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From Wed Jun  5 20:44:38 PDT 1996
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From: (Harry Katz)
Subject: Re: 960603: The Talmud, hate literature, and the "Australian League of Rights"
Date: 5 Jun 1996 22:32:37 GMT
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In article <>,
E. Zundel Repost ( whines:

	In the Adelaide Institute's April 1996 issue, I found the
	following letter, worthy of sharing with both our friends
	and foes alike...

	Since you are so disturbed about "hate propaganda", I enclose
	details of the Jewish Talmud, which has been distributing hate
	against the "goyim"...

So the Zundel mob has decided to publish lies about the Talmud.  The
Talmud is not "hate propaganda," but this letter that the Zundelistas
find to be so "worthy" is indeed hate propaganda at its worst.

	...(itself  a hateful term, since it means "human cattle",
	the Jews only permitting themselves to be fully human).

This lie has been exposed innumerable times in this newsgroup.  The
word, "Goyim," means "nations" in Hebrew and "non-Jews" in Yiddish.
It does not, nor has it ever meant "human cattle!"  The fact that the
author grasps at such straws to "prove" his case only confirms that
the Talmud itself has precious little in it worthy of criticism.

Furthermore, the Talmud mnever refers to Christians as "goyim" for
the simple reason that at that time Christianity was still considered
a schismatic sect of Judaism!  All references to "Goyim" in the
Talmud are references to local idolators, or to the occupying Roman

	I draw your attention, for example, to the hate mongering and
	blasphemous reference to Christ as the illegitimate son of a
	liaison of intercourse between His mother, Mary, and Pandira,
	a Roman soldier.  Christ is also called a "fool" who "corrupts
	his morals and dishonours himelf" and "died like a beast and is
	buried in an animal's dirt heap".

As the Talmud never uses the words, "Christ," or "Jesus," these
references are particularly specious.  What it amounts to is
speculation that these passages refer to Christ, as scholars, both
Jewish and Christian, will attest.

The "died like a beast" reference is interesting in that it was a
given of Jewish theology that God protects his saints from harm at
the hands of idolators.  The early Christians themselves were
embarassed by the manner of Jesus' death, as it was taught that a
violent death such as his would never be visited upon a true saint.

	Hateful references to Christians as "idolaters",...

This is truly ignorant.  The Talmud refers to idolators and the
Zundelistas read this to be a reference to Christians!  In fact, the
Talmud never even uses the word, "Christian."  The Talmud does refer
to "heretics" but scholars will attest that this can refer to either
Gnostics or Christians or both, and it is never clear-cut which group
is meant in any particular passage.  But neither group is identified
as idolatrous.

	...Christians "have sex with animals",...

Not Christians -- idolators!

	...Jews are "innocent of murder if intended to kill a

An outright lie.  It does not even apply to idolators.

	This is of course an incitement to murder.  Christians idoleters
	likened to cows and asses;...

Once again, Christians are not identified with idolators.

	...Christians are like unclean beasts;  non-Jews' souls go
	straight to hell.  Jews can lie and perjure to condemn a
	Christian; name of God not profaned when lying to Christians;
	and Jews can perjure themselves with a clear conscience.  The
	last is, of course, an incitement to lie and cheat.

Wrong again.  Jews are not permitted to lie even to an idolator.

The Zundelistas end their litany of lies with this pithy semtiment:

	Thought for the Day:

	"Rather perish than hate and fear, and twice rather perish than
	make oneself hated and feared."

		(Friedrich Nietzsche)

A noble philosophy.  Too bad the Zundelistas do not adhere to it,
instead of hypocritically giving it lip service.  Spreading lies and
distortions about the Talmud is guaranteed to make the Zundelistas
"hated and feared."  Neitzche himself condemned the German people of
his time who allowed themselves to be deceived by anti-Semites and

Harry Katz

Ignorance and conceit go hand in hand.
	-- The Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud, Madison C. Peters, ed.

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