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From: (Daniel Keren)
Subject: Re: How soon is soon?
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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 09:16:23 GMT
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# (Daniel Keren) wrote:
[To Matt Giwer]
## No, relevant with regard to the rate of evaporation
## of HCN from Zyklon. Seems your estimate was off by a
## factor of 16 or so.
# A repeated assertion.  Now where is the clear statement
# of evaporation time you promised? 

The source - courtesy of Dr. Ulrich Roessler, with translation
help by Gordon McFee and Jamie McCarthy - is the following

G. Peters, W. Rasch, Die Einsatzfaehigkeit der Blausaeure-Durchgasung 
bei tiefen Temperaturen, Zeitschrift fuer hygienische Zoologie und
Schaedlingsbekaempfung, 1941.
G. Peters, W. Rasch, The Serviceability of Prussic Acid
Gassing at Low Temperatures, Journal of Hygienic Zoology and Pest
Control, 1941, 133f.

Relevant pages have been scanned and posted to Nizkor's web site:

[Archive NOTE: These files have been moved to camps/auschwitz/images. 
knm 28 June 1996]

European mirror site


in the files 

PR132.jpg       PR134.jpg       PR136.jpg
PR133.jpg       PR135.jpg       PR137.jpg

The most relevant material is in page 136:

 From these analytical measurements the following may be concluded: 

 1. In all cases, the most substantial part of the development of the
    gas had taken place/been effected after one or at most two hours.
    (A control of the remainders [Rueckstaende] after these corresponding 
    times proved that the gas had evaporated from them without any 
    residues [deren restlose Entgasung].) Hence, the evaporation of the 
    prussic acid/HCN did not slow down considerably because of low

Note that the article discusses rather low temperatures, that is,
under 0 Celsius.

This, and other material found in Dr. Peters' book, totally
refute "revisionist" lies about the rate of evaporation of

-Danny Keren.

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