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"ADC ONLINE" - Vol.2, No.4, July 2001

An online journal for discussion, news and
analysis of far-right activity in Australia,
New Zealand and the world.
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* The British National Party in Australia
* Port Arthur survivor supports conspiracy
* Politicians distance themselves from LaRouche cult


The extreme-right British National Party (BNP) has found a loyal base of
support in Australia, particularly in the wake of its recent electoral
campaigns in northern England.

With close ties to violent neo-Nazi groups, including Combat 18 and the
National Front, the BNP promotes a range of racist ideas, including the need
to “protect and preserve the racial and cultural integrity of the British
people”. Having been accused of contributing to the racial incitement which
led to the recent race riots in the city of Oldham and in other northern
towns, the BNP subsequently achieved a large number of votes in the British
general election, including a significant 16.4% in Oldham West.

In 1998, senior BNP official Nick Griffin (who now heads the Party), applied
unsuccessfully for a visa to Australia to undertake a speaking tour under
the auspices of the neo-Nazi group, National Action. Since that time, the
main support for the BNP in Australia has come from the group, Australian
Friends of Europe (AFE), formerly known as Australian Friends of the BNP,
based in Petersham, NSW.

The AFE’s principal organisers are Welf Herfurth and Mark Wilson. Wilson
migrated to Australia in the 1980s from Britain where he had been the BNP
local organiser in Essex. He has previously spoken to Australia’s oldest
racist group, the Australian League of Rights, which has touted him as an
expert on “the effects of multiculturalism in Britain”.

A resident of Riverstone, NSW, Herfurth is a former executive member of the
neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) in Bavaria, Germany. He has
previously spoken to the Australian League of Rights and is next scheduled
to speak at its AGM on 28 August 2001 on “The threat to freedom and
democracy in Germany today”. He has also contributed to far-right forums,
including the now-defunct Australian National News of the Day website and
The News Report email list. Amongst the views Herfurth espouses is that
Hitler “achieved some remarkable things”.

In January 1999, the American Friends of the BNP was established to recruit
Americans to the cause and to raise funds for the BNP’s election campaigns.
The AFE may be seeking to emulate its American counterpart, most likely
finding willing recruits and an avenue for fundraising amongst the followers
of the pro-British and white supremacist Australian League of Rights.


A survivor of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre has been promoted by the
far-right as a chief proponent of the “Port Arthur conspiracy”, and is
scheduled to speak in August on the subject at Australian League of Rights’

The conspiracy suggests that the massacre of 35 people in Port Arthur,
Tasmania, was a government plot to disarm Australians as part of the “New
World Order” (NWO). The supposed orchestrators of the NWO are the Jews and
the Asians, who allegedly use the United Nations to undermine sovereignty
around the world (detailed in the ADC Special Report: “Pauline Hanson’s One
Nation Party and the ‘Port Arthur Conspiracy’” - email  for a copy.)

Wendy Scurr of Kempton, Tasmania, is a former Port Arthur tour guide who was
in the information centre when the shooting broke out. She survived the
massacre and went on to assist with first aid to the injured. She has since
expressed doubt whether convicted mass-murderer Martin Bryant actually did
the shooting and has stated that something was “very badly wrong” with the
official version of events.

Together with retired Geelong policeman Andrew MacGregor, Scurr spoke on the
massacre at the Inverell Forum in March 2001, an annual gathering of
far-right leaders in the town of Inverell, NSW. She has also addressed the
Australian League of Rights’ annual Queensland seminar, and is scheduled to
speak for the League in Victoria and South Australia in August and in NSW in

It is of concern that far-right groups are seeking credibility in promoting
the conspiracy by using someone who was so affected by the tragedy.


Queensland Federal MP the Hon. Bob Katter and NSW State MP Peter Webb have
written to the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) in response to
the lead story in the June 2001 edition of ADC ONLINE. The item detailed how
the MPs’ signatures had appeared on a petition circulated by the Citizens
Electoral Council (CEC), the Australian arm of the Lyndon LaRouche fascist
political cult. The petition called for a “New Bretton Woods”, which is a
LaRouchian economic policy aimed at preventing a world takeover by a Jewish

In his letter to the ADC, Mr Katter wrote that the CEC had used “deceptive
conduct” to obtain his signature. He stated that he will have “no ‘truck’
whatsoever with anything that resembles antisemitism”, declaring that
“anyone who is antisemitic is an enemy of mine, and let me also state with
conviction that I am an enemy of theirs”. Mr Webb wrote in his letter that,
at the time of signing the petition, he had believed that he was merely
“supporting a petition that was promoting economic reform and debate”. He
stated that he does not support the CEC “particularly if they do promote
conspiracy theories and racism”, and has contacted the CEC to request that
his name be removed from the petition.

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