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From Tue Aug 22 21:22:39 PDT 1995
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From: (Constitution Party)
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Date: 22 Aug 1995 14:26:17 -0500
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US Military Targets Militias
Constitution & Rights Again in Danger

Whether you are in a militia or not, or if you sympathize with them, approve
of them, or are a constitutionistr, patriot, sovereign Citizen, or a tax
resister, BEWARE!  The government has plans for you.  Pending an ok from the
White House, the Pentsgon is p-repared to "decapitate" citizen militias.  If
you are not in one or if any of the above fits you, you will be labeled
anyway.  Watch out, they have plans>

According to Mike Blair writing in the Spotlight (August 28, 1995), the
Pentagon is ready to move quickly to eliminate so-called citizen militia
groups in America.  Thye police state marches on.  The revalations in
Piekoff's "Ominous Paralells" are coming true.  There are plans already in
place to "deal with" the patriotic grou[ps that have formed all over America.

Spotlight's well-placed source says that top-level meetings are being held
at various locations throughout the US to formulate plans to crush what the
Clinton  administration calls "a militia insurrection."  Well, it seems to
me that the insurrection has already taken place years ago by those
well-placed one-worlders in our own government.

Attending these meetings are key officers of the Special Operations Command
(SOCOM) from Fort Bragg, as well as high level officials from the BATF and
the FBI.  For the past 18 months SOCOM has maintained a special section at
the JFK Special Warfare Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  They have
been gathering information on the many militia groups now organized in America.

The Pentagon, according to the cource, is awaiting legislation that would
erode the Posse Comitadas Act of 1878 sufficiently to allow SOCOM units to
make their moves against the militias.  The Senate has already passed a
counterterrorism bill and the House is expected to voite on a similar one in
September.  SOCOM believes that all major militia groups have been
"infiltrated" with government informants, many who have volunteered their
services in revealing details of the organization's leaders and operational

SOCOM also believes that bthere are some one million Americans affiliated
with militias or other patriotic groups, about 100,000 opf whom it considers
"violent, and seriously intent upon an inevitable confrontation with US
government civilian and military authorities."

SOCOM's plan of action, which it refers to as "decapitating the militias,"
is to move suddenly against militia leaders, instructors, suddenly snatching
them from their homes during the night and taking them into custody.  The
source said that they will pay special attention to former US military
Special Operations personnel who are known to be instructing militiamen in
the various groups throughout the country.

Apparently, according to the source, there are diverse views among the
military and civilian units which will be involved in the operation, ranging
>from  leadership of the Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land) who are eager to
undertake such a sweep, to those, particularly among the military, who have
great misgivings about such a mission against civilians.  There are a number
of reasons for this, the source said:
1 - Some do not consider such an operation as being appropriate for the
2 - They fear, although their plans are designed so that the militias can be
"decapitated" by removing the leadership and instructors, that ultimately
there wioll be considerable violence leadingh tyo a strict suspension of
various civil rights under a  declared "national emergency."

This could include, they believe, virtual elimination of the Secone
Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) and the Fourth Amendment (the
right of citizens to be secure in their homes from unwarranted searches and
seizures), as well as severe restraints on the rights of free speech and the
press guaranteed by the First Amendment.  

The Spotlight source said that the more rational leaders of SOCOM, as well
as civilian ffederal agencies, are hoping that the militias will "stand
down" and thus avoid the need for attacking them.

3 - Some fear that snatching militia leaders and instructors will only
further inflame the situation, the action causing millions of Americans -
now not affiliated with militias or so-called patriotic groups but who are
unhappy with the government for its continued intrusion into their lives -
to become more "active."

I don't know about you, but I was taught by my grandfather to be patriotic.
To love and honor your country and to defend it from becoming tyrannical.
Make no mistake about it, people, the police state is upon us and will
become even more repressive.  Make your choices this election day carefully.
This may be our only chance to correct a government that has gone too far
astray from it's Constitution. 

