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From Tue Jun 13 07:35:46 PDT 1995
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From: (HMazal)
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Subject: Re: Holocaust Almanac - I.G. Farben removed 'indicator' from gas
Date: 9 Jun 1995 20:01:11 -0400
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Why does Mr. Hunt (DbtgThomas) persist with his perverse perambulations 
on Zyklon-B?  Does he believe that his offensive insinuations will go
unanswered? Rather than spend his hours reading Faurisson and Butz,
delighting in their delusions, he would do well to indulge in some quiet
research into the source documents before making his indefensible claims:

>(some text deleted) Assuming that it were added and then removed, one
>would still be quite aware of the presence of the gas from its natural
>odor, which, by the way, is mentioned in safety brochures for the

Mr. Hunt might be quite surprised, for example, to find that the following
words appear on some of the Degesch Zyklon-B labels (which have red
lettering on a yellow background):

   "Vorischt, ohne Warnstoff"  

Mr. Hunt's German is obviously faulted as shown in some of his previous
translations, so I will spare him the embarrassment and publish the

   "Take care, no warning agent."

"Why," he will doubtlessly ask, "would the removal of such a warning agent
(lachrymogen) be required? After all, the victims were locked in an
airtight room. Whether a lachrymogen would be included or not is a moot
point as the victims complaints would not have mattered."

"A good point," our delighted deniers would speak out in their usual
misguided  chorus, "the Zyklon-B with or without such an agent, would be
just as useful."

Not so.

The lachrymogen would be most useful when using Zyklon-B to kill rats, 
lice, or meal beetles, as workers would immediately perceive if the room,
container or ship's hold had been adequately ventilated or not. Time in
these cases would not be too terribly critical.

When using Zyklon-B in a gas chamber, however, a rather more rapid cycle
was preferrable. Bodies must be moved out quickly to make room for new
victims. Often, workers would go into the gas chambers before the rooms
were totally exhausted of their deadly vapors. These workers would wear
the regulation gas mask type GM 38 with a "J" type filter which would
remove hydrogen cyanide and allow the wearer to work in a still-poisonous
atmosphers. The filters were clearly marked for use with Zyklon-B.
("Einsatz fur Zyklon"), and manufactured by Dragerwercke in Lubeck. (They
still are).

Those filters might not remove the lachrymogen though. A worker or 
- God forbid - an SS man, might be sorely tempted to remove his gas mask
when the terribly irritating vapors of the warning agent made their way
through the gas mask's  filter and into his eyes and nasal passages. End
result?  He might join the other bodies on the gas chamber floor.

Let's give Mr. Hunt a week to look for the bibliographic references on the
above. If he can find them, he gets one little yellow star to paste on his
forehead. He will get two little yellow stars  if he can give us at least
one other reason for removing the lachrymogen.

Harry W. Mazal in San Antonio, Texas

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