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> (Eugene Holman) wrote:
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> >No problem with 9 - 10 people per square meter, quite typical of a
> >rush-hour subway or a crowded elevator. And the people were nude or in
> >their underclothes, thus allowing more space, in addition to which many
> >were children or babies.
> > (snip)
> >Best regards,
> >Eugene Holman
>     A square meter is a square with the sides equal to a meter, an area 
> about the size of the box that your desk-top computer came in.  You can't 
> get ten small children in that area.  Your post reminds me of that old 
> joke:
> Question:  How do you get six elephants into a Volkswagen?
> Answer:  Three in the front and three in the back.
>      The document containing that statement was obviously bogus.

The Dublin Light Rail Transit System
( works at a rush-hour norm of
5 standing passengers/square meter. This is assuming that the majority of
the passengers are adults, wearing normal and outer clothing.


Article 5 of the Spanish Regulations Concerning the norms for Bullfights,
(Original: Royal Order number 550, March 26, 1930).
( states:


In the rings of 1st and 2nd categories, all seats must be numbered, and
with a space of 40 centimeters for each seat. (February 10, 1953) Where
there are terraced areas for standing room only, there must be allotted
one-half square meter. Children that are still nursing do not need tickets.
The empresario may not expend any of the ticket money, until the fight has
been put on as scheduled, without permission of the authorities.


Note that a person attending a bullfight could be standing in the same
place for more than an hour, and this norm, one-half square meter or four
persons per square meter, is regarded as acceptable. Once again, most of
the people attending attending a bullfight are going to be adults.


Laura Bobak, writing in the Ottawa Sun,
( notes that in
Rwanda prison camps, observes th following:

"And not all the children in Rwanda's prisons are there because of their
parents' crimes. 
 In August, the men's section of the Kigali Central Prison housed 300 other
boys under the age of 19 -- all accused killers in their own right. 
 Unlike the women's compound, which is relatively spacious, with room to
sit and stroll around in the central courtyard, the men's section is
standing room only, with an average of four or five sweaty men packed into every
square metre of space. 
 The boys' section is filthy. Alphonse Babonamopoze, at 13, is one of the
youngest residents. 
 Alphonse's bunk is in B Block, where 82 boys sleep in a room that measures
about five square metres. The bunks are three levels high, but the shortage
of space is so extreme the boys have created a fourth sleeping level on the
ground -- in the foot-high space under the bottom bunks. "


Ms. Babak's observations appear to be estimates, but insofar as they are
remotely accurate, they indicate that adult males can be packed for long
periods of time in tropical conditions at a density of approximately five
per square meter.


Reports of German gassings state time and time again that the persons to be
gassed were 1) predominantly babies, children, mothers with small children,
and elderly people (= the classes of people regarded as surplus mouths to
feed), 2) either totally naked or in their underclothes, 3) the gassing
procedure was planned to last about 30 minutes.

There is thus *no conflict* between a norm for rush hour transit allowing
five fully clothed adults per square meter for a trip that could easily
last an hour, and one which allowed nine or ten naked people, predominantly
babies, children, women, and elderly people, all of them less than healthy
adult male stature, per square meter, for a procedure that was not intended
to be comfortable or last for more than a few minutes of conscious time.

Best regards,
Eugene Holman

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