I recommend a great book that will shock you to no end.  It was allegedly
purchased up by government or government front organizations to keep it from
public view.  After reading the opening chapters, I can see why.  The major
bookstores will tell you it's "unavailable" as will the major distributors,
but you can still get it direct from the publisher.  The book is:

	The Ominous Paralells" by Leonard Piekoff.  It cost $10 + $2 for shipping.

You can get it from:     Penguin Books, USA
		        PO Box 999 Dept 17109
		        Bergenfield, NJ  07621

Mike I.

From Wed Aug 23 00:45:51 PDT 1995
Article: 1343 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Constitution Party  (by way of Charles Zeps)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Date: 22 Aug 1995 15:25:37 -0500
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US Military Targets Militias
Constitution & Rights Again in Danger

[identical article to that immediately above deleted. knm]

From Wed Aug 23 18:15:34 PDT 1995
Article: 1604 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Constitution Party)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Date: 23 Aug 1995 12:14:40 -0500
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Here is the theory:
	"It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize
that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his
nation; that the posiution of the individual ego is conditioned solely by
the interests of the nation as a whole ... that above all the unity of a
nation's spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit
and will of the individual. ..."
	"This state of mind which subordinates the interests of the ego to the
conservation of the community, is really the first premise for every human
culture. ... The basic attitude from which such activity arises, we call -
to distinguish it from egoism and selfishness-idealism.  By this we
understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the
ciommunity, for his fellow men."

These statements were made in our century by the leader of a major Western
nation.  His countrymen regarded his viewpoint as uncontroversial.  His
political program implemented it faithfully.

The statements were made by Adolph Hitler.  He was explaining the moral
philosophy of Nazism. (Speech made by Hitler at Buckberg, Oct. 7, 1933)

And here is the ultimate practice (as described by William Shirer inn "The
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"):

	"The gas chambers themselves [at Auscwitz] and the adjoining crematoria,
viewed from a short distance, were not sinister-looking places at all; it
was impossible to make them out for what they were.  Over them were
well-kept lawns with flower borders; the signs at the entrances merely said
BATHS.  The unsuspecting Jews thought they were simply being takenb to the
baths for the delousing which was cutomary at all camps.  And taken to the
accompaniment of sweet mucic!
	"For there was light music.  An orchestra of 'young and pretty girls all
dressed in white blouses and navy blue skirts,' as one survivor remembered ,
had been formed from among the inmates.  While the selection was being made
for the gas chambers this unique musical ensemble played gay tunes from The
Merry Widow asnd Tales of Hoffman.  Nothing solemn and somber from
Beethoven.  The death marches at Aushwitz were sprightly and merry tunes,
straight out of Viennese and Parisian operetta.
	"To such music, recalling as it did happier and more frivolous times, the
men, women and children were led into the 'bath houses,' where theye were
told to undress preparatory to taking a 'shower.'  Sometimes  they were even
given towels.  Once they were inside the 'shower room' - and perhaps this
was the first moment that they may have suspected something was amiss, for
as many as two thousand of them were were packed into the chamber like
sardines, making it difficult to take a bath - the massive door was slid
shut, locked and hermitically sealed.  Up above where the well-grommed lawn
and flower beds almost concealed the mushroom-shaped lids of vents that ran
up from the hall of death, orderlies stood ready to drop into them the
amethysyst blue crystals of hydrogen cyanide. ...
	"Through the heavy-glass portholes the executioners could watch what
happened.  The naked prisoners below would be looking up at the showers from
which no water spouted or perhaps at the floor wondering whay there were no
drains.  It took some moments before the gas would have much effect.  But
soon the inmates became aware that it was issuing from the perforations in
the vents.  It was then when they first panicked, crowding away from the
pipes and finally stampeding toward the hige metal door where theyt piled up
in one blue clammy blood-spattered pyramid, clawing and mauling each other
even in death." (William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,

The Nazis were not a tribe of prehistoric savages.  Their crimes were the
official, legal acts and policies of modern Germany - an educated,
industrializes, civilizes Western European nation, a nation renowned
throughout the world for the luster of its intellectual and cultural
achievements.  By reason of its long line of famous artists and thinkers,
Germany has been called "the land of poets and philosophers."

