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Subject: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: "Christian" Identity Exposed!
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---Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: "Christian" Identity Exposed!---

As an addendum to my posts on the true nature of the "christian" Identity belief
system, in which I have asserted that "christian" Identity is essentially
heretical and antibiblical, and is nowhere to be found in the 2,000 year-old
spectrum of historic, classical Christianity in its Catholic, Orthodox, or
Protestant forms, herewith are references to support my thesis:

--"America's Militias: Rebellion, Racism, and Religion" by Richard Abanes,
Richard (InterVarsity Press)

Abanes is a nationally-published conservative Evangelical Christian journalist
and an expert on cults and new religious movements with nine books under his
belt on these subjects.

--"Religion and the Racist Right : The Origins of the Christian Identity
Movement" by Michael Barkun (University of North Carolina Press)

Dr. Barkun is Professor of Political Science at Syracuse University who has
written at least five books on politics and political history.

--"The Royal Race of the Redeemed" by Rev. Andrew Sandlin (The Chalcedon

The Rev. Sandlin is a Calvinist biblical scholar on the staff of the Religious
Right think tank, the Chalcedon Foundation. This article, which cites literally
dozens of Bible passages debunking "christian" Identity, is linked in the
following Disclaimer by Chalcedon against racism and anti-Semitism:

"Important Notice: It has come to our attention that several sites on the web
which support or promote white racial supremecy are linking to this page
attempting to bolster their defective "reconstructionist" theology with
Chalcedon's work. This is despicable, and we in NO way support these groups or
their ideas. Here is an official statement from Chalcedon scholar and staff
member Andrew Sandlin:

"Chalcedon does not endorse and is in no way associated with racist groups or
organizations like Identity, British Israelism, the Aryan Nation, etc. For
Christian reconstructionists, the crucial issue is religion, not race. We press
for the recovery of *Christian* civilization, not a twisted white racist

"All races are naturally sinful, and all need salvation in Christ. Christianity
is multiracial and multiethnic. The Bible teaches religious superiority, not
racial superiority.

"See also Andrew Sandlin's The Royal Race of the Redeemed for a more complete
analysis of our position."

The Rev. Sandlin's article can be read at:

--"Mistaken Identity" by the Rev. Randall Otto, PhD  

Otto is a Calvinist scholar who provides a detailed history and biblically-based
critique of CI, demonstrating the falsity and heretical nature of its roots and
teachings. These pages begin at:

--"Letter to a White Separatist" by Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America) 

Pratt is a Fundamentalist Christian and 2nd Amendment activist in the Religious
Right who, a few years ago, was duped and misled by some "christian" Identity
and "christian patriot" militia types into speaking at one of their rallies,
which was also attended by KKK and Neo-Nazi groups. Pratt, then working for Pat
Buchanan, was embarrassed nationally when the media learned of this. He has
since renounced any and all links with such groups. This article is his
denunciation of "christian" Identity:

--"Identity: A 'Christian' Religion for White Racists" by Viola Larson
(Christian Research Journal, Fall 1992)

Larson is an Evangelical Christian apologist and researcher. Here is what Larson
concluded about this so-called "Christian" religion:

"The Neo-Nazi groups and those who feed on their hate literature are simply a
part of the rising paganism in America. They are also an extreme example of
groups who like to use Christian terminology while laying foundations on
extrabiblical revelation. The need for present security, elitism, power, and a
revelation not anchored in Christ and the Word of God is the mark of
anti-Christian religion."

Larson's article was published in by the late Dr. Walter Martin's Christian
Research Institute, a 30-plus-year old Evangelical Christian cult watchdog
organization. Dr. Martin is well-known in Christian circles as the author of
"Kingdom of the Cults," the most widely used Evangelical textbook on cults and
new religions. CRI is now run by Martin's successor, the Rev. Hank Hanegraaff.
Larson's article can be viewed at:

--"The Christian Identity Movement" by Rev. Matt Slick, Christian Apologetics
and Research Ministry (CARM)

This site is founded and run by an ordained Reformed pastor who specializes in
cult research and comparative religions. Here is the entire text of his article
on "christian" Identity, which can be viewed on CARM's "cults" page at:

-------(begin article)-----------

The Christian Identity Movement

(Also known as Anglo-Israelism, Israel Identity)

Founder: Some think it to be Wesley Swift born in the 1800's.
Headquarters: None.
Membership: less than 50,000. In America only.

Origins: This movement has its origins in the 1800's America where it grew in
the shadow of this country's developing and successful conquering of the
American continent combined with racial prejudices. Many of the whites believed
that North America was ordained by God and blessed by Him to be supreme in the
world. All other racial groups were considered inferior. Early contributing
movements to C.I.M. were the Nativist movement and Anglo Israelism.

Nativism was a philosophy that those not born in America (excluding American
Indians) and were not Protestant, were harmful to the American System. In
particular, a strong anti-catholic disposition was advocated. Manifestations of
this philosophy resulted in physical persecutions of many Catholics in New York.

Anglo-Israelism (also known as British Israelism) is the belief that the British
and, therefore, the Americans and Canadians, are the true descendants of the
ancient Israelites  the 10 lost tribes. The present Jews in Israel are really a
false group descended from Cain. An early proponent of this movement, Charles
Carroll, wrote a book called "The Negro a Beast." He considered Negroes to be
subhuman. The KKK is usually associated with this group.

Doctrines: a theological system centered on a racist/anti-Semitic and white
supremacy. It seems to use religious arguments to justify political agendas.


Structure - The movement does not have a centralized organizational structure.
Recruitment - through extreme right-wing churches, survival groups, and word of
Adherents - generally are Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, Nazi Party, White
Separatists groups, etc.

Texts: Old and New Testaments of the Bible, some think sections of the U.S.
Constitution were divinely inspired.

Comments: True Christianity is Christ centered and focuses on love, forgiveness,
and patience and is opposed to racism. However, there is none of that in the
Christian Identity Movement which advocates racism and anti-Semitism. It is a
dangerous group.

--------(end article)-------

Some of the groups and movements which embrace "christian" Identity views and
pseudo-theology are: Identity Christians, Racial Covenant Identity, Racial
Identity, Anglo-Israelism, British Israelism, Israel Identity, Army of Israel,
Neo-Militia, Neo-Secessionist, Christian Separatist Church, Posse Comitatus,
Christian Posse Comitatus, Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, Yahshua's Word,
Yahweh's Children, Yahweh's Chosen, Sons of YHVH, Living Word Ministries,
Kingdom of Yahweh, Sacred Name, Jesus Only, Scriptures for America Worldwide,
Covenant Vision Ministry, and Kingdom Identity Ministries.

All these and any other non-Christian, fascist, or racist groups misuse the name
of Christ Jesus and abuse Sacred Scripture for the purpose of manipulating
uneducated and uninformed Christians in order to promote their unbiblical and
anti-Christian agendas and ideals.

No thinking, orthodox, Bible-believing Christian --Catholic, Protestant, or
Orthodox-- should have anything to do with this deceptive movement and its front
groups and spin-off groups, including the so-called "Holocaust revisionism"
groups like the IHR and the CODOH.

The Curmudgeon

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