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From: E. Zundel 

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June 11, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

No word as yet from Ottawa.  Therefore, I am pulling one of my older ZGrams
I keep in reserve for times such as these.  I wrote this quite some time
ago, in part to clarify my thoughts:

Given my extremely limited sectarian background and a youth spent in
intellectual dearth the likes of which I have no power to express, I was
well into my thirties when finally it dawned on me one day that not all
people in this world believed that Adolf Hitler was the greatest man who
ever walked this earth.

I kid you not:  I thought for half my life that *that* was the world-wide

There is a long, long story to this rather odd and slanted Weltanschauung
of my youth, given where I am today.  Nonetheless, it is true, and when I
told this story to my then-Hollywood agent, Marvin Moss, who was a Jew but
always nice to me - though not to others, sadly! as I had cause on more
than one occasion to observe - both he and I had a good laugh.

In this ZGram, I want to illustrate why the Zundel logo that many find
abrasive and unnecessarily provocative does not strike everybody in the
world as such:  only those who have been systematically brainwashed and
browbeaten to hate Hitler as the ". . . monster of all monsters in this

I simply wasn't one of them in my own younger years.  It wasn't that I
formed a strong opinion for or against his ideology;  I didn't greatly
care;  I had a lot of other worries;  I simply came to understand, just day
by day and by-and-by, once I was introduced to what you call "democracy",
that the perception of this man the Germans called Der Fuhrer at least in
the United States was simply not historically correct.

Nor was I taught, as you might think, to love him or throw myself behind
his ideology in emulation.  For people of my background, the Fuhrer was a
tragic figure of mythical historical proportions:  a man of great
perception of the nature of all evil who threw the finest of his kin
against the Antichrist in a futile and desperate war.

I would not be alive today, had it been different.  I still feel that way
today.  I have never been a Hitler worshipper, but I felt, and feel, that
just as we have been betrayed, deceived and warped about the nature of the
Holocaust, so we have been betrayed, deceived and warped about the nature
of the German Fuhrer and what his Promethean fight was really all about.

Therefore, I personally have no serious problem with the Zundel logo, but
knowing that so many do, I thought that the missive below, coming from a
supporter of Ernst Zundel from South Africa, expresses what many have said:

". . . About 10 days ago I wrote a long letter to our Constitutional
Assembly in which I did my best to dissuade them from introducing any
"hate-speech" clause, especially any "Auschwitz-Lüge" clause into our new
South African constitution, which is to be finalized by May of this year.

I think you will agree that if members of this Assembly labeled me as a
"neo-Nazi" all my pleading for freedom of expression would fall on deaf

As I have previously emphasized, I am not a National Socialist, not even a
rightist. In fact, I tend to be apolitical because I often feel that
politicians are not straightforward enough for me to understand what they
are saying.

Ernst Zundel makes no bones about his admiration for Hitler and National
Socialism. I have no desire to criticize him nor to change him, but again I
think you may see that I have a point in saying that this may hinder rather
than advance his cause.

This is precisely the weapon which the likes of Shelly Shapiro, Deborah
Lipstadt and Kenneth Stern LOVE to bring out and fire at the Revisionists
with both barrels. Why give them ammunition?

Let us also be clear in our own minds about what we are trying to do, which
obviously cannot be the same for any two of us. The ultimate aim for me is
to know the whole truth; it is not enough to know what did NOT happen.

I (with Germar Rudolf) want the complete picture, and I would then want
EVERYBODY to know it. This applies as much to the plight of the Jews during
the IIIrd Reich as well as to responsibility for starting the war and war
crimes in general.

Before all this can be properly known we need to generate doubt regarding
"the standard picture" particularly in the minds of historians of good
faith and strong hearts, who will take it further and thus contribute to
the end.

The truth does not favor one political cause or party above any other, and
political allegiance should follow from knowledge of the facts, not

By republishing "Did Six Million Really Die?" and especially through both
his famous trials, Ernst Zundel has contributed enormously toward that end.

That is why I support him. . ."

Now isn't that just perfectly expressed?  One of the nuggets I have tucked
away in my own heart is what Ernst said to me some time ago that never left
me since and that I will repeat at every opportunity, thus making sure that
it sinks in:

"There won't be peace on earth unless America confronts what World War II
was REALLY all about - and that includes the Great One."

That's why we have the logo.  Were Ernst to ". . .  tell the truth, but
tell it slant,"  Ernst Zundel wouldn't be Ernst Zundel.


Thought for the day:

"One generation cannot blind another."

(Thomas Jefferson)

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