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"ADC ONLINE" - Vol.2, No.2, March 2001

An online journal for discussion, news and
analysis of far-right activity in Australia,
New Zealand and the world.
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* White supremacist groups’ outreach in rural Australia
* Beirut blocks Holocaust-denial conference
* Federation - fact or furphy?


In recent weeks, international violent white supremacist groups, such as the
Ku Klux Klan and the World Church of the Creator, have established new
branches and increased their acts of racist intimidation, in rural and
regional areas on the Australian east coast.

In late February, the Illinois-based violent racist group, the “World Church
of the Creator” (WCOTC) established its third Australian branch in
Rockhampton, Queensland. Previously profiled in ADC ONLINE in August 2000,
the WCOTC is a “racial religion” whose prime goal is the “survival,
expansion and advancement of the White Race”. It believes that the Jews
“concocted” Christianity “for the very purpose of mongrelising and
destroying the White Race”. Numerous violent attacks in the US, including
armed robberies, bashings and shootings, have been carried out by WCOTC
followers in accordance with the group’s dictum of “RaHoWa” (Racial Holy

The inaugural Australian branch of the WCOTC was formed in Melbourne in
mid-1999 by Patrick John O’Sullivan, the former Victorian state organiser of
the skinhead group, National Action. Another chapter was established in
Adelaide in early 2000. The existence of a Rockhampton chapter only became
known in February 2001, when it launched a sticker campaign, plastering
“White people awake - save the White Race” stickers on Aboriginal centres
and other buildings across the city in celebration of “Klassen Day”, the
group’s “holiest” day, marking the birthday of Church founder Ben Klassen.

Recent months have also seen a marked increase in racist attacks in northern
NSW, which are the work of various Ku Klux Klan (KKK) klaverns acting
independently of each other. Members of various minority groups,
particularly Aborigines, who reside in towns such as Casino, Coonabarabran,
Lismore and Dubbo and the surrounding districts, have been targeted by KKK
groups, receiving death threats and graffiti daubings on their homes.
Similar material has circulated in Mildura, Victoria, where KKK graffiti has
been painted across roads, bus shelters and schools.

One should not conclude from the above that the WCOTC and KKK have large
followings, but their actions demonstrate an increase in outreach efforts by
international white supremacist groups to recruit followers in Australia,
particularly through mediums such as the Internet. This has the potential to
increase the level of racist motivated violence on these shores.


For many years, Arab regimes and their media have peddled Holocaust-denial
as a way of delegitimising the State of Israel, claiming that the Holocaust
is a fabrication created to win sympathy for Jews and Israel. However,
concerned about its international standing, the Lebanese Government has
prevented an international Holocaust-denial conference from taking place in
Beirut on 31 March. Fredrick Toben of the Holocaust-denying Adelaide
Institute was to have spoken at the conference on “The control freaks and
the Holocaust dogma/racket: fighting racism through tolerance and


While Australia celebrates the Centenary of Federation, factions of the
racist right continue to propound the theory that Australia has had 100
years of illegal government and an invalid Constitution. Therefore, Federal
governments supposedly do not represent the Australian people, passing
illegal laws at the behest of the “New World Order/One World Government”.

Far-right author Lance Spicer, whose books have been advertised in the
racist New Age magazine “Nexus”, explores the theory in detail in his book,
“For we are young and free - or are we?” He argues:

1.	The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Act of 1900, passed
by British Parliament, allowed for the Australian colonies to federate, but
the Act said nothing about Australia becoming independent or sovereign.

2.	Australia only became independent with its signing, as an independent
nation, of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Australia was only recognised
as independent under international law when it signed the charter for the
League of Nations in 1920.

3.	Therefore, our Constitution as enacted in British Parliament in 1900 is
invalid, and our governments and their laws are thus illegal, for our
independence only came some twenty years later.

This theory has been rejected in several decisions by the High Court,
Federal Court and in State Supreme Courts. Whilst the theory has been
propounded by a number of people, its strongest protagonists are members of
the racist right, who use it to reinforce their belief in the racist “New
World Order/One World Government” conspiracy. The alleged illegality of the
Constitution and Government supposedly vindicates the racists’ belief that
the Government and the judicial system are not acting in the interests of
Australians, but are rather beholden to the Jewish-controlled “One World
Government”, at the helm of which is the United Nations.

For example, Australian League of Rights activist Reg Macey, writing in a
letter to the Gosford-based far-right newspaper, “The Issue”, suggests that,
after 1920, a new constitution was never drafted, as “this country is
controlled by a political party dictatorship accustomed to regarding the
sovereign people with fear and loathing” and “the total allegiance of our
politicians is not to the people that voted for them, but to the tyrannical
non-elected United Nations”.

The Melbourne-based “Institute of Taxation Research” (ITR) has adopted the
theory, contending that the Australian Taxation Office is an illegally
constituted body and has no right to collect taxes, for all laws, including
tax laws, are null and void as the Constitution is invalid. Late last year,
the ITR used this argument to encourage hundreds of people to throw their
Business Activity Statements in the garbage. The organisation continues to
market itself as the “last-chance saloon for many businesses unable to meet
their tax bills”. One Nation Senator Len Harris has encouraged his
supporters to attend forums addressed by ITR officials.

There are however those in the racist right who condemn the theory, arguing
that the theory itself is a ploy of the “One World Government” to subjugate
Australia. Kerry Spencer-Salt, a columnist for the Victorian-based racist
newspaper “The Strategy”, argues that the theory has supposedly been
“ingeniously planted into the Australian constitutional psyche” as it is
“part of a formidable campaign by globalist forces to convince loyal
Australians that their existing constitution is invalid. This removes from
the people’s hearts the will to defend the old constitution upon the
proclamation of global sovereignty”.

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