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Subject: Re: Nizkorite's Pathetic Commie Propaganda Gets Shredded
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 21:38:41 GMT
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In article <>,
  ipm  wrote:
> Eugene Holman wrote:
> > In article <>, ipm  wrote:
> >
> > > Ian McKinney
> > >
> >
> >  Ian McKinney makes the following mendaciously misleading claim in
his article:
> Oh, so the Jews weren't heavily involved in Communism, huh? Read this
and learn
> something:
>  During the early 1950's numerous investigations and trials were
conducted against
> communist agents. Here follows a brief summary of the most well-know
cases which
> demonstrate the disproportionate involvement of Jews in communist
activities against
> the United States.
> "The Amerasia Case": In early 1945 the FBI arrested six persons for
stealing 1700
> highly classified State Department documents. Three of the six were
> Philip Jaffe, a Russian Jew who was the former editor of the communist
paper, "Labor
> Defense". He was convicted and fined.
> Andrew Roth, a Brooklyn Jew, was a lieutenant in Naval Intelligence.
> Mark Gayn, a Russian Jew, (real name is Julius Ginsberg), was a
> "Alger Hiss Case": Hiss, although a communist, was one of the most
influential men
> in the State Department and an advisor to FDR. He was a protege of
Jewish Supreme
> Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter. Despite Frankfurter's court
appearance as a
> character witness, Hiss was convicted of perjury and sentenced to five
> "Gerhard Eisler Case": Eisler, a Jew and the highest-ranking member of
the communist
> party ever brought to trial, was the secret boss of the communist
party between 1935
> and 1947. In May of 1950, while free on bail, Eisler fled the U.S. and
later became
> the propaganda chief of communist Eastern Germany. His sister, Ruth,
was a communist
> agent for a number of years.
> "The Hollywood Ten": In 1950 ten leading film writers of the Hollywood
Film Colony
> were convicted of contempt of Congress and sentenced to prison. Nine
of the ten were
> Jews:
> Alvah Bessie, a screen writer, wrote for the party publication, New
> Herbert Biberman, a communist party member.
> Lester Cole, a communist party member.
> Edward Dmytryk, belonged to fifteen communist fronts.
> Ring Lardner, Jr., a communist party member.
> John Lawson, a Broadway playwrite and communist party member.
> Albert Maltz, a screen writer and communist party member.
> Samuel Ornitz, a screen writer.
> Adrian Scott, nationality unknown.
> Dalton Trumbo, a communist party member.
> "The American Politburo": The case exposed the fact that at least six
of eleven
> members of the National Secretariat of the American Communist Party
were Jewish.
> Those identified as Jews were:
> Jacob Sachel, John Gates (real name, Israel Regenstreif), Gilbert
Green (real name,
> Greenberg), Gus Hall (real name, Arvo Mike Halberg), Irving Potash,
and Carl Winter.
> The racial identity of Eugene Dennis (real name, Waldron), Robert
Thompson, and John
> Williamson are unknown.
> "Fuchs-Gold Spy Ring": Atomic scientist, Klaus Fuchs, (not a Jew), was
brought to
> America at the personal instigation of Albert Einstein. While working
on the
> Manhattan Project, Fuchs had access to our innermost atomic secrets
from 1942 to
> 1945. Based upon information obtained from Fuchs, the FBI began
investigations which
> resulted in the arrest of nine other members of the spy ring. Of the
nine, who were
> all convicted, eight were Jewish:
> Harry Gold, pivotal ring member along with Fuchs, was arrested in
1950, pleaded
> guilty to espionage, and sentenced to thirty years.
> David Greenglass, passed atomic secrets to Gold and Julius Rosenberg.
> wife worked as a courier, passing information between her husband and
> Rosenbergs. He was released from prison in 1960.
> Abraham Brothman, headed an engineering firm and supplied Gold with
> information on aviation gasoline, turbo aircraft engines, and
synthetic rubber. He
> was convicted of conspiracy aginst the U.S.
> Miriam Moscowitz, an associate of Brothman, was convicted.
> Julius Rosenberg, an electrical engineer, stole plans for the highly
> proximity fuse. He also aided in the theft of other atomic secrets. He
was convicted
> and sentenced to death.
> Ethel Rosenberg, wife of Julius, was convicted of the same charges.
She was the
> sister to David Greenglass. Ethel and her husband were executed on
June 19,1953.
> Morten Sobell, passed secret radar information to Rosenberg. He was
convicted of
> conspiracy to commit espionage and sentenced to thirty years.
>  It should be noted that the chief of the Los Alamos atomic
installation was Robert
> Oppenheimer, a Jew, who was recently confirmed as a communist agent by
> high-ranking KGB official, Pavel Sudoplatov (not a Jew, but married to
a Jewess), in
> his book - Special Tasks.
> "Second-String Politburo": After the convictions of the first-string,
> Politburo", a second-string was scheduled to take over the communist
operations. In
> 1951, the Justice Department indicted the whole group. The new group
consisted of 21
> members, 14 of which were Jews:
> Israel Amtor, Marian Maxwell, Isadore Begun, Alexander Bittelman,
George Charney,
> Betty Gannett, Simon Gerson, Victory Jerome, Jacob Mindel, Alexander
> Louis Weinstock, William Weinstone, Fred Fine, William Marron, Sidney
> Of the non-Jews indicted, James Jackson, Petty Perris, and Claudia
Jones, were
> negroes.
> "The Round-up": On July 1951, the FBI arrested 15 leading communists
party officials
> on the West Coast. A few days later, five more leaders were arrested
on the East
> Coast. All were charged with conspiracy to overthrow the U.S.
government. Of the 15
> arrested on the West Coast, six were identified as Jews:
> Henry Steinberg, Rose Chernin, Frank Carlson, Benjamin Dobbs, Frank
Spector, Al
> Richmond, and Carl Lambert.
> Four of five of those arrested in the East were Jews:
> Regina Frankfeld, George Meyers, Philip Frankfeld, and Rose Blumberg.
> ---------------------------------------------------
>  That concludes the summary of the bigger cases against communists in
the 1950's. It
> is worth mentioning three Aryans: Whittaker Chambers, Elizabeth
Bentley, and
> Vanderbilt Fields. All three later renounced their affiliations with
the communist
> party and provided valuable information that lead to investigations
and convictions.
> Not coincidentally, all three of these former communists were married
to Jews.
>  It is hoped that this ouline will serve as a handy reference whenever
> undeniable Jewish connection to communism is challenged.
> (This information was taken from the book, Behind Communism, by Frank
Britton, and
> is provided as a public service by the Euro-American Folk Journal).
> --
> Regards,
> ipm
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
tireless minority
> keen to set brush fires in people's minds..." -- Samuel Adams
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Western Imperative Network
> National Alliance

