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Now to your questions.

Question:  Why are Ernst Zuendel and his promoter in San Diego,
Ingrid Rimland of San Diego, distancing themselves from W.A.R.?

Answer:  The staunch uh, promoters of Zuendel's operation are not so
much Aryan racists as they are revisionists and German national
types.  And most, when asked, will run like mad away from a racist
label.  W.A.R. does not run away from a racist label, we're proud to
be racists and racial separatists.

Most are fanatic German or Germanophiles, uh, that are in that
operation, and they're prime- primarily interested in German
nationalism and uh cleaning up the German image, than they are with
present racial struggles.

Behind closed doors they give lip service to the racist struggle, in
public they are cowards of the first order when it comes to
discussing race.

It's too bad, there're a lot of people around the fringes who _are_
racist who have put quite a bit of money and time into revisionism.

W.A.R.'s connection with Zuendel has been one of primarily, uhh, in
_supporting_ Mr. Zuendel's sacrifice at the hands of Canadian and
U.S. Jews. W.A.R. even helped Rimland establish an account with
W.A.R.'s internet server, CTS.  W.A.R. even advised Zuendel and
Rimland on many topics. Unfortunately, the relationship is pretty
much a one-way street, similar to how Willis Carto of Liberty Lobby
and Ed Fields [?] of the [?] operate.

W.A.R. does not concern itself with endless debate about the Jew
Holocaust one way or the other.  Our great race, made up of millions
around the world, is dying, and debunking the Holocaust has very
little to do with saving the race.  Don't get 'em mixed up.  Proving
or disproving the Jew Holocaust would not help the race one iota.

Question:  Will there be massive deportation, or separate states,
for nonwhites?

Answer:  Since either way, our people must have great power, and we
don't have that power at this time, so it looks like bloody upheaval
eventually, or we are through in North America.

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