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> (Ceacaa) writes:
>  Dear Sirs and Mazal:
>        I have been into the so-called gaschambers of Crema II and III.
>  There are no remains of any porous pillars.  

[Inane, unproven and undocument claims deleted]

>        What is pap, Mr. Mazal, is to insult people when you don't have
>  anything intelligent to write.  

Perhaps our anonymous young revisionis scientits might care
to comment on my earlier note to Mr. Giwer:

(begin quote)

Mr. Giwer has been posing the possibility that a witness might not have
seen Zyklon-B in the form of  "blue crystals."    He has further stated
that Zyklon-B was simply hydrogen cyanide gas adsorbed onto small 
pellets of  "kitty litter."  He also stated on one occasion that the
product was blue because liquid HCN was blue, which is patently
false. Rather than detract and admit his mistake, he went on to 
tell he had _not_ said that but rather that the 'blue' color was due to
a reaction between the hydrogen cyanide and the support material,
which is highly unlikely.

Mr. Giwer has also suggested that Zyklon-B was only produced in
the manner described above, rather than on various supports, 
insisting that the information given on the patents was not reliable.He
did not accept that Zyklon-B was produced employing treated
lignite disks, treated diatomaceous earth and, more important, on
cubes of silica gel.  This last material appears to be a crystal although,
of course it is not.

For the record, silica gel is a precipitated form of silicic acid (approx.
H2SiO3) which occurs in nature as opals. The Merck Index, defines
silica gel as follows:

    "Silica gel, 'Dri-Die, precipitated silicic acid in form of ***lustrous
     granules***   especially prepared for absorption of various 
     vapours."        [***emphasis*** mine: HWM]

We can  proceed to address Mr. Giwer's unfounded statements:

[(From Page 18 of Pressac's book.  ***emphasis*** mine : HWM]

1) "Translation of Doc(ument) NI-9912"
    "Directives for the use of Zyklon-B for the use of Prussic
     Acid (Zyklon ...
     ii.  Method of using Prussic Acid:
          Zyklon-B is the adsorption of a mixture of prussic acid by a
          carrier.  Wood fibre disks, a reddish-brown granular mass
          (Diagriess - Dia gravel) or small   ***blue cubes (Erco)***
          are used as carriers."

The above is from a translation of Degesch's official instruction manual,
which can be assumed to be reliable.
(From page 21 of Pressac's book.  ***emphasis***   mine : HWM)
2) "Photo 20"
      "500 grams can of Zyklon-B without it's label, containing small
        ***bluish pellets*** of porous silica known as Erco, which 
        absorbed the hydrocyanic acid together with 5% of a lachrymogenic
        and sternutatory agent. These are the 'crystals' of Zyklon-B. 
        Other fixing agents were also used, either a reddish-brown granulous
        mass  (Diagriess), or disks of ligneous fibre (photo 8) which
        Eichmann knew ... before or at the time of his deciding with 
        Hoess on their homicidal use."

Photos 1, 10, and 20  show an open cannister (photos 1 and 10 show
cannisters _with_  labels) with irregularly formed, sharp-edged, crystal-like
pellets, of about 1-2 cms.

Photos 7 and 8 from Degesch's sales catalog show two men placing
lignite disks impregnated with htdrogen cyanide on a factory floor.

This detailed article will, no doubt, provoke Mr. Giwer's accustomed
vulgarities, same which will help establish his credentials as an unbiased
observer of history.  Let me hasten to advise Mr. Giwer that whatever
modest contribution I might post is not addressed to him personally,
but rather to those who are interested in documented and substantiated
information on this subject.

Harry W. Mazal OBE

Extracts from the Degesch Instruction Manual, photos and other text
taken from:

_Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers_
Jean-Claude Pressac
c. 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 89-81305.

(end quote)

Harry W. Mazal OBE

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