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From Tue Jul 16 14:05:26 PDT 1996
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From: (Michael P. Stein)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Hub*rs and antisemitism
Date: 16 Jul 1996 11:11:34 -0400
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In article <4sck1l$>,
A Huber  wrote:
>You've made the mis-assumption that following j*daism makes one religious.
> and therefore not interested in Communism. By no stretch of the 
>imagination is j*daism a "religion", unless we are to use it in the same 
>context in which the Very Reverend Louis Farrakhan used it, eg, "gutter 
>If you have ever read from the Talm*d, you would understand.

    I have read from the Talmud.  It's just amazing what you find when you
look at everything in context.  It's a shame the rabbis organized the
criminal penalty discussions in a strange way - rather than organizing by
act, it is organized by penalty.  Tractate Sanhedrin deals with death
penalty law, while Makkoth deals with offenses punishable by whipping.
Antisemites like Hub*er quote selectively from Sanhedrin to make it seem
as if certain acts are excused, when one finds that over in Makkoth there
are no exceptions to punishment.  (The rules on applying the death penalty
were quite stringent; any doubt whatsoever as to full satisfaction of
every legal requirement was cause to reduce the penalty to whipping.) 

>Which gives me an idea!!!!
>We had so much fun with the Khazar series, we'll do the next series on 
>"Quotes from the Talm*d".

    Oh, goody.  I'll dust off my file of "what the liars left out of their
quotes, and how they mistranslated." 

>People can see for themselves what trash, then, the j*ws are.

    And people can see for themselves what liars, then, the Hub*rs are.
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