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From: (William Daffer)
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Subject: Chris Carpenter and the '4 million' claim
Date: 16 Jun 1998 12:53:00 -0700
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Chris Carpenter made some claim a while ago that the media keeps
parroting the incorrect _4 million dead at Auschwitz_ 'party line'
thereby brainwashing the unthinking masses into believing the
Holocaust worse than it really is, as if 1.5 million is somehow less
terrible. He challenged us to refute him and, since he was unwise
enough to frame the assertion as a universal, John Morris promptly
obliged, quoting an article from the Washington Post, I believe. I've
done a mornings research on the Net and have found these additional
three articles.

1. --------------------------------------------------

    From a CNN article entitled:

       _Top Polish rabbi wants extraterritorial  Auschwitz_

		       7 June 1998
		       Web posted at: 20:10 CEST, Paris time (18:10 GMT) 


		       During World War Two, three million of Poland's
		       3.5 million Jews were killed by the invading Nazi
		       Germans, more than one million at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
    End Quote:


      From another CNN article, this one entitled:

	    _Israel honors Holocaust survivors' role in creating state_

                April 22, 1998
                Web posted at: 9:11 p.m. EDT (0111 GMT)

	   Netanyahu will spend Remembrance Day in Poland, where he will
	   join the annual "March of the Living" from the former
	   Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, where Nazis murdered up to 1.5
	   million people, the vast majority Jews from across Europe.

	   The aim of the march, involving almost 7,000 young Jews from
	   around the world and 1,000 survivors, is to protest against
	   spreading claims that the Holocaust never happened.

    End Quote:

  Comment: Two for two.

  Seems like CNN has got it right.
  The last paragraph is a rather delicious irony, don't you think,


3. --------------------------------------------------

  From an article entitled 

		   _50 years after the liberation of AUSCHWITZ `I
		      hear crying' in the silence_

                   Published by USA Today, 

		   By Jack Kelley; Andrea Stone
		   Thur., Jan. 26, 1995
		   Section: NEWS
		   Page 10A

		  In memory of the 1.5 million killed here, leaders from
		  two dozen countries will gather on the anniversary, to
		  observe a moment of silence.
    End Quote:

So, USA Today has got it right!

I'm sure we can find more. But I think the point is made well
enough. If Mr. Carpenter can produce quotes with citations which
indicate otherwise, let him do so.

 In any case, the salient point is this. The 4 million figure is not
held by any historians and the final figure of 6 million Jews dead in
the Holocaust is not dependent upon it, hence this number is
irrelevant. Anyone wanting to check the numbers for the death toll in
the Holocaust could easily do so by reading the historians. If there
were a conspiracy to inflate these numbers, it isn't a very good one
that allows these messy historians with their 'low' death tolls to
write their books.

  Conspiracy to inflate the death toll? No.
  Media Parrotting of the _4 million dead at Auschwitz_ number? Also No.

  Sorry, you lose.

  Probablity of Mr. Carpenter acknowledging this? 0.

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