Its education offered the country no protection against the opressors in its
ranks.  The German university students were among the reearliest groups to
back Hitler.  The intellectuals were among the regime's most ardent
supporters.  Profdessors with distinguished academic credentials, eager to
pronounce their benediction on the Fuhrer's cause, put their scholarship to
work full time; they turned out a library of admiring volumes, adorned with
obscure allusions and learned references.

The Nazis didn't gain power against the country's wishes.  In this respect,
there was no gulf between the intellectuals and the people.  The Nazi Party
was elected to office by the freely cast ballots of millions of German
voters, includi8ng men on every social, economic and educational level.  In
the national election of July, 1932, the Nazis obtained 37% of the vote and
a plurality of seats in the Reischstag.  On January 30, 1933, in full
accordance with the country's legal and constitutional principles, Hitler
was appointed Chancellor.  Five weeks later, in the last (and semi-free)
election of the pre-totalitarian period, the Nazis obtained 17 million
votes, 44% of the total.

The voters were aware of the Nazi ideology.  Nazi literature, including
statements of the Nazi plans for the future, prepared the country during the
last years of the Weimar Republic.  Mein Kampf alone sold more than 200,000
copies between 1925 and 1932.  The essensce of the political system which
hitler intended to establish in Germany was clear.

>From  "The Ominoius Parallels" by Leonard Peikoff; Penguin Books, USA; PO Box
999, Dept 17109; Bergenfield, NJ  07621.

Dr Peikoff identifies the cause of Nazism - and the ominous parallels
between the intellectual history of Germany and of the United States.  If
you do not wish to become a victim of today's philosophical bankruptcy, I
recommend the Ominous Parallels as protection and ammunition.  It will
protect you from supporting, unwittingly, the ideas that are destroying you
and the world.

William Cooper, host of the Hour of the Time radio broadcast, also has tapes
covering this subject available at

(To be continued ... )

From Wed Aug 30 15:31:16 PDT 1995
Article: 4031 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Constitution Party)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Date: 30 Aug 1995 14:30:57 -0500
Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway
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by James P Tucker, Jr.

Now, UN meddlers are making treaties with states.  Believe it or not,
Maryland has OK'd a treaty with the United Nations.  read on...

Maryland has become the only state in history to sign a separate accord with
the United Nations.  It sets the precedent of the UN ignoring what is left
of America's national sovereignty by making separate "treaties" with
individual states.

The historic incident was ignored by the Bilderberg-controlled press,
including the Washington Post.  The announcement was made by Gov. Parris
Glendening (D-Md) August 5, 1995 in a signing ceremony in Baltimore.  Under
the accord, Maryland and the World Health Organization (WHO) pledged to help
make people healthy.  That sounds sufficiently bland and benign to merit a yawn.

But to begin with, nations, not individual states, are supposed to deal with
the UN.  Maryland signed the treaty with the WHO, a UN agency.

"We are pleased to join the World Health Organization to develop innovative
programs that will address the health needs of underserved people in
Maryland, " Glendening said.

"Merging  our talents and experiences will lead to preventive strategies
that address social as well as health problems," the governor said.
"Maryland has extensive public and private expertise in public health policy
and programming," said Michael Jancloes, MD, of WHO, who signed the accord
on behalf of the UN.

Maryland "now wishes to expand its resources through joint projects
addressing health services to underserved populations" throughout the world,
Jancloes said.

Glendening, who was a county executive before being narrowly elected
governor in a highloy contested election, was induced by UN operatives with
the promise of huge economic benefits for the Free State.

"We expect to provide opportunities for Maryland firms to participate in
building the appropriate infrastructure in these nations," Glendening said,
referring to the poor nations of Africa.

