryan Race.

What is "ZOG?"

   "ZOG," an acronym for _Zionist Occupational Government_, is a popular euphe-
   mism for the alien anti-Americans, the Washington Criminals and their will-
   ing collaborators within Federal, State, and local government agencies that
   dictate directives to the American People and force our compliance.

   The Zionist Occupational Government, or alternately, Jewish Occupational
   Government, is an entity under the hegemony of the World Manipulators who 
   stealthily coordinate the policies of the several occupation governments 
   wielding power over the Aryan Nations to provide an uniform tyranny as well
   as an united front of the "international community" against any potential 
   threat.  ZOG is an _occupation_ government because it is commanded by in-
   filtrators _from a foreign power_ who gained entry to the United States for 
   the real purpose of sabotage of America's legitimate authority, armed for-
   ces, and economy leading to our unavoidable capitulation as a sovereign 

What do you call your party?

   Because today's political world has changed phenomenally since the days of 
   Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party, the American National 
   Socialist Movement of 1994 is multi-faceted, without a centralized organi-
   zation and with a diversity of tactical approaches to achieve our most im-
   portant goal.

   Since the World Manipulators have a "golden grip" on the political systems
   of Western Nations, National Socialists have little or no chance of imple-
   menting the Will of the Aryan Majorities through conventional means at this 
   time.  To diminish or neutralize the oppression and subversion by the Es-
   tablishment against National Socialists, diversification of guidance and 
   resources has occurred within the Movement, and although a few small, rep-
   utable and effective NS organizations exist, this diversification has cul-
   minated in a form of "leaderless resistance."  Leaderless resistance means 
   that the National Socialist takes responsibility in his or her own commu-
   nity for directing localized activities and dissemination of the Good News 
   of National Socialism.
   The time for direct action and a national organization has not yet arrived.

   A National Socialist is defined by inner substance, not by outer appearance.
   Attention-desperate clowns dressed in Hollywood "Nazi" costumes parading
   around with German flags in childish imitation of a past era who cannot
   offer a coherent expression of the National Socialist Vision -- favorite
   spectacles for Jewish-controlled television -- are _not_ National Social-

What does National Socialism offer me, the ordinary American?

   National Socialism means the opportunity of a happier, more fulfilling life 
   for the ordinary American working man and woman.

   A National Socialist government will work _for_ you and your best interests,
   using your hard-earned tax dollars for the benefit of _your_ People's well-
   being, _not_ for "foreign aid" parasites like Israel.

   National Socialism means that the American worker's productivity -- his or 
   her hard work -- will work _not_ for international bankers, millionaire 
   Capitalist racketeers, and their politician-stooges, but to build a better 
   today for American families and an even brighter tomorrow for Aryan 

   National Socialists support: 

   - opportunities for all to have a rewarding, productive career, suitable to
     individual ability, talent, and needs.

   - affordable opportunities for all families to _truly own_ a home or a food-
     and fiber-producing homestead.

   - opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to establish or sustain produc-
     tive businesses supporting their families and the National economy, free 
     from the crippling taxes, usury-bondage, and corrupt anti-entrepreneur 
     tactics of today's monopoly Capitalist system. 

   - physical and spiritual health maintenance programs for all ages, empha-
     sizing holistic nutrition and fitness awareness.

   - free, comprehensive medical services for all, with special concern for 
     children, mothers, and the aged.  

   - free, universal quality education, primary through university level,
     stressing excellence, practical knowledge, and love of wisdom.

   - enjoyable leisure and social activities for workers inside and outside 
     the workplace, including family vacations, participant sports, and Nature 
     appreciation activities.

   - replacement of Establishment-directed soul-destroying mindless "enter-
     tainment" and degenerate "art" with government-supported programs empow-
     ering all to express themselves through healthy culture, including music, 
     literature, visual arts, theater and dance, and festivals.

   - replacement of the Establishment's mechanistic, inorganic, money-driven 
     law code with a People's Law system upholding the principle of justice 
     for individuals regardless of wealth, gender, or age.

   Question not _how_ National Socialism will build a better life, but _how it 
   can once again_.

How can I help?

   Collecting Third Reich memorabilia is a hobby, not activism.  Discussing
   today's problems while not working for the solution is whining, not activ-
   ism.  Painting swastikas and screaming racial slurs is juvenile stupidity, 
   not activism.

