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From: (Mike Curtis)
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Subject: Re: Julius Streicher - PORNOGRAPHER
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 15:04:31 GMT
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>> (Mike Curtis) writes:

>>  It's Friday. C'mon, I have the book, what's the page number and what
>>  does this page apply to. You seem to have snipped out the content of
>>  this message. Did you do this on purpose? Of course you did.

>No, I didn't.  Since you have the Von Hassell diaries, look it up in the index.
>I was referring to streicher and the general animosity which was felt in party
>circles regarding the same.  Look under Streicher.

Of course you did and you still refuse to apply the source to your
views. What you do is simply quote a source without application. 

However on page 31 Hassell describes a meeting at Tiefenbrunn with
Schmitt who was the fomer Minister of Economic Affairs. It is in this
meeting that Schmitt must comment that "among the Gauleiters there
were some obvious rascals and utter gangsters; others were better.
Among the worse he numbers Streicher, Mutschmann, Wagner(Munich), and
Schwede; among the better, first of all Köhler(Baden),
Wagner(Selisia), and Terboven; Murr was harmless; Koch (East Prussia)
doubtful; Görlitzer (Berlin) was evil and corrupt." (page 31 and the
date of the entry is December 29, 1938).

This just says that Streicher was considered to be one of the worst
Gauleiters. It doesn't say much more than that. So maybe this isn't
the page. 

What's on page 35 (actually 34-5): "It is now noteworthy how our lords
and masters are beginning to talk about one another. When the
generals, some time ago, challenged Streicher for having insulted the
nobility, Buch, the Party judge, quashed the matter on the grounds
that Steicher was not considered normal by the Party. Göring once told
me in Florence that Ley (one of the highest big-shots) is allowed the
freedom of a court jester. And recently Göring said of Goebbels that
he hoped he had now finally broken his neck." (January 1939)

So Streicher wasn't considered normal by the party. No reasons here,
he just isn't. Fine. It can't be this page.

What's on the last at 126? "The quality of the party bossses is
clearly demonstrated by the of Steicher, whose fall has finally been
accomplished after years of the most beastly activities." (April 1940)

Yup, von Hassel who was an anti-Nazi didn't like many of the top
Nazis. That's clear enough in his diaries. Aside from passing on
descriptions of Steicher from two others and relating his ouster to
beastly activities we are left with the need to do further research.
This has been done on this newsgroup by various individuals, including
myself, who informed you of many of those "beastly activities" and
reports of his insults toward Göring and others. So, no, he wasn't
liked by many of the Nazis in the Party. Despite this dislike he was
kept on the job by Hitler until complaints became embarrassing and

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