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Where can I get more information about the "other side" of the "Holocaust" story as well as facts concerning other areas of WWII Historical Revisionism?

66. Where can I get more information about the "other side" of the "Holocaust" story as well as facts concerning other areas of WWII Historical Revisionism?

The IHR says:

The Institute for Historical Review, P.O. Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659, carries a wide variety of books, cassette and video tapes on significant historical subjects. (updated 1/95)

Nizkor replies:

If you think there are "two sides" to the issue, there is only one web site where you will find both of them explored: Nizkor.

You have just finished reading a Nizkor feature: a large work of antisemitic, untruthful propaganda, with our point-by-point comments. We have included links back to the IHR's web site and Ernst Zündel's web site, in every case where they are appropriate. With those links, you may examine the IHR's claims with complete context, and browse their material instead of ours, if you wish.

We also link to the other major Holocaust-denial site on the web, Bradley Smith's.

In fact, in this treatment of the "66 Q&A" alone, Nizkor has provided 14 links to the IHR web site noted above: five to its home page, and nine to other relevant pages within the site. Elsewhere on the Nizkor web site, there are 26 links to that site (as of December 11, 1995).

Greg Raven's entire web site provides exactly zero links back to Nizkor, and Greg Raven has stated that it would be "illogical" to expect that he would provide such links.

In addition to links to every Holocaust-related Internet resource that we can find, truthful or otherwise, we also archive Usenet postings by every major revisionist. Would you like to see all of Greg Raven's postings to Usenet in November 1994? How about his views on Hitler? Or maybe a discussion thread that he started by posting a prepared piece on what Holocaust-denial is?

Want to read information about the Auschwitz cremation ovens from "both sides"? It's in our archives. And we're working hard to make all that material -- all of it -- more easily accessible.

We do this because we feel that, given access to all the information on the subject, any reasonable person will come to a reasonable conclusion.

The IHR, it appears, hopes otherwise.

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