   Activism means commitment.  Activism means you dedicate yourself to Aryan 
   survival and progress, and work daily for its realization.  Activism means 
   you think, act, and look like an Aryan.  "Thinking like an Aryan" means 
   constantly having thoughts constructive and beneficial for oneself and our 
   Race.  "Acting like an Aryan" means upholding Honor in all you do, working 
   for the best interests of the Aryan Race, and _never_ doing anything sense-
   lessly harmful to oneself or our Race.  "Looking like an Aryan" means pre-
   senting oneself in a respectable manner at all times, with cleanliness and 
   sobriety.  Therefore, drug addicts, alcoholics, sexual deviants/perverts, 
   "thrill-seekers," Charlie Manson fanatics, and the mentally and morally 
   unstable are not welcome in the National Socialist Movement.

   Begin by contacting the organizations below, and READ their publications.  
   Read and deeply ponder the ideas and information in the works offered by 
   National Socialist booksellers, and in the following bibliography.  Most 
   importantly, TELL OTHERS about the Good News of National Socialism.  As 
   your knowledge, ability, and means permit, organize appropriate activities 
   for your own community.

   The Aryan Race is backed against the wall.  There is no time to fear for 
   one's comfort.  YOU would see the death of the Aryan Race and _all_ you 
   value, were we to fail in this greatest endeavor of all time.  We have but 
   one option, and that is _forward_.  The alternative is for Aryan men to 
   serve the "New World Order" on their knees, and for Aryan women to serve on 
   their backs.

   YOUR efforts, no matter how small or great, in concert with those of your 
   racial brothers and sisters across this Nation and around the world shall 
   result in 

      The Triumph of the Aryan Will.

When writing to the addresses below, please enclose a minimum of $1.00 to cover
postage costs.


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National Vanguard Books                     Nordic Heritage & History Club
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For a complete schedule, write National Vanguard Books.

* Highly sympathetic, but does not necessarily fully endorse National Social-

BIBLIOGRAPHY of useful works on National Socialism and National Socialist

Works by National Socialists:

Bauer, Wilhelm.  _German Economic Policy_.  Berlin: Terramare Office, 1939.

Bouhler, Philipp.  _Adolf Hitler: A Short Sketch of His Life_.  Berlin: 
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Kaiser, Fritz.  "Entartete 'Kunst' Austellungsfuhrer" [Degenerate "Art" 
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Wilhelm, Theodor, and Gerhard Graefe.  _German Education Today_.  Second Edi-
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National Socialist Motion Pictures on videocassette:

_Assorted Nazi Political Films_  (1932-1943).  Videorecording; Chicago:
   International Historic Films, 1985.

_Der ewige Jude_ [The Eternal Jew]  (Fritz Hippler, 1940).  Videorecording; 
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_Hitlerjunge Quex_ [Hitler Youth Quex]  (Hans Steinhoff, 1933).  Videore-
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_Triumph des Willens: Das Dokument vom Reichsparteitag 1934_ [Triumph of the 
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Contemporary National Socialist Fiction:

Macdonald, Andrew (pseudonym).  _Hunter_.  Hillsboro, WV: National Vanguard 
   Books, 1989.

_____.  _The Turner Diaries_.  Second Edition.  Hillsboro, WV:  National Van-
   guard Books, 1988.


Supplementary works --

*  While surveying the following works, please keep in mind that each con-  *
*  tains Establishment-mandated anti-National Socialist cliches and mis-    *
*  leading, misrepresented or patently false data.  In addition, a majority *
*  of the authors have varying degrees of anti-National Socialist biases,   *
*  most commonly a pro-Establishment political agenda.                      *

*  May the reader be enlightened by these works, while recognizing and      *
*  overcoming their subjectivity and error.                                 *

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** A new edition has been issued by Focal Point Publications of London, which
   includes both _Hitler's War_ and _The War Path_, revised in accordance with 
   new data and the author's dismissal of the Holocaust Myth.

Please note:  To facilitate library catalog searches, umlauts have purposely 
              not been anglicized.

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Opinions expressed or implied are solely those of the author, and do not
   necessarily reflect the positions of any particular organization or

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