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Vol. II, No. 5
25 October 1996


OR, DOES "N.B.C." NOW STAND FOR "N(o) B(ad) C(linton) News", "N(o)
B(etter) C(overup)" OR THE "N(o) B(alls) C(ompany)"?

The John Doe Times is a joint venture of the 1st Alabama Cavalry
Regiment (Constitutional Militia), Bootleg Printing Company and the
Militia Marketing Agency.  Copy-it-right 1996.  Feel free to copy this
anywhere, just quote us correctly.  Direct email responses to  Direct snail mail and neo-nazi letter bombs to John
Doe Times, P.O. Box 926, Pinson, AL  35126.  Direct any other request
for directions to the ex-Director.  By order of the Head Cheese,
visitors to the Rat Trap are encouraged to call ahead for non-lethal
reservations.  Sic Semper Rodentia.

A word from our Editor:

Before I get started, please remember that the comments below are my own
and do not reflect any other person who is assisting the Wilburn

Below, gentle readers, you will find J.D. Cash's story on the CBC
coverage of the Tulsa "smoking gun".  The Canadians kicked journalistic
butt and named names (Strassmeir, Brescia, McVeigh).   The embarrassed
silence from NBC (who has this and many other stories in the can about
OKC but refuses to run them) was deafening.  I contacted a member of the
NBC news organization and asked them how it felt to be scooped by
Canadians.  "They don't have our legal considerations," I was told.  I
responded, "Oh, they have your legal considerations, they just don't
have your POLITICAL considerations."  "One thing I want to know," I
asked, "Is: did George Stephanopulous make two or three calls to get
this one stopped?"  No reply.

One thing is plain:  the decision to "get more data before we run with
this" was made at the highest levels of the Corporation.  Now, mind you,
NBC is farther ahead than the Clinton Broadcasting System and the
Communist News Network (the only network treasonously flagrant enough to
broadcast U.S. military troop and equipment movements in real time so as
to risk their destruction).  ABC is in the same boat as NBC, "working
hard, but hardly working."

The book I want to read is the one to be printed a couple years down the
road entitled: "Holding Up the Curtain: How the Media Became Handmaidens
To the Oklahoma City Coverup."

-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR

Now for the story NBC is too scared to broadcast:

23 October 1996

by J.D.Cash

The Canadian Broadcasting Company on Tuesday night began airing what
major news networks in this country have so far declined to-- witness
reports that Oklahoma City suspect Timothy McVeigh was sighted just days
before the nation's worst terrorist bombing at a Tulsa topless bar.

On a program called "The Fifth Estate," the Canadian counterpart to this
country's "Sixty Minutes," reporters recapped much of what this
newspaper has been reporting for more than 18 months, including portions
of a security film from the Tulsa topless bar obtained by Gazette
reporter John Cash and an NBC reporter.

Focus of the Canadian report were possible connections to former
Canadian resident, Robert Millar, who is spiritual leader of the
Christian Identity compound called Elohim City, which is located on the
Oklahoma-Arkansas border near Fort Smith, Ark.

Contained in the CBC report was the videotape taken in the dressing room
of Lady Godiva's on the night of April 8, 1995.  One of the dancers
there makes references to a customer she had been sitting with that
night , who was bragging that she would never forget him after April 19,

The McCurtain Gazette's exclusive story on this topic, published on
Sept. 25, didn't reveal the identities of the other men with that
braggart, pending review by state and federal agents.

Today it can be revealed that from photographs, witnesses at the club
identified the man doing the bragging as Timothy McVeigh, and those
seated with him as Michael Brescia, 24, and his former Elohim City
roommate, Andreas Strassmeir, 37.

The witnesses from the topless club agreed to appear on that Canadian TV
segment, identifying the photos.

The FBI has reviewed a copy of the video from the club and has also
interviewed the same witnesses featured in the CBC program, but the
Justice Department has made no official comment on what they intend to
do with the evidence.

Also this week, government prosecutors filed papers in the Denver court,
asking the judge in the Oklahoma City bombing case to block efforts by
McVeigh's defense team in seeking government files on Strassmeir and his

Hearings are scheduled on the matter for November 14-15.

Strassmeir is a former German military officer whom residents of Elohim
City say McVeigh called on April 5, 1995, when phone records indicate
such a call was placed from McVeigh's motel room in Kingman, Ariz., to
Elohim City.  That call was made only seconds after a Ryder Truck Rental
establishment in Arizona had been contacted using a prepaid phone card
linked to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

While Strassmeir's attorney, Kirk Lyons of Black Mountain, N.C., admits
his client may have met McVeigh at a Tulsa gunshow in 1993, he says
Strassmeir had no contact with McVeigh since then.

Lyons said his client came to the United States in 1989 as a tourist and
"just hung around" because he liked the girls and American customs.

For his part, Michael Brescia has never commented on the bombing matter
publicly and has refused interview requests.

Brescia left Elohim City in the fall of 1995 and returned to his native
Philadelphia where he started a rock band called Cyanide with two other
former Elohim City residents, Scott A. Stedeford, 27, and Kevin W.
McCarthy, 19.

In May of this year, McCarthy and Stedeford were arrested for their
alleged roles in what has become known as the Midwest bank robberies.

In all, authorities believe there were some 19 banks robbed in seven
states by members of the gang.  Over $200,000 was reported stolen, and
none of it has been recovered.

After the Oklahoma City bombing. The New York Times quoted FBI sources
as saying that McVeigh and Nichols could be linked to those bank
robberies.  However, they have never been charged with those crimes.

FBI sources say they do not consider Brescia a suspect in the Oklahoma
City bombing.

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