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ARTICLES OF AMENDMENT                   |           FILED           |
TO THE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION        |    in the Office of the   |
					|Secretary of State of Texas|
					|        OCT 13 1995        |
					|   Corporations Section    |

Pursuant to the provisions of Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act

(TNPC), Art. 1396-4.03, et. seq.,the Articlee of Amendment to the

Articles of Incorporation of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom

filed July 10, 1995 and the Articles of Incorporation filed April

14, 1952 are hereby amended by the following Articles of Amendment

which amends the purpose, principal office, information related to

the Voting Members of the corporation regarding the vesting of the

management of the corporation in the Voting Members, the number of

directors that shall be authorized as directors on the Board of

Directors, the method of election of directors, the listing of the

directors of the corporation; the term of existence (period of

duration) of the corporation, method of election of the voting

Members, members' tenure in office and provides a list of the

current Voting Members of the corporation.

   Amends Article One, Articles of Amendment of July 10, 1995

The name of this corporation shall be: "LEGION FOR THE SURVIVAL OF



                          ARTICLE TWO

  Amends Article Two, Articles of Amendment of July 10, 1995

This is a Non-Profit Corporatlon organized under Title 32

CORPORATIONS, Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, Article 1396.

The purpose for which this corporation is organized is :

	To be a patriotic, literary and educational organization 
aiding and assisting in the promotion and preservation of American 
Constitutional Government, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the 
United States of America, through publicity campaigns conducted 
through the mediums such as magazines, radio, television, 
newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets and periodicals; and including 
the preparation of patriotic advertising copy for the use in these 
public medias; to conduct publicity campaigns designed to educate 
the American Public in the fundamentals of Americanism and truths 
as found in historical research, establishing libraries for the 
support of these efforts.


   Amends Article Three, Articles of Amendment of July 10, 1995

The registered corporate office and registered corporate agent of 

the Legion for the Survival of Freedom shall be located in Houston, 

Harris County, Texas at 55 Waugh Drive, suite 810, Houston, Harris 

County, Texas 77002.

Other offices for the transaction of business may be located

elsewhere within and/or outside the State of Texas at such places

as the members or Board of Directors may from time to time 




Amends Article 4, Articles of Incorporation date April 14, 1952

   The period of duration of this corporation is perpetual.



Amends Article Five, Articles of Amendment of July 10, 1995

The management of the affairs of the corporation is vested in its 

Voting Members which have existeci as a class of members from the 

initial incorporation on April 14, 1952. The voting Members may delegate 

authority to the directors as they see fit to assist in the dally operation 

and adminiseration of the corporation.

The day to day business and property of the Corporation shall be 

administered by the Board of Directors to be elected by the voting Members 

called (originally designated) "Incorporators"  and the number of 

Directors authorized may be increased at any regular or special meeting 

of the Voting Members by the Voting Members only. Three Directors as 

currently authorized are as follows:

Lewis B. Furr,   260 Morphew Road, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913

LaVonne D. Furr, 260 Morphew Road, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913

Elisabeth Carto, 711 W.17th St., Unit D-3, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 

                        ARTICLE SEVEN

(Amends the Articles of Incorporation dated April 14, 1952 by
adding an article, Article No. Seven)

	For the purpooes of clarity, the terms of designation of the

class of voting members as "Voting Membere", "Substitute

Incorporators", "Members" and "Incorporators" (not to be confused

with the use of that term to describe original persons involved in

lncorporating a corporation) shall be interchangable.

	Replacement of a deceased, misslng or otherwise incapacitated

member shall be by appointment by a two-thirds vote of the

surviving Voting Member(s) for a person to become a Voting Member

substituting for the deceased, missing or otherwise incapacitated

Voting Member.

	The number of voting Members may be increased by a unanimous

tote of the existing Voting Members. The tenure of office as

Voting Members, (unless otherwise denominated by the electing

Voting Members) shall be for life or unless declared missing or

otherwise incapable of serving, or until their resignation is

tendered and served on the other Votlng Members at a meeting of the

Voting Members.

	Any Voting Member may call a special meeting of the voting

members. Any meeting may be held at any location in person or by

telephone so long as ten days notice is given to or waived by all

Voting Mombers. There shall be no specific requirement of any

annual or regular meeting of the voting Members nor limit of number

of meetings they may hold.


	The Voting Members' List for Meeting at the close of

business on the business day preceding the date of the meeting

on October 12, 1995 was as follows:  

   Willis A. Carto - 711 W. 17th. St., Unit D-3, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

   LeVonne D. Furr - 260 Morphew Road, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913

	These Articles of Amendment were approved and adopted

by consent in writing signed by all the Voting Members

entitled to vote with respect thereto. Additionally, all of

the Voting Members of the Legion for Freedom adopted these

Articles of Amendment by unanimous consient at our meeting of

the Voting Members held October 12, 1995.

[signature]			[signature]
----------------------		----------------------
LaVonne D. Furr - Voting Member Willis A. Carto - Voting Member

SURVIVAL OF FREEDOM are hereby submitted and filed as approved
on October 12, 1995 A.D.

				Willis A. Carto - President

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