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Subject: Re: The IHR is an antisemitic organization. George Lehmann is an antisemite. And the Grand Canyon appears largish when viewed from certain angles.
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Note: this message is intended for advanced students of revisionism.

Charles Don Hall responded to some troll:
> Hey, wait a minute! This means that we have a whole lot of
> Temples right down on the Mall.[...]
> And then there's the Air and Space Temple. You can search for days,
> and you won't find a single display supporting the view that the
> so-called "Moon Landing" was faked on a sound stage in the Nevada
> desert.

Veteran revisionists recognize that an outstanding small problem has
been the "Caesar's Palace" that was in or near the site of the sound 
stage where the "Moon Landing" was faked.

In "Guide to Vegas," among other publications, it is written that 
"Caesar's Palace" was a "casino," where Zionists and others gambled for 
fun, profit, and more often, loss.

Many of those who would have us believe that there was no sound stage
suitable for faking the moon landing insist on this interpretation.

For some time it has been my position that this "Caesar's Palace" did 
not exist. However, in 1982, my French friend Pepe Le Peu took his love 
bunny to Vegas, and actually saw "Caesar's Palace."

By 1989, when he recovered from his hangover, Pepe realized that my 
original interpretation was wrong.

The purpose of this note is to offer another interpretation which I now 
believe is more plausible than any earlier offered by me or anybody 
else. Before I do that I should remark that the problem here is what the 
"Caesar's Palace" was, not whether it was a casino. Those who claim it 
was a casino focus their attention entirely on the statements of the 
owners, architects, gaming board, Zionist-controlled press, and patrons. 
If they would instead focus on what the name says, they would realize 
that it is impossible to make that interpretation work. In fact 
"Caesar's Palace" does not refer to the rulers of ancient Rome, but to 
the surgical procedure of unnatural birth.

This is much more prosaic. Consider the implications. A Caesarean birth 
is, after all, a matter of processing babies through a path that is not 
usually available. As we know, Neil Armstrong was a fan of puzzles and 
puns (please refer to Giwer's work "Good Luck, Mr. Gorski"), and thus we 
see that "Caesar's Palace" is a "Place for Unnatural Creation," i.e., a 
sound stage for the moon landing.

I am struck by the humorous simplicity of the theory offered here.

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