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From: (Andrew Mathis)
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Subject: Re: Schoedel's Powerful, Truth-filled, Lie-Slaying, Hope-bringing website:
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"Ronald C. Schoedel"  wrote:

> (Andrew Mathis) wrote:
>>>What if they do?  All are more than welcome.  Mine is an equal opportunity
>>>website, open to all truth-seekers: jew, gentile, and even GSA's.
>>If I successfully refute your claims about the Talmud, will you print
>>them?  Equal opportunity has its responsibilities, you know.

>Let's see what you can come up with, and then we'll talk, eh?

Ah, here's a little something from the archives:

I made the following challenge:
>: 2. Ron Schoedel claims on his home page that the Babylonian Talmud permits
>: sex with three year olds.  I will give him $100 if he can cite Tractate,
>: Section, Line and Verse.  I will not require him to provide the original
>: Aramaic; a translation will suffice.

Tricky Dick replies:

>    Facts are Facts quotes this.  It can be found at:
>   (in the Library)

So I went; I read; I laughed at loud.

I believe the author of "Facts are Facts" is "Reverend" Pete Peters.
If it's not, Dick, tell him I said go to Hell anyway.

Let's start counting lies.  I will be quoting Facts are Facts.  If you
wanna sue me for violation of copyright, go ahead and try.  I'll eat
you alive.

Second paragraph: the author claims that the Talmud is "the legal code
which forms the basis of Jewish religious law."  This is essentially
true.  HOWEVER, it was not until the Talmud, which contains the
opinions, often differing highly, of dozens of rabbis who lived
anywhere between 1st c. BCE and 5th c. CE, was reduced to majority
opinions and codified in the Mishneh Torah by Rabbi Moses ben Maimon,
called the RamBam or Maimonides, that there was anything that could
even remotely be called Jewish law, other than the written Torah
(Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy).  Keep this is

Fourth paragraph: the author claims that the Soncino edition of the
Talmud is rare.  Untrue.  I held in my hands less than a week ago, the
original text; today I held the translation, both by Soncino.  The
latter was found in the NYU library.

The author shows mere stupidity in paragraph Five by claiming that the
Talmud was written in many ancient languages.  Is TWO many?  Hebrew
and Aramaic--that's all, folks.  Aramaic, btw, is the langauge that
Jesus spoke.  Check your Bibles.

Finally, we get the money shot.  After an unrelated quote from the
Talmud on pederasty and how it should be dealt with, the author brings
up the infamous passage, which I will now quote: "A maiden three years
and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition . . ."  Well, there
you have it.  What follows this line is the eventualities of death of
spouse, adultery, etc.

So am I disproven?

Of course not.

The author quoted WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of context.

Let's back up.

Jews believe that Moses received the Torah on Mt. Sinai, and that this
Torah consisted of a written portion (aforementioned five first books
of Bible) and an oral portion which was passed from Moses to Joshua,
>from  Joshua to the Judges on down to Jesus' time, where the two main
rabbinical schools in Judea were run by Hillel and Shammai.  These two
men agreed on little or nothing concerning "Jewish law."  After the
destruction of the Temple (70 CE) and the smashing of the Bar Kochba
revolt (c. 135 CE), the surviving rabbinical assemblies decided that
it was necessary to write down the Oral law, INCLUDING ALL THE
codification was called the Mishnah.  It was completed c. 200 CE.  As
noted, it contains differing points of view.  For instance, Hillel and
Shammai's opinions on Chanukah candle lighting are given: Hillel says
to light 1 candle the first night, 2 the second and so on; Shammai
says to do exactly the opposite.  Both positions are given.

The Talmud is a combination of the Mishnah and the Gemara, which is
Hebrew for completion, which is yet another series of commentaries on
commentaries that don't agree.  The Mishnah that the Talmudic passage
on sex with 3-year-old girls is from a tract called Sanhedrin.  You
remember these guys, right?  They got some hot-blooded Jewish guy
nailed to a tree for kicking out moneylenders from the Temple of

The author of "Facts are Facts" left out the specific Mishnaic portion
of the passage he cited.  Furthermore, he fails to point out that this
specific chapter of Tractate Sanhedrin is on the subject, mainly, of
capital punsihment for sexual offenses.

The Mishnah goes as follows: "He who commits sodomy with a male or a
beast, and a woman that commits bestiality are stoned.  If the man has
sinned, where in has the animal offended?  But because man was enticed
to sin thereby, it should be stoned.  Another reason is that the
animal should not pass thru the streets, whilst people say, this is
the animal on account of which so-and-so was stoned."

See anything about pedophilia in there?  That's because there isn't.
It is brought up by the rabbis who are commenting on this Mishnah as
an eventuality of other forms of sexual deviance.  Most notable, the
author of "Facts are Facts" omits the reference to which rabbi makes
the 3-year-old girl reference (Rabbi Joseph), and the fact that his
point of view is a minority point of view.

How do we know it's the minority?  Because this opinion never gets
into the Mishneh Torah, codified by Maimonides.  Nor is it in the
Shulchan Aruch (Hebrew for "set table"), a convenient guide to Jewish
law based on majority opinions of Talmud, and portable so that you
could run from Cossacks and still know how to be Jewish.  Need proof?
Well, I'll save you trying to find good translations of Mishneh Torah
or Shulchan Aruch.  Just think back to the differing opinions of
Hillel and Shammai on lighting Chanukah candles.  We light them
Hillel's way, because the Misheh Torah and the Shulchan Aruch say so;
the Talmud has both ways.

So, you see, the Talmud does not PERMIT Jews to have sex with
three-year-olds.  It was just the opinion of one Rabbi, who thankfully
was in the minority.

Fact is, the Talmud doesn't PERMIT anything.  The codifications
(Shulchan Aruch, Mishneh Torah, there are others for non-Orthodox
Jews) make the decisions, and when new decisions need making, they are
made, once again, by majority decision.

So I guess it was a trick question.  I'll be keeping my $100.

End quote.

Andrew Mathis
"If they give you ruled paper,
Write the other way."
               --Juan Ramon Jimenez

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