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From Wed Dec 13 13:14:15 PST 1995
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From: (Ulrich Roessler)
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Subject: Re: Luftl's 'Report' Again (Re: Comments and Questions to Ulri
Date: 12 Dec 1995 00:13:33 GMT
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DbtgThomas ( wrote:

: Dan Keren writes:

: >I would hardly describe the wiremesh introduction devices
: >for the Zyklon (in Kremas II and III) as "baskets".

: I believe you referred to "baskets" in some posts last year, as Roessler
: does now, but in any case, what difference does it make?  Wire mesh can
: only hold the pellets in place in one way -- by forming a physical barrier
:  beneath and around them with an opening on top for insertion and removal.
:  You could call the finished item a box, a basket, a wire mesh carrier, a
: wire net, or any of a number of other equally appropriate names.  Whatever
: you choose to call it, it serves the same purpose -- to contain the
: pellets in a smaller area than they would occupy if they were spread out
: thinly on the floor.  That last not by design, but as an unavoidable
: aspect of the restrictions on the physical size of the device, i.e. you
: wouldn't make one the same size as the floor space in the building as it
: would be unwieldy and unusable.

The holes are the important thing with a wire mesh, don't you think so? 
A gas can diffuse straight through them - on all sides, don't you think so? 

Actually, I just saw that these introduction devices had a special design 
which takes into account just the problem of spreading the Zyklon over
a wider area.

According to the deposition (11th June 1945) of one Michal Kula, 
who was an inmate in Auschwitz (prisoner-number 2718) and worked 
in the metal working shop, where these devices had been produced,
the design was as follows, as detailed in Pressac's book 
(Technique and Operation, p.478) :

The movable part was a column of wire mesh with a square cross-section
of about 20 cm side-length. Inside this column was a metal or tin tube,
with a metal cap, also with a square cross-section. The distance between
the tube and the surrounding was 25mm. Hence filling in the Zyklon 
into that device will produce layers of about 25mm thickness between tube
and the outside wire-mesh - not a closed packed heap. The whole device 
was placed into fixed columns of wire-mesh which had been installed 
under the openings in the roof.

It is possible that the measures of that device, reproduced from
memory, are not entirely exact. However, the planners of the gas-chambers
had obviously in mind the problem to ensure quick evaporation of the HCN 
>from  the Zyklon, as can be seen from that design.

: If you have any information about the size of the devices, it would help
: in making evaporation calculations.  Who knows - the results may quite
: handily support your position.

Just do the calculation, I'm really interested to see them.

I state essential agreement between the witness testimonies and 
the technical data, I cited so far in this thread, regarding 
the killing method with HCN used in Auschwitz - and this is really 
no surprise.

Now, it's really up to the deniers to demonstrate the impossibility 
to kill people with highly poisoneous gases. So far, their assumptions 
and knowledge about the matter revealed either remarkable ignorance
or attempts of deception, as I also demonstrated on occasion of
Herr Rudolf's misquoting of Dr Peters's book.-

That you, Mr DbtgThomas, don't maintain any opinion whatsover about
anything of interest, is, on the other hand, common knowledge in this


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