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From: (Andrew Carol)
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Subject: How to spot a Jew (was Re: Hitler was a Jew, AND SO WAS MARX)
Date: 15 Nov 1996 03:50:43 GMT
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In article , kill@todays'.mil (187
jad) wrote:

> hey robert, Marx was a Jew!!!   Jews have done a lot of shit against
> humanity: spreading Jewish Marxism (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg,
> Rosenburg); transporting black slaves into the new world; designing the
> Atomic bomb to kill Japs; tainting the blood of millions of Europeans;
> turning their backs against the genocides of Cambodia, Tibet, Bosnia,
> Rwanda, and at the same time crying "Never Again.;"  terrorizing the
> Palestinian people.  The list goes on and on ...

The Joo is such a danger, yet the average White Patriot
is not trained to spot them.  The following guide will help:

You can tell a Joo because of their low intellectual level evidenced
by their complete animal like stupidity combined with their secret
plans which through careful organization over the last thousand years
have almost given them ultimate domination by control of the media,
educational, political, medical, and financial organizations of the world.

They have a total lack of even simple morals evidenced by their
evil documents such as the Ten Commandments.

Their low character and complete inability to devise even simple
original thought has forced them to make up for this by such
primitive actions such as the invention of the atomic bomb, cure
for polio, devlopment of physics theory, etc.

Their filthy ways, esp in food preparation are always a give away.

They were able to trick and then force the hapless innocent Romans 
into killing Christ.  How much more about love and forgiveness could
he have tought us if those animals had not killed him?

These people must be feared.  Only through the White Christian
traits of generous love and faith can we send these animals to
the painful end they and their kind so richly deserve.

Andrew Carol               "Could be worse.  Could be raining."

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