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From Tue May 28 07:57:51 PDT 1996
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From: (Richard Schultz)
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Subject: Re: Pellets, shower, porous pillars...
Date: 28 May 1996 05:01:03 GMT
Organization: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
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Prince Myshkin ( wrote:
: (Richard Schultz) wrote:

: >So when are you going to post a source (or, I suppose a set of "P Chem
: >equations") for your claim that HCN is a byproduct of coke combustion
: >or a retraction of that claim in light of the evidence to the contrary
: >posted here?

: 	It has already been posted.  Where have you been?  Flu gases [sic] 
: from coke are one of the commercial sources of it as you should have
: read.  But I would never expect a distinguished chemist such as
: yourself do know such mundane thing as a commerical source.

Because Prince Myshkin appears to be literacy-challenged, I am putting
the important words in the following paragraph in BIG LETTERS SO HE CAN
SEE THEM.  Apologies to those for whom this will bring back memories of
Robert McElwaine.

Read my lips:  HCN is a byproduct of coke PRODUCTION.  It is NOT a product
of coke COMBUSTION.  What is the difference between coke PRODUCTION and
coke COMBUSTION?  Coke is produced by heating coal in a closed chamber.
After the oxygen has been used up (forming CO and CO2, which make up
part of the stack gases), the coal distills in the ABSENCE of OXYGEN.
The distillation produces any number of products, from lightweight gases
(including HCN) to oils and tars of increasingly lower volatility.  But
(I am now repeating this for about the fourth time) all of this (INCLUDING
the PRODUCTION of HCN) occurs when there is NO OXYGEN PRESENT.  Now 
what happens when you BURN coke?  You heat it in the PRESENCE of OXYGEN.

One more time:

heat coal in ABSENCE of oxygen -- get HCN
heat coke in PRESENCE of oxygen -- do NOT get HCN

Is this clear?  Now, if you have a source that says that HCN is produced
in the combustion of coke (hint:  "flue gases" are the gases you get out
in the production of coke, not in its combustion), then please post them.
Of course, since you seem to think that CO2 is not an acid, the difference
between the presence of oxygen and the absence of oxygen might be just a
little too subtle for you.

: >And when do you plan to post your translation of that Hitler quote?

: 	Which quote are you talking about?

The following quote, which I have posted at least three times, and which 
is taken from a speech Hitler gave on 15 March 1942.  The passage is
reprinted on page 80 of _Der Fuehrer Ueber die Juden_, ed. Gerhard
Brendel (Muenchen:  Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1943):

	Denn es ist unertraeglich, dass das Leben von Hunderten, von
	Millionen Menschen von hoechstem kulturellem Wert und emsigsten
	Fleiss fuer immer abhaengig sein soll vom Wollen einer kleinen,
	wahrhaft verbrecherischen Gemeinschaft juedisch-kapitalistischer
	Weltverschwoerer und der von ihnen vergewaltigten oeffentlichen
	Meinung einer dadurch allein gegen Europa eingestellter
	Voelker und Staaten.  Es kann daher auch nur eine einzige 
	Loesung geben, naemlich:  diesen Kampf so lange zu fuehren, bis
	die Sicherheit eines dauernden Friedens gegeben ist, d. h.
	aber bis zur Vernichtung der Feinde dieses Friedens!

I await your explanation of the above quotation.

Richard Schultz                    
Department of Chemistry                      tel: 972-3-531-8065
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel       fax: 972-3-535-1250
The real trouble with the Jews is that they are cruel.  Anybody with a 
knowledge of history knows how they tortured poor debtors in secret
catacombs, all through the Middle Ages.  Whereas the Nordic is distinguished
by his gentleness and his kind-heartedness to friends, children, dogs, 
and people of inferior races.
					B. Windrip, _Zero Hour_

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