"Technology, services and training can be provided to those countries by
Maryland firms and institutions," Glendening said.  "It is a tribute to
Maryland's world-class reputation in the health services sector that we have
been chosen as WHO's technical partner."

Maryland's first reward for undermining national sovereignty will be an
international conference of 500 delegates in Baltimore next year, sponsored
by WHO.  US taxpayers pay one-fifth of UN costs.

A "memorandum of understanding" between Maryland and WHO says the two "share
mutual interests in developing appropriate and cost-effective strategies for
reducing the incidence of illness and disease in underserved populations."

From Wed Aug 30 15:31:17 PDT 1995
Article: 4032 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Constitution Party)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Date: 30 Aug 1995 14:35:41 -0500
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by Trisha Katson

Danger:  The internationalists' plans to change the US Constitution are
alive and well!

Promoters of the so-called Conference of the States (COS) , stung by their
stunning defeat this year at the hands of the patriots nationwide , are
back.  The same forces which had hoped to make fundamental, structural,
long-term changes in America's constitutional form of government are now
planning what they're calling a "federalism summit" in Cincinnati on October
22-24.  The meeting will be a prelude for a convention in Philadelphia in 1996.

A delegation of six legislators - equally divided between the Democrat and
Republican leaders - from each state that passes resolutions of
participation are expected to attend..  Sdummit organizers want at least a
majority of states to participate.

Although they are quick to claim that the proposed confab is not a COS,
planners are counting the 14 states which have previously passed resolutions
of participation in COS as summit participants.

The Council of State Governments (CSG) , the key founder of the COS, expects
about 250 to attend.  Members of the public must pay a fee of $350.
"Accredited" media representatives will be allowed to cover the event.
Other summit/COS backers include the National Governors Association and the
National Conference of State Legislkators.


The summit will hear testimony from "experts" and "scholars" on ways to
downgrade our constitutional concept of separation of powers, wirth the
legislative, judicial and executive branches of the government co-equal.

One scheduled speaker is University of Virginia professor A.E. "Dick"
Howard.  Howard is a member of the summit's Scholars Subcommittee advising
the summit's Steering Committee.  Howard is an advocate of changing
America's form of government to a parlamentary system with the legislative
and executive branches combined.

Summit attendees will also hear from attorney Charles Cooper, who testified
before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution in March that
he favors an assortment of constitutional amendments.  Cooper said doing any
less to address the problem of a too intrusive federal government is a waste
of time.

Howard and Coopper were members of the COS Advisory Board for Gov. George
Allen (R-Va) who began COS's legal process by signing an Executive Order
last November.  That process  resembled the one which led to the convening
of the first and only constitutional convention, held in 1787.

The original proposal of  COS planners, which was derailed in a fierce
grassroots battle largely ignored by the Establkishment media, was for the
COS to meet this past July for an "historical reenactment" of the Annopolis
convention of 1786 and then to Philadelphia for an October convention.  The
original plan was for this second stage of COS to emulate the 1787 event
which drafted the Constitution.

COS had planned at the very least to rewrite Article V of the Constitution
to make it easier to alter it as the mood directs.  Currently textual
changes to the Constitution can be made only through amendments proposed by
Congress and ratified by three-fourths of the states, or through a
constitutional convention.
This belies Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Fisher's statement at the recent
York meeting where he stated that there will be no COS.  We must maintain
our vigilance and take legal action against those who would seek to destroy
our form of government as agreed to in the Constitution.  Stay alert, not
only in Pennsylvania, but in your own states as well.  This battle to
preserve our Rights and Freedoms is by no means over.  

Beware all RKBA groups, constitutionist groups, and patriots of any calling.
The insurrectionists are going to keep it up until they wear us down, or so
at least that is what they think.  Never, never give up.  Protect and defend
your state constitutions because they are the foundation documents that
created government which in turn created the federal Constitution.

Read our other post, "Maryland Signs 'Pact" With the U.N."

Mike Innerarity

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