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 4.0 Compiling Estimates of the Numbers Exterminated

   When the extermination camps failed to achieve their objective, the
   total extermination of European Jewry, by the end of 1942, Heinrich
   Himmler commissioned a statistical report in order to determine what
   'progress' had been made.

   In January of 1943, Dr. Richard Korherr, a noted statistician who was
   outside SS circles, working with Adolf Eichmann and camp commanders,
   began compiling reports and figures to present to Himmler. As
   Breitman relates,

      Korherr's job was complicated by the fact that, even in a report
      designed for Himmler, he was not supposed to spell out the facts
      in black and white.  It was easier to state how many Jews were
      still alive than what had happened to the others.  To be sure,
      Korherr could state that through various means the Jewish
      population in the Reich and the Government General had
      diminished by 3.1 million between 1933 and 1942.  In spite of
      his generous use of the term "evacuation," however, which
      Himmler seconded, to mislead those who would read the document
      in later years, Himmler had to correct Korherr's wording in one
      place.  Where Korherr had written of the "special treatment" of
      the Jews, Himmler had insisted on either the "transportation of
      the Jews from the Eastern provinces to the Russian East" or the
      "sifting of the Jews through the camps." These were among the
      officially approved terms to camouflage the realities of the
      Final Solution.  (Korherr's reports in NA RG 238, NO-5193 and
      5194, Himmler's correction of wording in Brandt to Korherr, 20
      April 1943.  NA RG 238, NO-5196.  Raul Hillberg, The Destruction
      of the European Jews {Chicago, 1961}, 2nd expanded ed., 3 vols.
      {New York, 1985},I, 322-23, reviews the whole range of Nazi
      terms that veiled the realities.) (Breitman, 242)

   Note that Himmler was successful in his attempts to camouflage
   reality to the degree that present-day Holocaust denial insists that
   Jews were simply "relocated to the East," and not exterminated.

   Eichmann's interrogation regarding the total number of victims
   supports Fleming's figure of about five million killed (Request
   eichmann eichmann.005), while figures compiled by Yehuda Bauer, of
   Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, are somewhat higher.  Bauer's figures are in
   the right-most column:

       German Reich (boundaries of 1938)       130,000   125,000
       Austria                                  58,000    65,000
       Belgium                                  26,000
       Belgium & Luxembourg                               24,700 
       Bulgaria                                  7,000
       Czechoslovakia (boundaries of 1938)     245,000   277,000
       France                                   64,000    83,000
       Greece                                   58,000    65,000
       Hungary & Carpatho-Ukraine              300,000   402,000*
       Italy                                     8,000     7,500*
       Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia              200,000
       Luxembourg                                3,000
       Netherlands                             101,800   106,000
       Norway                                      677       760
       Poland (boundaries of 1939)           2,700,000
       Polish-Soviet area                              4,565,000
       Romania (boundaries prior to 1940)      220,000    40,000
       USSR (boundaries prior to 1939)         800,000
       Yugoslavia                               54,000    60,000*
                                             4,975,477 5,820,960
                                          * May be underestimated

 4.1 How many people died at Auschwitz?
   Foner's Spotlight article makes the following assertions regarding the
   number of people killed at the camp:

      Like most Americans, since his youth Cole had been instructed
      in the "irrefutable fact" that homicidal gassings had taken
      place at Auschwitz.  The number of those so executed - also
      declared irrefutable - was 4.1 million.

      Then came the Leuchter Report in 1988.  This was followed by a
      "re-evaluation" of the total deaths at Auschwitz (down to 1.1
      million).  As a budding historian - and a Jew - Cole was

      Previous to 1992, anyone who publicly doubted the 4.1 million
      "gassing" deaths at Auschwitz was labeled an anti-Semite,
      neo-nazi skinhead (at the very least).  Quietly, because of
      revisionist findings, the official figure was lowered to 1.1
      million.  No mention of that missing 3 million.

   Foner's assertions are simply not true; although it is correct to note
   that the Polish government did claim that four million people were
   exterminated at Auschwitz, historians (Feig, Reitlinger, Hilberg, et al.) 
   have never supported that figure. Consider the estimates provided by 
   Buszko at the end of his article on Auschwitz, which appeared in the
   Encyclopedia of the Holocaust:

      Of the 405,000 registered prisoners, 65,000 survived
      Of the 16,000 Soviet POW's, 96 survived
      Various estimates suggest 1.6 million were murdered

   Buszko's article, and the above estimates, appeared in the 1990 edition
   of the Encyclopedia, which clearly puts the lie to Foner's comment that
   "anyone who publicly doubted the 4.1 million ..." figure "previous to
   1992..." was "...labeled an anti-Semite..." Buszko is not only a Jewish
   historian, but Polish as well.

