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Subject: Eight Questions for Ronald Schoedel (Month 49)
Summary: Mr. Schoedel a demonstrable liar, is asked to retract his 
         lies or support them with evidence. (He is unlikely to do 
         either, in common with others of his breed.)

Archive/File: people/s/schoedel.ronald/schoedel-10q
Last-Modified: 2000/01/27

Mr. Schoedel:

In your short time here on the net, you have established yourself as
a liar and fraud. Although I doubt you have the courage to admit
to your lies, I think you are entitled to an opportunity to address 

Surely you can understand, in your capacity as the
ex-manager of a public broadcasting station, the importance of
accuracy in reporting, although it would seem that the concept
is unclear in your mind, and further education is required. 

It is to assist you in this educational process that I confront you 
with your lies. 

Question One

   On January 2, 1996, you included the following statement in
   an article discussing the Nizkor web:

      In addition to his stalking and spying, he could apologise for 
      slurring my professional abilities and my professions in general, 
      not to mention my deeply-held faith in God, which I am afraid some 
      doped-out looking draft dodger like Kenny would know nothing about.
      (schoedel, Zinkor) 

   Since it is demonstrably false that I am a draft dodger,
   and since I am an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, perhaps
   you will explain this particular lie, particularly in light of
   your "deeply-held faith in God," and the Biblical injunction
   "Thou shalt not bear false witness." After you have
   explained why you have libeled me, please retract your lie.

   You have made this accusation, Mr. Schoedel, and it is your
   responsibility to prove it. In this day and age, given the
   American "freedom of information" legislation, it should
   be easy for you to substantiate your assertion  by obtaining
   records which would prove your claim correct. The fact that
   you have been completely unable to do so simply
   demonstrates that you are a liar, that you are a fraud, and
   that you are not, even remotely, a "minister" of God.

   (Some folks might find your "deeply-held faith in God"
   somewhat of a misnomer, after reading your UseNet articles at

Questions Two and Three

   On December 30, 1995, you included the following paragraphs
   within two UseNet articles:

      "Or by self-appointed net censors like Kenny McVay, who would 
      love to see your freedoms taken from you....

      If so, you are exactly the kind of person Kenny McVay would 
      like to silence" (Schoedel, Compuserve)

      "Just a question for you sir.  Do you believe that net access 
      and free speech should be available to all people irrespective 
      of political views?  Some of your fellow jews, such as one 
      Fresh816 (Andy Mathis) and one Kenny McVay are ardently against 
      free speech on the net..."(Schoedel, Wanted)

   Question Two: What evidence do you have that I advocate
   censorship of the InterNet, or that I am "against free
   speech on the net"? You may demonstrate that your statements
   are correct by citing a single UseNet article that I have
   posted, or a single press article concerning me or my work,
   or by a single report, organizational or government, which
   supports your claim. If you cannot do that, and you cannot,
   then will you retract your libel?

   Question Three: Please tell us why you have stated that I
   am a Jew. Since that statement is incorrect, and known to
   be incorrect, please explain why you have made it.

Question Four

   On September 23, 1995, you made the following assertion:

      "Negresses are not of the same species as Human Males and 
      Females, thus, not to be engaged with in sexual relations."
      (Schoedel, Mating)

   Please provide evidence for this (baseless) assertion, or
   retract it. 

Questions Five and Six

   On June 10, 1996, you made the claim that the phrase "Have
   you stopped fucking your dog yet?" was not archived in
   Nizkor's Schoedel archives. The phrase appears in the
   following files (one-line URLs, split for display ease):
   schoedel.ronald 1995/schoedel.0995, and
   schoedel.ronald 1995/schoedel.1095, and
   schoedel.ronald 1995/schoedel.1195, and
   schoedel.ronald 1995/schoedel.1295

   Within this same article, you also
   claimed that Nizkor had not archived a message containing
   the following phrase:

   "I'm pissing in your living room, metaphorically."

   That message is archived within the file
   schoedel.ronald 1995/schoedel.1195

   Question Five is quite simple: Why did you lie about this?

   After providing similarly false examples, you closed with
   this question:

      "Okay McVay, tell the world why you failed to quote 
      THIS information, eh?" (Schoedel, "What Kenny")

   Question Six: Since it is obvious that the article you referred to 
   was a selection of YOUR own quotes, to be found at URLs
     schoedel.ronald/1995/in-his-words.0995, or
     schoedel.ronald/1995/in-his-words.1095, or

   why would you expect me to include something someone ELSE had said 
   within such articles?

Question Seven

   In September of 1995, you asserted:

      "God's word declares the death penalty for race traitors." 
      (Schoedel, Beebe Lies)

   Which Biblical passage makes this statement?

Question Eight

   In July of 1995, you made two claims regarding sex:

      "Oh Puh-leez.....Hey listen, I'm all for sex and plenty of it, 
      I merely pointed out my objection to TWO things: oral sex 
      (jew-style perversion) and nigger-style perversion, doggie-style 
      sex." (Schoedel, Re: Jewish boys) 

   and again, on September 10, you repeated these claims:

      "Jew sex being oral sex, which they exported to White culture, 
      and Black sex being a `human' adaptation of animal sex 
      practices." (Schoedel, Just like a desperate)

   Please cite the scientific studies from which you concluded
   that oral sex is "jew-style perversion," and  "doggie-style" 
   intercourse is "nigger-style perversion?"

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