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Subject: I Now No Longer Believe
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 07:06:24 GMT
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Yes, you read me right: I now no longer believe. I have been wrong all
along about my approach to historical issues. It is now obvious to me
that it is necessary to exclude relevant evidence so that you don't
become overwhelmed in a mire of facts. It is now obvious to me that
what I believe to be true is far more important than what the evidence
tells me, because my personal experiences and insights are far more
important than tangible proof. Not to mention, that undefinable
spiritual dimension to all things that tell me I am right about
everything even if everything pertains to my fetishizing and
demonizing the real conspirators of history: the German people,
individually and collectively.

Yes, you read me right: I now no longer believe in the Second World
War. Using the tried and true methodologies of Revisionist
historiography, I can prove that this World War II stuff is just a lot
of hogwash.

Consider if you will the following population figures from the World

1935  65,306,130  p. 648
1947  69,622,213  p. 471

So far from losing any citizens during World Hoax II, the population
of Germany grew by an astonishing 4,316,083!!!

You may think I am joking, but these are the actual figures from the
World Almanac.

Consider also the wild stories told about alleged war activities by
the so-called "Allies". It is claimed by the hoaxers that the
so-called victims of the alleged bombing of Dresden "glowed orange and
vanished" or that people were turned into fine, powdery *undulating*
(!!) ash in supposed "sealed" air raid shelters.

Of course, they now admit that these "air raid shelters" were built
after the supposed War!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what about these "Allies"? How could they be Allies? Britain went
to war with France in the 14th and 15th centuries WITH THE SUPPORT OF
THE GERMAN EMPIRE; Britain had a vigorously anti-French policy in the
16th and 17th centuries; Britain went to war with France again in the
18th and 19th centuries WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE GERMANS. With such a
long history of animosity between these two barbarian states, who
could credit the silly idea that they became "Allies" during the
Second World Hoax AGAINST GERMANY??!?!?!

As everyone now knows, World Hoax II was a transparent effort to suck
money out of the Allies under the allegedly so-called "'Marshall'"

 John Morris                                
 at University of Alberta  
The Nizkor Project     |

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