   Feig also provides evidence of the false nature of Foner's comment when
   she notes that `Ho"ss testified that the Tesch directors could not help
   but know of the use for their product because they sold him enough to
   annihilate two million people.'  Feig's book was published in 1981.

   According to Snyder, Adolf Eichmann reported to Himmler, in 1944, that
   four million had been killed in the camps, and another million had been
   shot or killed by mobile units.  (Encyclopedia of the Third Reich.
   1989) Eichmann's report, which referenced _all_ the camps (most of which
   were in Poland), may have been the source of the Polish government's
   figures. (Snyder is a Professor of History at the City College and the
   City University of New York.)

   During the war crimes trials, Ho"ss was was asked if it was true that
   he had no exact numbers because he had been forbidden to compile them,
   and he agreed. He also agreed that Adolf Eichmann had told him that
   that more than two million people had been exterminated there. 
   (von Lang, 120)

   The Institut Fuer Zeitgeschicthe, Munich, provided the following
   capsulated paragraph about Auschwitz a March, 1992, letter of
   inquiry. (Request auschwitz

      The extermination camp in Birkenau, established in the second
      half of 1941, was joined to the concentration camp Auschwitz,
      existing since May 1940.  From January 1942 on in five gas
      chambers and from the end of June 1943 in four additional large
      gassing-rooms gassings with Zyklon B have been undertaken.  Up
      until November 1944 more than one million Jews and at least 4000
      gypsies have been murdered by gas.  (IFZ)

   While it is admittedly difficult to compile exact figures, since the
   Nazis did not maintain registration records for those who were to be
   exterminated immediately upon arrival at Auschwitz, it seems accurate
   to assert that the number of Jews killed fell somewhere between one
   and one-point-six million.

   Jews were not the only victims of the Auschwitz killing machine -
   estimates that from 200,000 (Gilbert, 22, Kendrick, 184) to 500,000
   (Bubenickova, 190, Yoors, 34) Gypsies were ultimately destroyed are
   noted by Laska.  Himmler signed the decree sending all of them to
   Auschwitz in 1942. In addition, an unknown number of homosexuals were
   sent to Auschwitz and executed. 

   The Leuchter Report, which Foner alludes to extensively in his Spotlight
   article, has been thoroughly refuted. For detailed information about the
   report, see the Leuchter FAQ, published regularly in this newsgroup.

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Tbone wrote:
> I was taught in school that 6 million jews were murdered by the Nazi's in
> the "holocaust". That has been the party line since WWII. We've heard it
> constantly, and it's illegal to question it in Canada, Germany, Israel,
> France, and a few other countries. (Just ask Irving, Zundel, Leuchter,
> etc.)
> But, in 1990 or so, the Auschwitz museum in Poland removed the plaque that
> said 4 million jews had been killed there. (You know, the plaque the Pope
> prayed over, commemorating the 4 million jews, etc...) The Auschwitz State
> Museum (whatever its official name is) has OFFICIALLY LOWERED the Auschwitz
> death toll to "around 1.5 million", a reduction of approx. 2.5 million.
> Some Soviet papers documented only 72,000 jewish deaths there...
> So, what is the official jewish count? Still 6 million, of course!!! How
> can the former total of 6 million lose 2.5 million, and still be 6 million?
> Maybe that's a special kind of math only taught to jews, I don't know. To
> white people, that equals a max of 3.5 million, which the jews can't allow
> because it would screw up their entire holy-hoax scam.
> Remember, the Katyn Massacre? 13,000+ Polish officers murdered. We were
> told for 45 years that the Germans did it. Then the Soviets said, "Nope, we
> did it." With that it mind, isn't it reasonable to assume that perhaps the
> jew count is suspect, at best, and deliberately fraudulent at worst?
> Hail the Order!

