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Subject: SAFAN ALERT:  Stand-Off in Texas?  Update II
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>from  Norm Olsen ( 

Republic of Texas' McLaren warns officials against serving warrant.
By Joe Gaines, Staff Writer, Midland Reporter-Telegram, Dec. 21, 1996

Fort Davis - The leader of the Republic of Texas group said Friday that 
he and his "defense forces: will "not tolerate" efforts to arrest him on a
warrant issued by a federal judge Thursday.

Officials with the U.S. Marshal's office in Pecos -- which would be 
responsible for serving the warrant on Richard McLaren, who on Friday 
was at the Republic's "embassy" near Fort Davis-- said they had not 
received any notices of warrants against McLaren as of Friday.

And neither has the U.S. Marshal's Western District office in San 
Antonio, said Sam Williams, supervising deputy of warrants.

If the U.S. Marshal's office were to receive the warrant, Williams said, 
the office would then "assess" the situation before serving it.

"We would look at the need for further assistance," Williams said.

McLaren's response "of using force" if served a warrant is "typical," 
officials in Pecos said. But McLaren said his militia has been preparing 
for this situation for six months and is prepared to use "extreme 

"If a burglar pulled a gun on you, what would you do if you had a 
gun?"  McLaren said Friday in a telephone interview with the 
Reporter-Telegram.   "The U.S. Marshal's office can serve the warrant 
if they're stupid enough."

McLaren would not say how many militia members were with him in 
Fort  Davis, nor if he had been stocking food, water and weapons.
"I'll tell you this won't be another standoff like Waco," he said. "We 
will counteract. There is no deal to be made. We won't play any 
games, because we know what the outcome will be. Once they turn 
it on, they won't be able to turn it off."

Lucius Bunton, senior U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District 
of Texas, issued the warrant in Pecos after McLaren failed to appear 
at a hearing.  The hearing was to determine if McLaren was violating 
terms given to him after being released from jail earlier this year, 
Bunton said.

As part of his release, McLaren was ordered to report with officials 
regularly and halt filing bogus liens against Texas property owners, 
Bunton said.  But McLaren said Bunton can take his order and "shove 
it up his gazoo."

The terms of his release were negated by actions of the U.S. Supreme 
Court and U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia in August and
September, McLaren said in a statement released Thursday.

U.S. courts cannot get involved in international political questions like 
those of the Republic, McLaren said in the statement.

However, Bunton said McLaren's charges were bogus and that the 
Republic of Texas has not been recognized.

"I will recognize Bill Clinton as my President and George W. Bush as 
my governor," Bunton said.  "I cannot tolerate someone who thumbs 
his nose at the judicial system."

End Article    -  Statement from the President Follows

December 21, 1996
	Republic of Texas President Archie Huel Lowe is urging people to 
use reason and not get caught up in the unwarranted sensationalism, 
rumors and false information that are rampant in the media.
	President Lowe commented, "We are not on any kind of military 
alert, much less a Defense Alert #1, as has been reported. We are on 
an information alert only-- information concerning things that Judge 
Lucius Bunton has done and said. We are not amassing troops to 
defend the Embassy. We have sent extra guards to relieve the 
Defense Forces guards and give them a much-needed rest. We've 
also sent some food and supplies, since the Embassy is quite a 
distance from shopping areas. And by the way, the Embassy is not a compound,
as is being reported in the media. It is an officially 
designated diplomatic office of The Republic of Texas under the law 
of nations, and it's located in the beautiful Davis Mountains resort area. 
I would imagine that the neighbors who own property in the area 
won't be pleased to hear their property referred to as a compound."
	"Let's not try to make this another Waco. We aren't interested in 
initiating violence; the wrong that has been done here is on the part 
of Lucius Bunton, not The Republic of Texas, but we're not looking for 
a confrontation. We don't need to, because we've scheduled hearings 
at the Capitol in Austin beginning January 7 at which we'll be 
presenting evidence of human rights violations and violations of the 
United Nations Charter on the part of federal and state agencies. 
Everything the legislature and the world needs to know about why 
we've been demanding our sovereignty will be presented then," 
President Lowe added.

End Statement
     Galatians 4:16
     Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?
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