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From: (Dan Gannon)
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Subject: _The Oregonian_ has printed CODOH's new Holocaust Revisionist ad!
Date: 24 Oct 1993 01:23:02 -0700
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     Below (101 lines down) is the newest article/advertisement from Bradley
R. Smith / CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust).  It was just
printed in _The Sunday Oregonian_, October 24 1993, on page C-5 of the
"Forum" section.  (The first major newspaper to print it!)  It is also being
published in the student newspapers of universities and high schools across
the country.

     Note:  In the ad printed in _The Sunday Oregonian_, a word was changed
*after* the proofs:  ["deniers"] inexplicably became ["dealers"].  Since
this occurred after the proofs, it was not a typographical error.  Rather,
it WAS copied correctly by the Oregonian staff, but someone there actively
changed it just before printing!  Rather odd...  Why was it done?  To paint
a false picture of Historical Revisionists as drug dealers or "dealers in
hate"??  I wonder.  Bradley Smith is pursuing it.  Perhaps they will have to
run the ad again (at no additional cost) or give Bradley a refund.

     At any rate, it is highly noteworthy that the Oregonian agreed to print
this ad rather than censor it.  It looks, superficially at least, like a
180- degree turn-around from their traditional "Politically Correct"
censorship policies!  (One can hope, anyway.)  Much more likely, however,
they just figured the cat was already out of the bag (regarding the Big Lies
in the well-worn "Holocaust" story) and they had better change tactics.
Suppression only works so long, as even such professional suppressors and
falsifiers of information must realize.

     We have the falsifiers of history and information in retreat!  "Truth
crushed to Earth shall rise again."

     Remember, the stakes are extremely high.  As George Orwell wrote, "Who
controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls
the past."  We must *WIN* this fight.  We must raise truth, freedom, honor
and justice out of the muck which the wicked, depraved and ignorant have
buried them in, and we must uphold them!  The future and the human spirit --
everything -- depends on it!

     If anyone thinks that is "hateful" to be concerned about such things,
and thinks, further, that "life is too short to hate", tell them this:  THE
FUTURE IS TOO IMPORTANT NOT TO "hate" that which would destroy it!  It is
not a matter of "hate", but a matter of defense -- defending ourselves and
our loved ones, our freedom, our ideals and our future!  It is a matter of
love, not a matter of hate!

     Discriminating between a pool of safe, drinkable water and a pool of
sewage is not "wrong".  It is not a matter of "hate".  Those who would blind
you -- those who would rob you totally of your powers of discrimination --
they are the greatest enemies of humanity, together with fear and ignorance!
In today's "Politically Correct" society, "discrimination" is a "bad" word.
That's NewSpeak for you!  Fight it, expose it, and destroy it!  Or be
destroyed by it!

     A few more quotes from George Orwell:

"There is truth and there is untruth.  Freedom is the freedom to say two
plus two equals four.  If that is granted, all else follows."

"Thoughtcrime is death.  Thoughtcrime does not entail death.  Thoughtcrime
is death."

"From a dead man, greetings."

     We must dare to defy death, lest we continue to be deceived,
demoralized, enslaved and destroyed.  May truth, justice, freedom and the
human spirit prevail!  That spirit belongs to you.  Do not betray it!  Do
not let it die or be subdued!

     I know the tendency (and it is not always entirely without design) is
to think that such statements as the ones I am making here are "crazy",
"dangerous", "heretical" or worse.  If you think so, think again.  Take
another look.  Revise.  ("re" + "vise" = take another look, or look again.)
Think for yourself!  Investigate, analyze, question and keep your eyes open.
And never raise a finger for the wicked.

     By the way, lest anyone claim the Oregonian is "anti-Semitic", here is
some pertinent information for you.  The Oregonian is part of a
multi-billion-dollar media conglomerate owned by the Zionist Jewish Newhouse
brothers, Donald and Si Newhouse, which they inherited from their Zionist
Jewish father -- FAR FROM BEING "ANTI-SEMITIC" (which means anti-Jewish)!  I
can post more specific information on the owners of the mass media later, if
anyone is interested.

     Also, if someone thinks that I "hate" people just for being Jewish, or
what-have-you, that is not so.  I only "hate" the WICKED ACTIONS OF
INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE, and the things which threaten those things which I value
most highly (such as truth, justice, the future...)  In the final analysis,
all actions are performed by individuals, and each person should be judged
-- and just FAIRLY -- as an individual!  Society is composed of individuals,
and those individuals have rights and responsibilities.  Those rights should
never be taken away from anyone, and neither can anyone evade the reality of
their responsibilities.  If there are no responsibilities, it is impossible
to speak of "rights", because if nobody has any responsibilities, how can
they have the responsibility not to violate other people's rights?  If a
person fails in their responsibilities, they give up certain rights which
are logically connected to those responsibilities.  This is an ethical issue
of the most vital and basic kind.