Very good points you have made. Yes communism knows no social bonds just
like the National Socialist movements. In fact, an interesting point to
make that many of the German people also followed communism before
turning to the National Socialist ideas of Adolf Hitler. The communist
even aided Adolf Hitler. The brownshirts (SA Troops) even participated
in the strikes held by the communist. However, Hitler was able to use
all sides to his advantage to gain control of the education and
government. Much like I am sure the National Alliance would like to do
in the United States. However, such movements either communist or
socialist always have cost of human lives and dignity behind them. If
you were to read Karl Marx closely, you would find that many of the
principles of communism are just like that of the National Alliance.

Quotation: ON THE JEWISH QUESTION by Karl Marx

"We must emancipated ourselves before we can emancipate others.

 The most rigid form of the opposition between the Jew and the Christian
is the religious opposition. How is an
opposition resolved? By making it impossible. How is religious
opposition made impossible? By abolishing religion. As
soon as Jew and Christian recognize that their respective religions are
no more than different stages in the
development of the human mind, different snake skins cast off by
history, and that man is the snake who sloughed
them, the relation of Jew and Christian is no longer religious but is
only a critical, scientific, and human relation. Science,
then, constitutes their unity. But, contradictions in science are
resolved by science itself."

Taken from the following url. However, you should be able to find the
work in any good college library as well.

Yes, ipm as you see Karl Marx had a solution. The solution was no
religion.  You should read what communism is truly about before you make
rash claims.

However I am glad that you have taken time to use your first amendment
rights. I hope you find an island somewhere that can be used to finally
establish your National Alliance. Poor, ipm, then. I hope you have no
dark shadows in your past. Not that makes any difference. Once the
leaders of the National Alliance are in power they shall decide what is
right and wrong. If they wish you shall be a dead man. Besides, you all
shall fight amoungst yourselves to find the strongest and most fit.
While destroying all those that are too weak until only one person is
left without a mate. Then that person shall die in old age such as the
fate of the world you wish to chose. I am glad of your choice imp.
However, it may not be too late to rejoin the United States of America
and live to be a free man and your children to live in freedom as you
chose. Yes, you may be a bigot if you like. Just do not force others to
follow you as you try to with your lies.

Honor Bright

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