Since you obviously haven't found the time to do much research on the
subject--being so busy hailing the order and all--here is some
information that may help you understand the death counts:

To begin with, Adolf Eichmann, the SS officer charged by Hitler with the
destruction of millions of Jews, reported to Himmler in August 1944
that, although the death camps kept no exact statistics, 4 million Jews
had died in them and that 2 million more had been shot or killed by
mobile units (Einsatzkommandos).  

Now, let's add this up...4 million + 2 million = 6 million.  

Coincidence?  Historians determined that the  number of Jews killed is
very close the number that the Germans themselves estimated. For a good
accounting of the numbers killed, refer to appendix III of Raul
Hilberg's "The Destruction of the  European Jews" (available through
most public and University library systems).  NOTE: these figures by
Hilberg were derived through painstaking research--not by reading a

                 (by operation)
Area of mobile killing operations:               1,400,000
 tabulated dead (900,000)
 untabulated dead (500,000)=
     unreported by Einsatzgruppen (150,000?)
     Higher SS and police leaders and BdS GG (100,000)
     Army killings, PW killings and operations 
            by anti-partisan units (100,000)
     Ghetto dead (100,000)
     death of fleeing Jews (50,000?)
Area of deportations:                            3,700,000
 Killed in camps (including Transnistria) (3,000,000)
 ghetto and aggravated deaths (700,000)
TOTAL                                           >5,100,000

(Recent developments in the former USSR have uncovered more data,
which, I have heard, indicates that these figures are 
under-calculated by 250,000-500,000.)

Here is another look at the numbers:

  Appendix Table B2 from Raul Hilberg's "Destruction of
  European Jewry" Vol III, p1220:
  Poland       up to 3,000,000
  USSR              over 700,000
  Romania      270,000
  Czechoslovakia 260,000
  Hungary      over 180,000
  Lithuania         up to 130,000
  Germany           over 120,000
  Netherlands  over 100,000
  France       75,000
  Latvia       70,000
  Yugoslavia   60,000
  Greece       60,000
  Austria      over 50,000
  Belgium      24,000
  Italy (including Rhodes)
  Estonia      2,000
  Norway       under 1,000
  Luxemborg         under 1,000
  Danzig       under 1,000
  Total        5,100,000
  NOTE: Borders refer to 1937.  Converts to Christianity are
  included and refugees are counted with the countries from
  which they were deported
  Table B3
  1933-1940    under 100,000
  1941              1,100,000
  1942              2,700,000
  1943              500,000
  1944              600,000
  1945              100,000
  Total         5,100,000
  Note Rounded to nearest 100,000
Now if you are just looking at Auschwitz, here are the figures from the
book "Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers" by
Jean-Claude Pressac. From the introduction by Beate and Serge Klarsfeld:

deaths at Auschwitz

Category       Total #      total             total
              deportees     dead              survivors

 Jews          1,433,405  1,352,980 (94.4%)   80,425 (5.6%)
 "Poles" + EH    142,940     83,010 (58.1)    59,930 (40.9)  
Gypsies          21,665     20,255 (93.5)     1,410 (6.5)
 Russians         11,780     11,685 (99.2)        96 (0.8)

Total          1,613,455  1,471,595 (92.1)   141,860 (8.8)        
     (Note: EH = 'Erziehungshaftlinge'--prisoners interned           
for reeducation)
Weller further breaks down the deaths:

Category                 NUMBER OF DEAD
              in gas chambers         other causes

 Jews           1,323,000 (92.3%)       29,980 (2.3%)
 "Poles" + EH       3,665 ( 2.5)        83,010 (56.6)    
  Gypsies           6,430 (29.6)        13,825 (63.8)
 Russians           1,605 (13.6)        10,080 ( 8.5)

Total           1,334,700 (82.7 %)     136,895 (8.5%)

Klarsfeld notes: "It should be pointed out that the great historian
estimates the number of Jews who entered Auschwitz-Birkinau at between
1,050,000 and 1,100,000 (Le Nouvel Observateur" 3rd July 1982)" [Since
Hilberg's estimates in 1983, however, the fall of the Soviet Union has
made additional documents available that indicate these figures are
underestimated by at least 250,000...]

From these figures we see that, while fewer gypsies and Russians were
gassed, they did poorly in the camps; that a greater proportion of Jews
were gassed than non-Jews and that Poles survived best of all--probably
because of their non-Jewish status.  This supports eyewitness accounts
that indicate that Poles were given preferred status in the camps.

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