     Here is the full text of the ad, as it should have been published:


                        A REVISIONIST'S VIEW OF THE
                       U.S. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM
                            IN WASHINGTON, D.C.

                            By Bradley R. Smith

     After ten years in the planning, $165 million in start-up costs and a
government guarantee of tens of millions more in tax subsidies, the United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum demonstrates why, according to a Roper
Organization poll, 22 percent (some 25 millions!) of all adult Americans
have doubts about the orthodox Holocaust story.

                            What are the facts?

     The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum displays no proof anywhere of
homicidal "gassing" chambers and no proof that even ONE INDIVIDUAL was
"gassed" at any camp liberated by Allied armies.

     "Proof" for a gas chamber at Birkenau is a plastic model created by a
Polish ARTISTE.  A plastic copy of a metal door is displayed as "proof" of a
homicidal gas chamber at Maidanek.  And, INCREDIBLY, the Museum has simply
"dropped" the Auschwitz gas chamber, the basement room visited yearly by
hundreds of thousands of tourists in Poland.

     There is no mention of the alleged gas chambers at Buchenwald or even
at Dachau, where after World War Two American G.I.s and German civilians
were assured that more than 200,000 victims were "gassed and burned."

     Human soap?  Human skin lamp shades?  Not a sign of them in this
Museum.  These monstrous lies are now all gone -- straight down the memory

     The notion that eyewitness testimony given under highly politicized and
emotional circumstances, which this museum relies so heavily on, is, PRIMA
FACIE, true, was refuted by the Israeli Supreme Court when it acquitted John
Demjanjuk of being "Ivan the Terrible."  The Israeli Court found that the
eyewitnesses who testified against Demjanjuk could not be believed!

     Deborah Lipstadt argues in her much-praised _Denying the Holocaust_,
that revisionists ["deniers"] should not be debated because there "can not
be" another side to the Holocaust story.  She charges that it is "hateful"
to listen to a defense of those accused of mass murder!  In essence, she
argues that we bury America's old civil virtues of free inquiry and open
debate -- but to what end?

     The Deborah Lipstadts -- and there is a clique of them on every campus
-- work to suppress revisionist research and demand that students and
faculty ape their fascist behavior.  If you refuse to accept the Lipstadt
clique as your intellectual FUHRERS, you risk being slandered as an
"anti-semite."  These quasi religious Holocaust zealots claim that because
of the "purity" of their own feelings about the Jewish experience during
World War Two, yours are soiled if you doubt what they preach as "truth."

     Winston Churchill, in his massive six-volume history of World War Two,
and Dwight D. Eisenhower in his memoirs, both omitted all reference to "gas
chambers" and their use in an alleged "genocide" of the Jews.  How do the
Museum and the Deborah Lipstadts explain that?

     To many it will appear impossible that deception on such a grand scale
can actually be taking place.  Yet such deception is not unusual in the
realms of politics, ideology or religion.  We are being deceived for one
reason, and one reason only -- we have refused to listen to the other side
of the story.

                 The Operation and Technique of the Museum

     The Museum's exhibit technique is a mixture of sinister suggestion and
dishonest omission.  The first display confronting visitors beginning the
Museum tour is a wall-sized photograph of American soldiers looking at
corpses smoldering on a pyre.  The "context" in which you see the photo
suggests that the dead are "exterminated" Jews.

     But were the prisoners killed or did they die of typhus or some other
disease during the last terrible weeks of the war?  Autopsies made by Allied
medical personnel found that inmates died of disease.  Not one was found to

     Unable to judge the significance of the photograph, and not wanting to
believe the Museum would mislead you, you are moved to accept the false and
manipulative suggestion that it represents the "genocide" of the Jews.

                              THE LAST BARRIER

     Academic bureaucrats, career-driven professors and an opulent Holocaust
Lobby of self-described intellectual "giants" are those who form the last
barrier against a free exchange of ideas.  It is childish and dishonest to
insinuate that open debate is "dangerous" to the Jewish community.  Don't
believe it!  Open debate BENEFITS Jews and Gentiles alike -- for precisely
the same reasons!

     Contact CODOH to inquire about speakers or to view our one-hour video
on the scandal of the Auschwitz "gas chamber."  Demonstrate to the fuhrers
of conformity on your campus that you want intellectual liberty, not

 This ad [when published in newspapers] has been published and paid for by
                 Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

                        PO Box 3267 Visalia CA 93278
                           Tel/Fax: 209 733 2653

(CODOH) was founded to promote a free exchange of ideas about the Holocaust
story.  CODOH is not a membership organization and is not affiliated with
any political party or group.  Only your contributions enable us to publish
this ad in college and high school newspapers across the country.  Our
overhead is minimal.  Every donation is welcome.  Your support is needed.

[end of article]

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-Dan Gannon

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